Cloud Pen Paragon Review

Cloud Pen Paragon Review

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The Paragon has built-in features such as NoGoo silicone wax jar, as well as an integrated dab tool. Perfect easy and convenient storage for your materials. Indeed, Cloud Pen Paragon is a single, sleek, and compact package Vaporizer

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Cloud Pen Paragon Review:

  • Built-in Wax Container and Integrated Dabbing Tool

Paragon’s first feature is the built-in NoGoo Silicone Jar and integrated dab tool. This type of jar is known for Cloud Pen Paragon NoGoo Containerits non-stick attribute, easily and discreetly storing of dry herb at the bottom of the Cloud Paragon Pen.

This feature helps those users who tend to forget their containers while on-the-go. Well, the vast majority of us happens to forget our wax concentrates at our house or any elsewhere, especially if we are in a hurry. But, that problem is a thing of the past now. As the Paragon includes a built-in wax container.

  • Dual-Quartz Rod Atomizers

The Paragon includes not only one but two Dual-Quartz Rod Atomizers made from high-quality materials. This means you can now savor the true taste of your waxy oils and concentrates. Gone those days of low-quality fiber wicks and less-than-stellar ceramic rods.

  • Air Control Valve and Universal 2200mAh Batter

The third and fourth features of Paragon Vaporizer is the unique air control valve system which has an ability to adjust the air flow to your exact specification. And it utilizes a Universal 2200mAh Battery that can fit on any mods and tanks and can provide extra hours of vaping. The cool thing about this is it charges through USB cable, and can be used while charging. Really has a high-capacity battery life.

More follow-up reviews soon for Cloud Paragon Vaporizer

Cloud Pen Paragon

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