Is a Canopy Growth Vape Pen Coming Soon?

Canopy Growth is one of the top cannabis companies in America, it is the first one to be publicly traded, and the first one to be listed on the New York Stock Exchange (ticker symbol CGC). Clearly they are an ambitious company and further proof of their ambition is that they have filed a patent to create a vape pen with smartphone technology.

Smartphone tech is not a new thing in the vaporizer world, high end dry herb vapes like the Pax 3, Crafty, and the DaVinci IQ already use it. However, using this tech on a vape pen would be something new, especially considering all the intriguing innovations Canopy Growth has planned for this device. The only information that we have on this device is the patent application, which means that the device is a long ways off. Those patent details are fascinating though, so let’s take a closer look.

What Will Their New Vape Pen Be Like?

Out of the Big Five cannabis companies—the other four being Tilray, Aurora, Aphria, and Cronos—Canopy Growth only has the third highest expenditure for R&D.

Canopy Growth Vape Pen Patent_2However, they seem to spending that money wisely because their proposed vape pen has some interesting features. According to the patent application filed to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), the canopy Growth vape pen could feature multiple, different ways to choose a setting for the payload—i.e. the type of oil or wax—used in the vape pen.

One of the ways is, of course, by identifying the substance being used in the vape pen. However, the following are also proposed identifiers for determining a setting for the vape pen, with explanations of what they mean for the user:

  • User Information – this is likely information about the user’s personal vaping habits, their overall health, or information that they input while they are adjusting the configuration settings of the pen.
  • Prescription Information – if the user is using the pen for medical reasons, then the pen could automatically be adjusted to a milder setting.
  • Location Information – it is possible that the setting could be adjusted based on where the person is using the vape pen in order to maximize its effectiveness.
  • Historical Vape Pen Usage – this is likely information about how often the owner uses the vape pen, how long they use it, and so on.
  • Historical Payload Reservation Information – this is likely info about the type of substance typically used in the pen, the amount of the substance that is used in the pen, and so forth.

That is a lot of information that the vape pen will supposedly be able to process, it is certainly ambitious, but there is no guarantee that they will all show up on the final device.

How Will The Canopy Growth Vape Pen Innovate?


As I said earlier, and as many of you already know, some vaporizers already have smartphone apps, so what sets the Canopy Growth vape pen apart? Well, in order to apply for a patent, they will need to prove that their vape pen technology is both novel and non-obvious, in other words, they need to have a point of novelty.

Their point of novelty is that their vape pen is smart, meaning that, as indicated in the previous section, it can auto-detect the material in the pen and adjust the settings for the optimal vaping experience that is personalized to the user. This is something that no other vaporizer can claim, and if Canopy Growth can succeed with their plans, then they would indeed have a point of novelty.

Additional Patents and Technology of the Canopy Growth Vape Pen

Canopy Growth Vape Pen Technology

Since the vape pen will have some form of communication with smartphones, such as Bluetooth or wifi, it will also have the more common vaporizer technology of locking or unlocking via smartphone. However, they also have more ambitious ideas, such as the use of fingerprint ID or even retinal scanning to unlock the device. One way that the auto-detection tech described in the patent could work is via an ID tag on the vape pen cartridge. This tag could identify and optimize the settings on the vape pen, it could also recognize if the user has a prescription for the wax or oil based on data from their smartphone.

How Close is this Vape Pen to Becoming Reality?

Canopy Growth is still in the early stages of the patenting process and if they are allowed to continue, then they will eventually have to narrow their claims. What this means is that the final patent will not be as comprehensive as the initial proposal. Furthermore, the patent process could possibly take years before it is received. Should the patent come to be, there is also the prototyping, testing, manufacture, and distribution of the vape pen to think about. As a result, we might not be seeing this vape pen for a while.

Is This Vape Pen a Good Idea?

Innovation is always welcome in any industry and the vaporizer industry is no different. Many of the patents could make it easier for vaping beginners to start using vape pens, and seasoned vapers could appreciate the automatic calibration as well. The unlocking via smartphone could also provide good safety measures where young children are concerned.

However, there are concerns about how intrusive some of this technology could be. These patents include technology that could access things like prescriptions and other private information. It is understandable if some people have reservations about how much information they are willing to provide based on all the news about data breaches and about companies exploiting user information without the users’ permission. Should the Canopy Growth vape pen ever come to fruition, these are concerns that all potential users will have to think about before diving in.

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