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CBD Vape Oil- Pre-filled 510 Thread CBD Cartridges Reviews

Vaping is a very popular way to consume CBD, thanks to its convenience and variety of options. Especially, we’re big fans of pre-filled 510 thread cartridges. They are easy to carry, use, and only require a small 510 thread battery to operate.

We review CBD tanks as they are released, and here are the latest.

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Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs come in a variety of concentration levels and a truly staggering array of flavors, more than any other brand of 510 cartridges. This is our top CBD tanks of 2019. 

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SunState CBD

Sun State Hemp produces high quality hemp based CBD products that use every possible ingestion method, so that means there is a product for everyone, even for pets.

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Medix CBD

Medix CBD full-spectrum Vape Oil is a little different from the other types of CBD oil I’ve reviewed lately. That is because these are differentiated by their function instead of their flavor. 

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Latest CBD Vape Oil Reviews

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