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Firefly 2 Efficiency

Firefly 2 Efficiency

So, if you are researching the Firefly 2, you probably came across many blogs and reviews that claim that the Firefly 2 is super efficient. Even in my Firefly 2 review, I touched ...

Editor choice KandyPens Gravity Review

KandyPens Gravity Review

The KandyPens Gravity is a Wax vape pen crafted to be one of the most advanced yet stylish pens available on the market. The Pen boasts a noir-style finish, comes with 2 atomizers ...

$129.95 Kandypens
Vapium Summit Plus Review

Vapium Summit Plus Review

Just like the original Summit, the Plus offers incredible value with high-end performance and super portability and durability. If you are an outdoor kind of person, you will love ...

$149.95 Vape-Smart
Editor choice SLX Grinder Review

SLX Grinder Review

Boy I wish I had this grinder years ago. This is the first (and maybe only) grinder that will never ever need cleaning. Thanks to a Ceramic coating on the interior of the Grinder, ...

$53.95 Vape-Smart
Best value Pulsar APX Vaporizer Review

Pulsar APX Vaporizer Review

The Pulsar APX is a versatile vaporizer that gives you the ability to vape both dry herb and wax concentrates with ease. With just 4 inches tall and inexpensive price tag, the APX ...

Best value Pulsar Hand e-Nail Review

Pulsar Hand e-Nail Review

The Pulsar Hand e-Nail is a an e-Rig style vaping device for wax and concentrates. It features a glass percolation chamber as well as a magnetic stainless steel carb cap with a ...

$139.95 Vape-Smart
Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

Firefly 2 Vaporizer Review

The Firefly 2 delivers superior performance to the original Firefly and is packed in a smaller, lighter package. It feels solid, and the unique feature of having instant-heat on ...

G Pen Elite Review

G Pen Elite Review

Grenco has been known to manufacture extremely popular and functional Vaporizers and it seems like the Elite is no exception. It is sleek and feels very well balanced, it allows ...

$149.95 G Pen
Editor choice Cloud V Electro e-Nail Review

Cloud V Electro e-Nail Review

Portable e-Nails are becoming popular and the Cloud V Electro stands out in many different ways. With a 6000mAh battery and a Titanium Nail Dish the Cloud e-Nail delivers ...

Crafty Vaporizer Review

Crafty Vaporizer Review

The Crafty is a beast. It is impressive to carry around, it gets attention and it delivers performance. I know it is not cheap, but it is one of the best portable vaporizers ...

$339 Vape-Smart
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