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CannaVape CBD e-Liquid

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CannaVape CBD e-Liquid is Top Notch

To me this CBD juice the Best CBD e-Liquid out there. Each bottle has 50mg of high quality Hemp CBD, all organic flavoring, and comes in 4 refreshing flavors.

As CBD oils are gaining popularity among the masses, manufacturers are coming up with innovative packages to lure the customers.   While some products rely on the versatility of flavors , others offer good concentration that in turn gives great effects. It has been a well-established fact now that CBD has therapeutic effects that can be seen immediately. The long term effects of vaping CBD oils are also prompting CBD oil producers to experiment with different flavors and concentration. The new rang of CBD oils from Cannavape is one such experiment and having tried all the four flavors I can say it would be quite a success.

Impressive Packaging

I got the package with all the four flavors delivered at home and the moment I opened it I could figure out the kind of attention they have paid to the whole branding. The bottles have a while cap with a matching dropper. What I found most impressive about the branding is the label, it looks beautiful and immaculately designed. The glass bottle is partly shows the ocean blue CBD liquid inside. Another thing worth mentioning is that the flavors have been color coded. The Unicorn Haze flavor is purple in color, the Apple Express is blue. They have given green color to Sour Citrus , yellow color to the Citrus Rhino flavor and orange color to Mellow Mellon.


  • Unicorn Haze
  • Apple Express
  • Sour Citrus
  • Citrus Rhino
  • Mellow Mellon

Vaping Experience

I tried each flavor of the Cannavape CBD oil with a couple of vaporizers that I have and found the results to be same irrespective of the make and model of my vaping device. So, assuming the vapor generation to be a constant the only two aspects that can be reviewed are the flavor and the effects produced by the Cannavape CBD oils. While the vapor produced was thick, the flavors are awesome, least to say. I’ll give the detailed review of each flavor underneath.

Unicorn Haze

With the Unicorn Haze the flavor started building up from the very first draw and it simply inspires to vape more. What you feel in your mouth is a great blend of breakfast cereal flavor that starts building up with every inhale and reaches its peak with every exhale. So, after every exhale, I could not wait to take the next puff. It tastes just like captain crunch berry with a twist. The manufacturer claims that this CBD oil contains 50 mg of CBD derived from natural hemp plants and I started feeling this potency within 4 to 5 draws. I relaxed and the maddening thought process took a back seat. This is great tasting vapor that brings in relaxation instantly.

Apple Express

The Apple Express flavor of the Cannvape CBD oil became my favorite flavor instantly. Maybe this has something to do with my love of apples. The real flavor is a mix of organic apples, chocolates, coconuts extract with undertones of caramel. In sheer enthusiasm I could not stop myself from taking five to six draws in a single go. In terms of effect, it relaxes you whole body and mind and this feeling intensified by the great flavor that stays in your mouth for hours.

Sour Citrus

If you are looking for freshness, the Sour Citrus from Cannavape is the CBD oil for you. The flavor invokes the feelings of being in tropical paradise and the hints of lemons, limes and guava further enhance this experience. I thoroughly enjoyed this flavor and at the end of the session I was literally in a state of deep meditativeness. Really a nice way to relax with great aromas floating around.

Citrus Rhino

The one thing that I can say about the Citrus Rhino flavor of the Cannavape CBD oil is that you don’t get tired of vaping it. It is a rich combination of all-natural Peach Melba and green apples with a subtle hint of caramel. While the relaxation sets in almost instantly, even long vaping sessions can be enjoyed with this flavor.

Mellow Mellon

This is the last flavor that I tried form the Cannavape collection, so its effect is bound to last. In terms of taste it is unique combination of earthy citrus, oranges, all-natural pink grapefruit extract and banana cream. I felt every flavor building up with each inhale and the aroma fills the whole surrounding even hours after the vaping session. I felt like repeating the session as the aroma kept tempting me.

CBD is known for its relaxing effect on human body and mind, but Cannavape has added a whole new dimension to your vaping experience with its five new flavors.

Google Description: With 50mg of CBD content derived from natural hemp and five distinctive flavors, the Cannavape CBD oils make a great collection for every vaping enthusiast.

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  1. too expensive. this cbd isnt that expensive

  2. Have been using Cannavape for all of this year and am pleased to get consistent results from all of my purchases. I would like to have a chart for converting the cbd/ml to figure amount of CBD per use that I ingest. I figured that this has been kept a secret so that less reputable companies could snow a buyer.. On a 30ml bottle that has advertised it to be 500mg/cbd that is for the entire bottle so to get the percentage do I take the 500/30 to get the .26 result then convert to % by moving the decimal point to the left two places to get a .26% solution of CBD?? If this is so what happens to the ml & mg designations or do they cancel out in the process that I have just delineated. I knew math 50 yrs. ago but that stuff eludes me now.. Thanx

  3. Hi, I just want to ask if someone has any idea on which marijuana strain would be very effective when it comes with anxiety attacks and sleep disorder?
    I’ve been suffering for almost 2 months now and mostly can’t sleep properly at night. I refrain my self on taking meds coz it seems doesn’t work for me. So I started reading some alternative way for my problem and came across this article about kush strain from eu.gyo.green/bulldog-seeds-o-z-kush-bul-ozk-f.html and how it could help you relax but the problem is I don’t smoke. But then I also found out that you can also make drinks or tea and even muffin/cake as an option aside from smoking it. Why they can’t just simply make a pill out of marijuana if they say it could really be some help? Or maybe there are that I’m not aware of. If this is true I would gladly want to hear any of your experience and thoughts regarding this. Thanks in advance

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