Latest e-Nails/eRigs of 2019

E-Nails (aka eRigs, Dab Rigs, Portable eNails etc) are an advanced way to vape Wax/Dabs or other CBD/THC concentrates. They typically feature water filtration, advanced heating control, and different nail types (Quartz/Titanium/Ceramic etc). CBD/THC dabs are placed on the nail which can reach up to 900F in seconds.

We review new e-Nails as they are being released, see below for our most recent reviews.

Latest News & Updates

Loto Labs Released the Legend

The Legend is a high-end eBong from Loto Labs, and it uses induction heating. It is compatible with extracts and dabs. Very high-tech and impressive.

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Puffco Peak is standing the test of time

When the Peak was released, I thought that it was a gimmick, but it has been growing on me and is now my most used Rig. I think this is a top eRig coming into 2019.

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Atmos Swiss Release- Pen/ eNail

So the Swiss is something between a vape pen and an eNail. It has all the adapters necessary to connect with water bubblers or bongs — good versatile pen.

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