CBD Drip Rix Review

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CBD Drip Rix Review

In-Depth CBD Drip Rix Review:

There are hundreds of components made from Hemp plant – but the most known component of all are the THC and CBD. As you may know, THC will give you that psychedelic effect which makes you hallucinate and gives you that “high” feeling. The CBD or the Cannabinoid, on the other hand, has a medicinal property that makes that Hemp plant saved thousands of lives. In this review, we will strip down the product called CBD Drip Rix Oil that is naturally extracted from the stem of the Hemp plant and further understand the benefits that it can give.

Benefits of CBD oils

A lot of people say it alleviates pain, diminishes anxiety, reduces nausea and vomiting, relieves depression, headache, sleep deprivation, hangovers, reduces inflammation and stress disorders, promotes bone growth, and increase sex drive. Although some of this are not yet medically proven, a lot of people claim that CBD oils help them get through the day by keeping them less tense and anxious.

How it works

The CBD Drip Rix doesn’t make you feel “high”. In fact, if you don’t have any natural problem such as headaches, sleep deprivation, anxiety or anything of those things I mention earlier. You may take no benefits from using this oil. For this CBD oil was intentionally made for people with medical problems.

The CBD Drip Rix is placed in a plastic bottle with dropper cap and comes in 3 different levels of Cannabinol and bottle sizes.

500mg – 10ml ($129.99)
Features a 500mg strength per 10-milliliter mixture, and is utilized as an additive to your favorite e-liquid or as a standalone product.
750mg – 15ml ($199.99)
Features a 750mg strength of CBD per 15-milliliter mixture.
1500mg – 30ml ($409.99)
Features a 1500mg strength per 30-milliliter mixture, and is utilized as an additive to your favorite e-liquid or as a standalone product.


Shake well before used. Mix 2 to 4 drops of CBD Drip Rix oil into the e-Juice you are vaping or just drip it directly to your palette or you can vape it directly in a tank. When using e-Juice to mix CBD oil, I recommend mix an ultra-strong e-Liquid to blend the earthy and grassy taste of this ultra strenght CBD oil. Although it’s not that bad, it’s not that great taste to vape all day. I find it really tasty thou if mixed with e-Juice.


The CBD is used for medicinal purposes, I really don’t have any natural or medical problems but I use this to keep me relax during night time especially during bed time. Keep in mind, that this oil will NOT gonna make you feel “high”. As a matter of fact, it has only less than 1% of THC properties that you can vape this thing and you can still pass your drug test with flying colors.

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The Vape Guide Recommends the CBD Drip Rix for

I actually like it but I don’t see myself vaping out the 10ml of this oil every single day. I could see now why this oil will work for a lot of people because it gives you such a relaxing feeling that I really love. Do you really need to invest buying it? For me, it’s not really necessary to have it but if you are in pain and want to try any alternative medicine to ease that pain. I totally recommend this for you.

Where to buy the CBD Drip Rix

I recommend purchasing the CBD Drip Rix from VaporDNA. They offer Free Shipping on all orders over $49 and get $10 when you refer a friend and signup for their newsletter.

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