Crafty + Mighty Review: Powerhouse Weed Vapes that Last a Lifetime

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The Crafty and Mighty are both excellent dual use vaporizers that give you some of the best flavor and biggest clouds of any weed vape on the market. The Crafty is the more portable of the two and the new firmware improves its battery life. The Mighty has significantly longer battery life, but is best suited for home use because of its larger size. Both of these weed vapes provide a super high quality vaping experience, and have long-standing reputations for doing so.

Crafty/Mighty Background

The Crafty ($279 from Vape-Smart, use coupon code TVG10 to save 10%) and Mighty ($349 from Vape-Smart, also coupon code TVG10) dual use vaporizers are two of the best vaporizers around. They both have the qualities that we look for when determining the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers.

Both the Crafty and the Mighty are durable, reliable, easy to use vaporizers that deliver rich, flavorful vapor. Even better, newer Crafty models can receive a new update that improves battery life. Anyone who has the older model Crafty shouldn’t worry, the new update is great but it’s not essential.

The smaller Crafty is the more portable of the two while the larger Mighty is better suited for home use. Our Crafty/Mighty review elaborates on the new upgrade, compares the two vapes, and lets you know how to choose which one is right for you.

Best Deal: Crafty: $279 from Vape-Smart | Mighty: $349 from Vape-Smart.
Use coupon code TVG10 to save 10% on either device.

Crafty Vaporizer
The Crafty is one of the best portable vapes out there. The 721 is definitely a worthy contender.

Crafty/Mighty Kit

Both vaporizers have similar kits, here’s what you’ll be getting in each of them:

  • The Crafty or Mighty vaporizer unit
  • Filling aid – not a grinder, but a loading tool—simplifies bud-to-chamber process.
  • Cleaning brush + replacement screens
  • USB cable/power adapter — Crafty only
  • Wall outlet adapter — Mighty only

A quality grinder like the SLX will help you get the most out of badass weed vapes like the Mighty and the Crafty. It’s a manual grinder that is super efficient and hardly ever needs cleaning. Plus, with the SLX, you can pour the ground up herb directly into the included filling aid or the optional dosing capsule accessories.

Crafty vaporizer review-8
The optional dosing capsules are a recommended option if you like to keep your sessions clean and streamlined.

Dosing capsules are disposable pods that you fill with ground herb, place into the herb chamber and then remove when you’re done vaping. They’re not included in the kit but are a good investment if you want to keep each session neat and tidy. They’re sold from Storz & Bickel in the following quantities:

  • 8 piece sets – $6.90 for dry herb capsules, $9.90 for liquid capsules
  • 40 piece sets – $13.90 for dry herb capsules, $39.90 for liquid capsules

Capsule caddies are small, portable canisters with a keychain ring that can hold five dosing capsules:

  • $5.90 for dry herb caddy, $7.90 for liquid caddy

Key Features of the Crafty/Mighty

  • Compatible with dry herb and THC concentrates (using an extract pad)
  • Superb vapor quality
  • Smartphone and Smartwatch support on the Crafty – offering more granular control
  • Impressive battery life on the Mighty
  • Hybrid (Convection / Conduction) heating system – fast, even heating
  • The Crafty retails for $279 from Vape-Smart (coupon code TVG10 gives you 10% off)
  • The Mighty retail for $349 from Vape-Smart (use coupon code TVG10 here too)

The entire mouthpiece can be removed and, if necessary, replaced for just $18. The mouthpiece can be further broken down into smaller parts, which makes it super easy to clean. This is actually one of my favorite things about the Crafty / Mighty.

Crafty capsules
The disposable dosing capsules fit neatly into the herb chamber. The capsule caddies allow you to carry around 5 dosing capsules on your keychain.

Design of the Crafty/Mighty

  • The Crafty is 4.3” tall and weighs 0.3 lbs. The Mighty is 5.5” tall and weighs 0.5 lbs. These dimensions make it clear that the Crafty is the portable choice while the Mighty is the stay-at-home option.
  • They both have a swiveling mouthpiece that sits flush against the body when not in use. You can squeeze the Crafty into tight spaces when you’re not using it and you have a nice long mouthpiece when it’s vaping time. Super convenient!
  • The mouthpieces are made from plastic, they work great and are less fragile than glass mouthpieces.
Crafty dry herb vaporizer
The Crafty has an iconic design; the ribs in the body are intended to facilitate air flow and maintain a cool temperature.

The Crafty uses preset temperature controls but the smartphone (Android + iOS compatible) and smartwatch apps (Apple Watch + Android Watch 6 and up) give you a wider range of temp settings. The Mighty’s analog controls give you the same temp range as the app.

The Crafty/Mighty feature a ribbed design that’s easy to grip and prevents them from getting too hot. They have identical oven capacities of 0.2 – 0.3 grams (depending on the fineness of the grind).

Using the Crafty/Mighty

With the included filling tool, using the Crafty and Mighty is a cinch:

Dry Herb

  1. Remove the mouthpiece and wind on the filling tool where the mouthpiece used to be.
  2. Push your herb through the filler opening to drop it into the chamber.*
  3. Remove the filling device, replace the mouthpiece.
  4. Press the power button for 3 seconds to power up the Crafty/Mighty, the LED lights will turn red while it’s heating.
  5. Once heating is complete, the unit will vibrate and the lights will turn green, you then swivel out the mouthpiece and vape away.

*If you have the fillable capsules, instead of step 2–just fill up your capsules and pop them in the oven chamber.

Crafty vaporizer
The dosing capsules are filled with herb and placed into the herb chamber, speeding up prep time and reducing waste

THC Concentrates

  1. Remove the mouthpiece and place one of the liquid pads in the chamber.
  2. Dab your wax onto the pad and replace the mouthpiece.
  3. Power up the Crafty/Mighty by holding down the power button, the LED lights will turn red to indicate that it’s heating.
  4. Once heating is complete, the unit will vibrate and the lights will turn green, you then swivel out the mouthpiece and vape away.

The Crafty has a boost mode that lets you add 10 degrees to the current temp setting. You activate it by holding down the power button but I didn’t use it since I found the default temp of 356 F to be just right.

The Crafty has an auto shutoff feature to conserve battery life. Pre-upgrade, this kicked in after one minute and was pretty annoying, thankfully, the new upgrade extends it to two minutes. If that’s still too short, you can press the power button while vaping to reset the timer.

Crafty/Mighty Performance and Vapor Quality

The Crafty and the Mighty both impress when it comes to vapor flavor and cloud production. The vapor is pure and cool and the clouds are dense. In both cases, the default temperature works great and I don’t really need the more detailed temperature options.

Draw resistance is low so you can sip delicately for five seconds at a time or take longer ten-to-twelve second draws if you want bigger clouds. I get about twelve flavor packed draws per session but this can extend to fifteen with smaller sips.

If you want to pack a smaller load, you can use one of the liquid pads to fill up the extra space. The pads are supposed to be for use with concentrates but if you can get more use out of them, what’s the harm? The Crafty and Mighty work great even with smaller loads so don’t hesitate to use this hack if you need to.

Crafty disposable weed cartridges
The smaller size of the Crafty results in a smaller battery and shorter battery life versus the Mighty.

The Crafty has a smaller battery than the Mighty but the new upgrade (available with firmware V02.51 or newer) increases the battery life by 20%. That’s an increase from about 45 mins to just over an hour. The stingy battery life was the Crafty’s biggest drawback and this update helps by giving you 2-3 extra sessions before a recharge.

The Mighty isn’t concerned with battery life issue because it has one of the longest. The Mighty lasts for about ninety minutes and the wall outlet charges it up in about 2 hours, faster than USB cables in other vaporizers.

Crafty/Mighty VS Similar Vapes

The premium dry herb vaporizer market is one of the most competitive, here are some others worth mentioning:

The Crafty vs the Mighty

This is more of a friendly rivalry than a competition, but it’s definitely worthwhile to note the differences between them.

The Crafty:

  • is smaller and cheaper than its big brother.
  • needs the smartphone app for precise temperature control.

The Mighty:

  • uses analog controls on the device for precise temp control, no app support but it isn’t needed.
  • superior battery life compared to the Crafty.
  • heats up faster and holds temperature in cold weather better than Crafty.

The Crafty/Mighty vs The Pax 3

The Pax 3 is one of the Crafty’s biggest rivals because it’s a stylish, tech-advanced portable weed vape that’s easy to use. A recent price drop makes it even more competitive.

The Crafty vs the Ghost MV1

The Ghost MV1 is more of a rival for the Mighty, since it’s another big vape better suited for the home—but the Crafty remains competitive. The MV1 features a vapor cooling glass mouthpiece, has on-demand heating, and a sleek design. Check out our Crafty vs Ghost MV1 comparison for the details.

The vapor quality of the Crafty and Mighty make them tough to beat no matter the quality of the competition.

Ghost MV1 Dry Herb & Concentrate Vape Review
The Ghost MV1 (L) has a slick, attention grabbing design. The Crafty (R) focuses on practicality more than style.

Final Thoughts on the Crafty/Mighty

If you want a great portable dry herb vaporizer, choose the Crafty ($279 from Vape-Smart). If you want a great home vaporizer, choose the Mighty ($349 from Vape-Smart). It’s that simple. They both give you excellent vapor quality and are easy to use and maintain.

The Crafty’s biggest drawback used to be its battery life but the new firmware improves it significantly. The Mighty is terrific for group sessions and the hefty battery life means that you can get more sessions from a single charge.

Anyone looking for a premium vaporizer should have the Crafty or the Mighty on their radar. They’re both durable, reliable vapes that will be with you for a long, long time. If you want to check out some more premium weed vapes then check out our Best Dry Herb Vaporizers list.

Where to buy the Crafty/Mighty?

Crafty Vaporizer

The Crafty is a durable, reliable vaporizer that provides flavorful and abundant vapor


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