Cosmic Fog e-Liquid Review

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Cosmic Fog Review

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Cosmic Fog is is a very promising brand. Their team includes individuals with culinary background to help them develop their flavor profiles. This is a very high quality 70% VG e-liquid which produces amazing flavor and vapor!

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Cosmic Fog e-Liquid Review:

Cosmic Fog has been gaining popularity since their inception. One thing special about their company is, their juice makers works with people with culinary background and spend ample time to perfect each flavor they offer. Cosmic Fog offers you the highest quality of e-liquid, that’s why we consider it one of the best of this year. They used to make their products with a 50/50 ratio but they recently changed it to 30/70 PG and VG ratio.

Cosmic Fog

Cosmic Fog e-liquid is packaged in a glass bottle with a dropper in 30ml and 60ml sizes. They are available in zero, 3mg and 6mg nicotine strength. This line of juice is a high VG blend that can produce a decent amount of vapor.

Cosmic Fog Features:

  • Bottle Size: 30ml/60ml
  • Nicotine levels: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg
  • PG / VG: 30/70

Cosmic Fog Flavors:

Chill’d Tobacco (mild tobacco with peppermint and a hint of chocolate) –  The blend of flavors on this one is just great. You’ll experience a semi-sweet mild tobacco and a rush of peppermint on the inhale, then a hint of chocolate when you exhale. You can also try out Halo’s Tribeca if you’re looking for simpler tobacco flavor profile

Chewberry (strawberry with sweet passion fruit and tropical fruit blend) – A special fruity profile for everyone who likes strawberries! This flavor is very smooth; the sweetness is just right, I can compare this to a less sweet strawberry starburst candy.

Sonrise (passion fruit, kiwi & pineapples) – This reminds me of Hawaii. One of the few fruity blends that I can vape all day!

Sonset (Japanese nashi pear with crème brulee drizzled with salted caramel) – This is what I call all-in-one! Fruity, custard and sweet and it’s not overpowering! A very nice desert vape to end your night.

Milk + Honey (marshmallows incorporated with sweet milk and honey) – A light flavor. One of my favorites in the Cosmic Fog brand. Just the right amount of sweetness from the mallows and honey to enhance the milk just enough for you to say: “perfect”

Kryptonite (cool melon candy) – One of the most popular flavors from Cosmic Fog. I really like this flavor, it is fresh and I can actually vape this all day. The vaping experience of the Kryptonite can be compared to Space Jam’s Pluto.

The Shocker (tropical fruit blend with a burst of citrus lemonade) – The name serves it right! When you take a puff, you will initially taste the tropical fruit blend then it’s followed by a burst of lemonade. Just the right amount of tang and sweetness, this flavor is exceptional.

The Vape Guide Recommends the Cosmic Fog for:

Cosmic Fog is recommended to everyone from the beginner to advanced vapers. We believe that Cosmic Fog hit the spot and made flavors for practically anyone.

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    Jason s June 8, 2017 at 11:54 am

    Good for a moment but cost far too much if you take into account that these juices ruin your cartomizer in your first fill. Don’t buy this brand

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