CHAMPS Trade Show High-lights

Hey guys, we recently took a trip to the CHAMPS Trade Show in Las Vegas where we scoped out all the latest from the vaping industry. That means all the latest vaporizers of course but there was a lot of cool lifestyle stuff there too. The trade show gives us a look at what’s to come in the near future as well as what’s going on right now. Now let’s take a closer look at all the highlights from the CHAMPS Trade Show!

Puffco Peak Tease

We already gave you a peek at the Peak in our preview and we got to take a closer look at it at the CHAMPS trade show, where Puffco had it on display. This vaporizer attracts a crowd but we still managed to get close enough to get a good look at this vaporizer and this vaporizer is looking good.

It looks even better up close, you really get a feel for its sleek, futuristic look when you’re near it. I mentioned in the preview that this vaporizer will change the game and considering that there was nothing else on the show floor remotely like it, I think that’s still the case. It was satisfying to get a closer look but these little teases just increase our anticipation. I know you guys at Puffco want the Peak to be perfect at launch so take your time but, you know, hurry up while you’re doing so.

Otto Weed Grinder: The Future of Weed Grinding?

Hopefully you’ve taken a look at our Otto Herb and Tobacco Grinder preview, if you haven’t, then what are you waiting for? It’s right there! But since you’re already here, I’ll give you a quick update. I don’t need to tell you what the Otto Grinder does but I’m sure you want to know how well it does it. Short answer: Very well! Long answer: The Otto senses what kind of material you put into it and automatically adjusts the grind.

That means each grind is perfect and we should know since we got to try it out! The ground material gets funnelled directly into a cone inside of a sealed tube that masks the smell and keeps everything clean. All you do is take the cone, finish rolling it, and that’s it. The Otto takes care of the tedious tasks of grinding and pre-rolling. The big mystery is how it will work with other herbs, we’ll let you know as soon as we get our hands on it.

Otto Grinder custom cone
The herb is funneled directly into the fresh seal cone tube. Joints ready made!

Double Barrel Pod Vaporizer: The Oil Pod Vape Revolution Continues

There’s already a Double Barrel review if you want to know more about it. It was at the trade show of course, where it was the main representative of the big trend toward closed system oil pod vaporizers. These are oil vapes that use pre-filled cartridges and this particular oil vape uses two of them at once! Crazy? Intense? Yes and yes. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. The Double Barrel is proof that the rise of the closed system oil vaporizer isn’t stopping anytime soon.

Double Barrel oil vaporizer Review
The Double Barrel is the perfect choice for the adventurous or experimental vaper.

G Pen Gio in the House!

The G Pen Gio is a big part of the oil pod vaporizer boom so of course they were showing it off at the CHAMPS Trade Show. If you’ve read the review then you know what the deal is with this vaporizer, if you haven’t, here’s the TL;DR version. It’s as small, portable, and easy to use as an e-cig, heats up instantly, looks cooler than other closed pod oil vapes, and delivers excellent flavor. Too good to be true? Well, it’s currently only available in Colorado and California but that’s basically the only downside.

G Pen Gio oil vape pen
The Gio is one of the more stylish oil pod vaporizers on the market.

DynaVap M: Low-Tech, High Style

Butane vaporizers showed up at the show too and that means the DynaVap M was there representing for electricity free vaporizers. If you read our review then you know they did a good job, make that a great job. Not only did they show off some new stylish new VapCap bodies and mouthpieces, they also showed off their new induction heater.

This is a device designed to heat up their manual vaporizers without the use of a butane lighter. You just stick the end of the vape into the heating chamber, wait for the distinctive click…and you’re done. The heater uses three 18650 batteries and fits snugly into any car’s cup holder. Simple and convenient. We can’t wait to try it out.

Dynavap M heat caps
The DynaVap M doesn't use any electricity to heat up the herb.

Ghost MV1: Getting Better and Better

The Ghost MV1 had an impressive showing at the CHAMPS trade show. Technically, there wasn’t anything new for us to see but this dual use, on demand vaporizer keeps getting more refinements and improvements. I already mentioned how they fixed the mouthpiece in my updated review, now their next step is taking care of the fingerprint problem.

They originally claimed that the Ghost was fingerprint proof but that was swiftly proved wrong the first time anyone held it. Now they’ve introduced new matte finishes that are definitely fingerprint proof. It’s great to see that Ghost is listening to their customers and making improvements to the MV1. They’re also working on improving the smartphone app with new features so if you’ve been waiting for the right time to get the MV1, that time is now. Well, almost now.

Ghost MV1 Dry Herb and Extract Vaporizer Review
The Ghost MV1 is constantly improving and updating to be the best vaporizer it can be.

MONQ Essential Oil Aromatherapy Diffusers

This isn’t the kind of vaporizer you’re used to, so what exactly is the MONQ then? It’s a device where you inhale special aromatherapy vapor into your mouth and then exhale it from your nose. It gets you lifted but not high. There’s no marijuana or nicotine in these vapes, just all natural essential oils.

They’re supposed to last for up to a month and come in ten different flavors. Even better, each vape can be recycled by MONQ, so no more waste. All you vapers who want to try something a little different should give these a look.

Champs vegas trade show MONQ diffusers
Some of the flavors from the MONQ aromatherapy diffusers.

KandyPens and the Ladies of Paradise

Of course KandyPens had a booth at the show and of course we stopped by. Good thing too since we got to meet the Ladies of Paradise. If you don’t know who they are, check out their website and they’ll tell you in more detail than I’ve got time for here. I can tell you that they’re a group of cool, fashion forward ladies, so it makes sense that they’ve partnered with the cool, fashion forward brand of the vape industry to help make KandyPens’ Instagram page even cooler.

We had a good time meeting them and experiencing their enthusiasm for the cannabis industry. These ladies are the real deal and KandyPens couldn’t have chosen a better group of people to represent their brand at the CHAMPS show. If you ever get the chance to meet any of these ladies then take it, you won’t regret it.

Champs trade show Kandypens ladies of paradise
Keasha Brown and her KandyPens Rubi: Getting ready for the show.

CBD Everywhere!

CBD oil is getting more and more popular so naturally it had a big presence at the show. Normally CBD sourced from hemp is more common since it’s legal in all fifty states. However, at the show, we saw more oil sourced directly from the cannabis plant. This type of oil is only available in states where marijuana is legal but it’s still getting more popular despite that limitation.

This no doubt has something to do with the increasing presence of oil pod vaporizers and the convenience they provide to users. An easier way to use CBD oil means more CBD oil to use. Naturally, we’re happy to see this, now we just need for the cannabis sourced CBD oil to be available in even more states…Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Glass Blowing Artistry

This was one of the coolest parts of the show. When we walked into a room with flames shooting all over the place, the last thing we expected to see was a bunch of people blowing and molding glass into cool, unique shapes. It was a pretty amazing spectacle that was a part of the CHAMPS Vegas 2018 Glass Games.

This is an awesome glass blowing competition where a lot of creative people spend two days blowing glass into unique, useable shapes. We couldn’t watch the whole thing but we did spend some time watching talented glass artists like Smitty and Dina Kalahar up close. It was pretty amazing and definitely one of the biggest highlights of our trip.

Champs vegas glass games smitty
Smitty in action at the Glass Games.
Champs vegas glass games dina kalahar
Dina Kalahar heating things up at the Champs 2018 Vegas Glass Games.

Champs Trade Show High-lights: Final Thoughts

We saw a lot of great stuff at the CHAMPS Trade Show but these are some of our favorites. Well it’s what we can remember anyway, the joint from the Otto Weed Grinder hit us pretty hard. Plus we were pretty tired by the end, everyone there was pretty tired by the end but everyone had a great time.

How could they not when they were surrounded by cool vapes and cool people the whole time? It’s too bad we couldn’t take all of you with us but hopefully this article gives you a good idea of what it was like there. Thanks for reading and now, if you don’t mind, I’m going to sleep for the next week or so, see you when I wake up.

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