Concentrate Vaporizers and Types of Concentrates

With the increasing popularity of concentrates, the use concentrate vaporizers is also witnessing an upsurge. Manufacturers are coming up with innovative features to enhance the user experience. Both the portable as well as the desktop varieties are now offering a plethora of options to vaporizer your favorite concentrates. While some products give you the option to dry herbs and concentrates, others have been designed specifically for concentrates. Depending on the kind of concentrate you vape, you can choose from a wide variety of vaporizers. In this article we will talk about the various kinds of concentrates available in the market.

On a broad scale concentrates can be classified into four main categories – Shatter, Crumble, Budder, Wax.


Shatter is the purest form of concentrates with as much as 80 percent of the essential material. These are very stable, glass-like substances that may break into several pieces when dropped on a hard surface. While most of these concentrates are smooth to touch, many possess some adhesive properties as well. Using the Shatter concentrates is very easy; all you have to hold a little piece in your finger and drop it in the atomizer or heating chamber. Some of these concentrates can be handled with a dab tool by heating it. The concentrate sticks to the heated tool and can be easily transferred to the atomizer. This form of concentrate is also the most popular among vaping enthusiast as it is the purest substance.


This type of concentrates have the direst consistency which means that these can be easily be broken in the desired size without any hassles. These can be easily handled particularly if you like using your hand to load the atomizers. As these are brittle in nature, it is advisable to use a glass container or a silicon bag with lid to store the crumble. In terms of flavor, these are one of the most potent varieties. If you are looking for high THC level, the crumble type of concentrates is your second best bet after the shatter.


Budder has a dry consistency just like peanut butter. These concentrates are somewhere between crumble and wax in terms of dry consistency. These are made by whipping the original sap or shatter. The budder is rich in terpenes and thus offers a lot of flavor to the users. However, when it comes to THC concentration the budder cannot boast of the same effect as that of crumble or the shatter. Some of these concentrates may be difficult to handle with the tool as these are more viscous. In such a case you can put the concentrate in the freezer for a few minutes before using it.


Wax is also referred to a as hashoil in some cases is a sticky form of concentrate that should only be handled with a dab tool. Waxes do not work with hands as these tend to get on everything. In terms of flavor waxes offer a lot of variety and depth. Be it the decarboxylated THC or the CBD, waxes do offer a reasonable concentration, but the extra flavor makes up for the lack of shatter like effect. It is safe to keep the waxes in any type of storage.

Depending on the essential elements present in the concentrates, these can be classified as THC (weed/marijuana), CBD (Hemp) and Flavored Concentrates. While the THC concentrates are rich in Tetrahydrocannabinol, an active chemical found in Cannabis, CBD concentrates contain Cannabidiol, a non-addictive supplement that boosts the overall health. Flavored concentrates come with a wide variety of natural and artificial flavors. These can have either THC or CBD as the main constituent. The flavored concentrates are available in natural flavors like strawberry, blueberry, menthol, watermelon and many others. Many custom made flavors are also available to cater to individual tastes of users.

THC: Vapers who love to be high on marijuana go for the THC concentrates. These waxes produce the same effect as the weed. Usually a small quantity is enough to produce the desired effect.

CBD: Due to the therapeutic nature of CBD, the government has legalized it throughout the United States. Though a majority of people know very little about CBD, its medicinal properties have given it the status of an orphan drug.  These concentrates not only offer the natural aroma of marijuana but also give a host of health benefits like freedom from aches and pains, fatigue and weight control etc.  It is also very beneficial in medical conditions like epilepsy an seizures.

Flavored Concentrates: Vaping enthusiasts who want to enjoy a specific flavor in their vapor usually go for the flavored concentrates. These are very popular among the young vapers and cloud chasers.

With the vaporizer industry coming of age and the variety of concentrates available vaping enthusiast can expect to take their vaping experience to new high.


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