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Wax Vape Pens may not look too powerful, but they deliver big time. Most dab pens feature a ceramic or quartz coil, that will heat dabs and wax in seconds. These concentrates can be up to 98% THC and are very potent. Wax Vape Pens are small and stealthy, but they deliver big, potent vapor.

Listed below are our most recent dab pens reviews. If you are looking to vape 510 cartridges, check out our latest oil pens reviews.

Latest News & Updates

KandyPens Crystal Just Released

KandyPens is an exciting company to follow. The new Crystal Vape Pen for dabs/wax has an interesting bucket quartz bowl that preserves amazing flavor.

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G-Pen Nova Just Released

G Pen had a quiet 2018, and now they just released the Nova. It's a wax/herb vape pen (doesn't work well with herbs, but good for wax) that's only $35.

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Linx Blaze Just Released

The brand new Linx Blaze comes with two chambers- coil-less Quartz atomizer and Ceramic heating plate. It has a 900mAh battery with four temperature levels..

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Latest Dab Pens Reviews

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