Xvape is a vaporizer company that produces high-quality, affordable vaporizers for both dry herbs and concentrates. Their products are known for their sleek and portable designs, advanced heating technology, and excellent vapor quality. Xvape vaporizers are made from durable materials and feature easy-to-use interfaces. With models like the Starry and Aria, Xvape offers a range of vaporizers designed to cater to different vaping needs. The company also offers a one-year warranty and responsive customer support.

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XMAX Starry 4



The XMAX Starry 4 is the successor of the V3 which was a game-changer when it comes to value and what can a sub $100 vape do. The new Starry is also priced at $99, and it is available on Xvape (buy here) as a POTV version (buy here) or the regular version (buy here, use coupon TVG10). This device offers a plethora of features that you’d usually find in higher-end models. From its quick 25-second heat-up time to the replaceable 18650 battery system, the Starry 4 raises the bar for “budget vapes” and is geared towards beginners.

Design and Portability

The Starry 4 boasts a slim profile and a magnetic zirconia mouthpiece, making it incredibly easy to slip into your pocket or purse. While it’s a bit heavier than its competitors, weighing around 138 grams, the added weight is a small price to pay for the robust features it offers. The device is 4.5 inches tall and 1.5 inches wide, making it highly portable.

Heating and Temperature Options

The Starry offers a full temperature spectrum, ranging from 212°F to 464°F. Personally, I never go above 410°F as the flavor starts to diminish. For dry herbs, I usually start a session around 370-380°F. The device allows you to change temperatures easily with the up and down arrows on the side.

Chamber and Loading Tips

The chamber can hold about 0.2-0.3 grams of flower, which is a perfect size for “solo” sessions. It also comes with a dosing capsule, making it easier to pre-load your herbs and keep the chamber clean. Since this is a conduction vape, medium-fine grind for optimal vapor quality.

Vapor Quality and Performance

The Starry uses a conduction heating system and has an average heat-up time of 30 seconds. The zirconia mouthpiece does a pretty goo job of cooling down the vapor, but don’t expect Mighty+ level performance here. Overall, the vapor quality is about average for a vaporizer in this price range.

Battery Life and Charging

The Starry features a replaceable 18650 battery system. The POTV version comes with an upgraded 3200mAh battery, offering around 90 minutes of continuous use. Charging takes about 90 minutes via USB-C. Having the option to replace the battery is a huge plus, especially for those long sessions or outdoor trips.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Cleaning the Starry 4 is a breeze. You’ll mainly need to focus on the screen above the chamber and the mouthpiece. A quick swab with some isopropyl alcohol and you’re good to go.

Tips for optimal use:

Optimize Your Grind

The grind of your herb can significantly impact the vapor quality. For the Starry 4, a medium-fine grind works best. This ensures even heating and better vapor production. Investing in a quality grinder can make a world of difference.

Master the Temperature Settings

The Starry offers a full temperature spectrum, ranging from 212°F to 464°F. Start your session at a lower temperature (around 370°F) to enjoy the flavor profile of your herb. Gradually increase the temperature as you go to extract the most compounds. This technique is known as “temp-stepping,” and it’s a game-changer.

Use the Dosing Capsule

The dosing capsule not only makes loading easier but also keeps the chamber clean. It’s especially useful for on-the-go sessions. Pre-load a few capsules before heading out, and you’re set for the day.

Keep Extra Batteries Handy

One of the Starry 4’s standout features is its replaceable 18650 battery. If you’re planning a long session or a day out, keep a couple of extra charged batteries on hand. This ensures you won’t run out of juice when you need it the most.

Clean Regularly for Optimal Performance

Regular cleaning is crucial for maintaining vapor quality and airflow. Make it a habit to clean the chamber and mouthpiece after every few sessions. A quick swab with isopropyl alcohol will do the trick.

Experiment with Airflow

The Starry 4 comes with an Airflow Adjustment Slider. Play around with it to find the airflow that suits you best. Some prefer a more restricted draw for denser vapor, while others like a more open draw for cooler vapor.

Final Thoughts

The XMAX POTV Starry 4 is an excellent choice for anyone looking to get into the world of dry herb vaporizing without breaking the bank. Its feature-rich design, ease of use, and portability make it a strong contender in the “under $100” category. While it may not offer the best vapor quality, it more than makes up for it with its other features. If you’re looking for a reliable, budget-friendly vaporizer, the Starry should be on your shortlist.

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MSRP $99

XVape Aria



X-Vape is known for making straightforward products that are usually comfortable for beginners thanks to their ease to use and low price. They recently released the Vista mini (Review), an exceptionally small e-nail, that provides impressive performance for its size and fantastic price ($159).

In 2019, they released the X-Vape Aria, a budget-friendly portable vape compatible with dry herbs and concentrates. Aria has its benefits and drawbacks, but considering its price, it is offering a good value.

Design & Features: 


X-Vape designed the Aria with an aluminum shell wrapped with synthetic leather in the front. Holding it, I liked the isolated feel of the rubberized finish. However, it did make me wonder just how long-lasting it is, and will it wear out after a while(?).

Aria has a three-button interface with an LED screen and a micro-USB port that supports pass-through charging capability. The precise temperature and digital display are notable features for a vape at this price range.

At its top, Aria has a full ceramic mouthpiece attached to the oven with a magnet. The magnet is pretty strong, so you don’t have to worry about it falling off in your pocket. At the bottom of the unit, there’s a hidden stir tool for mixing up your herb and for emptying the chamber from the cashed herb. 

Heating Oven:

Aria has an oval-shaped ceramic heating chamber located at the top of the vape, right under the mouthpiece. It uses a conduction heating method (convection vs. conduction), and the oven can load up to 0.3 grams of dry herbs. Using the stirring tool between sessions is highly recommended and improved efficiency.

Precise Temperature:

The Aria has precise temp control, offering a range of 212°F – 464°F (100-240°C). The temperature can be easily set through the buttons, and a short vibration will let you know it’s ready for you.

I would recommend staying away from the higher temperature range when vaping dry herb. However, I know some users like the strong thick clouds it produces. 

The Aria can heat up to high temps, as it is required for efficient concentrates vaping. But you should never vape dry herbs on more than 420°F- unless you like burnt popcorn taste, because that what you’ll be inhaling. Also, while the Aria is compatible with extracts, I always recommend not using extracts with your dry herb vape as it’ll make everything sticky. Buy a separate dab pen for all your “meltables” and use your herbal vape exclusively with dry herb. 

Battery Life:

Aria is powered with a 2600mAh built-in battery, and it uses a standard micro USB charger. It takes about 3 hours from empty to fully charged, and it will last for 4-8 sessions per charge, depending on your vaping temperature.

Optional Accessories:

X-Vape also offers a mouthpiece adaptor to a water filtration system that you can separately purchase to extend its functionality and use with dab rigs.

X-Vape Aria VS X-Max Starry V3

Both Aria and Starry V3 (Review) are dual-use portable vaporizers released by X-Vape in 2019. Both have the same interface, precise temperature control, Haptic feedback features, and generally the same size.

The Starry has a removable battery that gives it a great advantage and is preferable comparing a built-in one.

Design-wise, Starry felt more sturdy and solid when holding it, and its aluminum body seems longer lasting compared to Aria’s leather cover.

Between the two, I would recommend adding $20 and go with the Starry. 

With that being said, if you are looking for a high-performance vaporizer, there are better options out there that are slightly more expensive but offer substantial value – such as Uttilian 620 (Review) and 722 (Review). 

Performance & Vapor Quality


Aria heating time is about thirty seconds, which is considered fast for a dry herb vape. The first few hits were nice and smooth with great taste, but the mouthpiece did get warm after a few draws, making for a harsh, warm vapor. 

Despite its isolated airflow, the airpath is too short to enable the vapor to cool. As a result, both the device and the mouthpiece become too warm after a short session, and for me, it is definitely a drawback performance-wise. As we mentioned above, this heat-up issue is common with smaller vapes.

Vapor Quality

Considering its price tag, Aria produces nice vapor quality, with many similarities to X-Vape other popular portable vape- the Starry V3 (Review).

As I mentioned, Aria did produce big clouds at high temps, but the flavor was bloody damaged as a result.

Bottom line

The Aria does what it is set to do. Nothing less, and nothing more. It is a decent vape for the price and is a good choice if you are a beginner looking for a simple vaporizer. I found the vapor quality to be avarge at best, and build quality could have been better. If you can add $20, you should consider the Starry V3 at least, or as mentioned above, Uttilian vapes that give a higher value for a fair supplement.

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MSRP $79

Vista Mini 2



Based in California, XVape has been around for a few years, making entry-level products usually budget-friendly. Their previous significant releases are the XVape Aria (Review), and the XVape Starry V3 (Review) dry herb vapes, and now they released a new version for their flagship dab rig called Vista Mini 2.

The Vista Mini 2 is a small and stealthy eRig that is aimed at beginners that are looking for a straightforward electric dab rig. eRigs are considered to be expensive vapes, such as Puffco Peak (Review) – $300, and KandyPens Oura (Review) –  $350. 

The vista is maybe smaller and less powerful than these vapes, yet it comes at half the price. It has some very surprising features such as wireless charging (Qi compatible), haptic feedback, as well as 4 temp levels with LED indicators that light up the vape. 

Kit & Accessories

XVape Vista Mini 2 comes in an elegant zipper traveling case that is smell proof. The case is well-designed and holds all the accessories in place without moving around. It felt sturdy while in the case, and I even took it out for a bike ride and felt totally confident that the pieces are protected. 

It’s clear that XVape is trying to give users an inclusive experience as far as the packaging and the included accessories. Despite the relatively low price, the case is very well equipped and wasn’t deprived.

The package contains:

  • XVape Vista mini 2
  • Glass mouthpiece 
  • Mouthpiece plastic clip
  • Silicone Connect Ring and Carb Cap Connectors
  • An extra atomizer and o-rings
  • Dab tool
  • Mini USB charging cable
  • Some cotton swabs and alcohol wipes
  • Instructions manual

Design & Features: 


The Vista mini is relatively small compared to its colleague dab rigs in the market. It sits on a 2-inch base, and it is 6 inches tall without the mouthpiece. Even though dab-rigs are much less portable than dab pens, this device is pretty comfortable carrying out-of-the-house, due to its small size and carrying case.

Vista mini 2 looks elegant and feels stable, its solid base has a one-button interface and some stylish engraving to it. A noticeable feature is the clear carb cap that gives us a beautiful glance of the vapor during sessions. The water bubbler also has a red line to show you how much water you should fill up with.  

The mouthpiece is a removable glass tube that can be secure with a plastic buckle before starting the session. The buckle securely fixative, so it doesn’t fall off. The mouthpiece rounded tip isn’t my favorite design; the round shape feels too big and doesn’t feel natural on your lips.

But overall, I am still satisfied with the Vista design and look; it is well-built for its purpose.


Vista Mini 2 has a rock-solid atomizer placed on the top of the vape, rather than on the side, and the see-through carb cap is attached with pressure and doesn’t come apart.  

The atomizer is replaceable, so when it wears off (not soon hopefully), you can remove the old one yourself and use the new one that’s in your kit.

LED Light:

Featuring a LED lighting system that changes colors according to temperature levels, and it illuminates the water chamber while vaping. The temperature levels are White – 536°F, Green – 608°F, Blue – 662°F, Red – 752°F.

Wireless Charging:

An awesome and surprising feature of the Vista Mini 2 is its wireless charging option. Just place it on an ordinary Qi wireless charger (that you’d use for your smartphone) between sessions or throughout the night, and it will always be ready to use. 

Of course, you can also charge it via the standard micro USB cable included in the kit. Charging it wirelessly took about 3 hours, a bit longer than standard cable charging.

How to Use

  1. Fully charge the device before your first use (LED indicates the battery level as follows: Red- low battery, Green – half battery, White – fully charged).
  1. Fill the bubbler with water up to the red line.
  2. Turn the device on by triple-clicking the power button.
  3. Set your desired heat level by double-clicking the power button. The LED will illuminate the bubbler with the level color (I recommend starting with the white/green, you can always tone it up as you go).
  4. Place your chosen concentrate inside the atomizer and cover it up with the carb cap.
  5. Press the power button to activate the heater, and wait for the device to vibrate when it’s ready.
  6. Inhale the vapor from the bubbler.
  7. Each session is set for 35 seconds. Press the button to extend the session for another 35 seconds.
  8. The device will automatically shut off after the session, or click the power button to shut it off sooner.


  • Snap the clip on the mouthpiece to secure it.
  • In any case, don’t use force trying to disconnect any of its parts. If something feels stuck, just wait until it cools off or gently rinse the mouthpiece with water (not the battery part).

Low temp vs High temp dabbing:

We already have a post on which temp you should use for dabbing, and the result can be as mild or as intense and you’d like. Here are the two main dabbing methods-

  • Low temp dabbing: If you place your dab in the atomizer before initiating heat-up, you’d be able to start inhaling when the rig is heating up and enjoy mild and flavorful vapor. Since you place the dab on a “cold” surface and then start heating it, the wax heats up gradually and over a spectrum of temperatures. This results in a gradual release of terpenes and cannabinoids and produces in the form of mild vapor. 
  • High temp dabbing: If you are looking for the strongest, most intense vapor, then you can first heat up the vape, and then load the wax once the temperature has reached. This way the dab hits the hot surface and immediately becomes vapor, producing intense vapor, but not as flavorful. 

High-temperature dabbing isn’t necessary to release all of the cannabinoids in the marijuana plant, but it really depends on your usage habits and desired experience.

For me, dabbing at low temps is more joyful since I am here for flavor. And though most users will dab at high temps for the high, you’ll be surprised to know that low temps high come gradually, but stay longer.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Performance: One common characteristic of portable e-nails is their fast heat-up time, and the Vista Mini 2 no different, with 8 seconds heat-up time to the lowest temp level (white).

I suggest starting off with the White or Green levels and work your way up as you go.

The hits were fair, yet not the finest we’ve seen. The Vista pulled through long stable draws respectfully, even at the lower temps, and the extendable mouthpiece did a great job cooling the vapor.

Vapor Quality: The vapor quality of the Vista Mini was surprisingly good; it didn’t fall short of its competitors. The hits were soft and mild, and not aggressive and strong as you would have expected from other rigs such as the Puffco Peak. 

My preferred temperature settings were the two middle ones since I got the best quality flavor from them. The Green level produced great flavor and average vapor. And the Blue level produces thicker clouds. The flavor on this level wasn’t as clean but was still impressively good.

Battery: The battery is not as strong as other e-nails, which I expected considering its size. A fully charged battery lasted for about 15-20 sessions, and if you use the highest temp levels, it will probably last even less. But it is still not a bad battery life considering its size and price. And hey- it has wireless charging- so that isn’t too bad. 

Bottom line

The Vista Mini 2 has a great value/ performance ratio. It is especially appealing to vapers that want to try out eRigs but found the prices or usage too intimidating. I like how small it is, and the manufacturing quality is pretty good. The built quality is impressive, and it can be carried around during a session without worrying about parts falling off.

The Vista is probably not one of the strongest e-nails on the market when it comes to performance and can not compete with the fine taste or powerful battery of the Puffco Peak (Review). But, as I mentioned earlier – it comes for half the price.  

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MSRP $159

Xvape Fog Pro



Since XVape (visit homepage) was founded in Southern California in 2013, they’ve continually filled their product line with devices that are equal parts reliable, well-made, reasonably priced. They’ve also made the Vista mini e-nail (review), and the Aria (review), and the XMax Starry (review) dry herb vaporizers In 2018, they released the first version of the XVape Fog – a box style, portable device. The Fog features 5 pre-set temperatures, removable 18650 batteries, a zirconia mouthpiece, and a simple single-button interface.

XVape builds on the simplicity of the Fog and has updated the device as the XVape Fog Pro. It keeps an almost exact same look and feel, but is a little bit larger in size. Instead of LED light indicators on the Fog, the Fog Pro has an OLED screen to better see and control temperature. Other than aesthetic changes, the new Fog Pro also features a faster heat-up time, haptic feedback, precise temperature settings, and USB-C charging.

Both the XVape Fog and Fog Pro are compatible with dry herb and with dab and other solid concentrates. Although to get the best out of your dry herb vaporizer- I highly recommend having a separate wax pen. I tested the Fog Pro with THC herb from my local dispensary and CBD herb from In-Hemp.

Kit and Accessories

The Fog Pro comes with a relatively basic kit – containing everything you need to get started. 

The kit contains: 

  • XVape Fog Pro
  • Cleaning set (brush and wipes)
  • USB- C cable
  • Mouthpiece and chamber screen
  • Concentrate pad
  • User Manual

Design and Features

The Fog Pro’s design is exactly the same as its predecessor- sleek, clean lines, minimal, and very simple. It’s not a flashy device by any means, and for good reason. The Fog Pro is meant to be stealthy and portable.

The XVape Fog Pro is 10.5cm tall, 4.35cm wide, and 2.5 cm deep. Making it about as tall as the Crafty+ (review), but not quite as wide. It hides in your palm and fits in any purse. The body of the device is still made from the same anodized aluminum material in a smooth matte black finish. For a little bit of flair, there’s a pretty cool contrasting (shiny) design located on the back lower half of the Fog Pro.

The entire device has a weighty, dense, and high-quality feel. Located on the front lower half of the device is the bright OLED screen which clearly displays the current temperature. This is definitely an improvement over the Fog which has LED light indicators for its 5 pre-set settings.

The Fog had a pretty simple single-button interface, but, since the Fog Pro has precise temperature settings, it has 3 buttons instead of just 1. All the tactile buttons are located on the side of the device and are ergonomically placed. Meaning you won’t have to fiddle around and easily know which button is which. The USB-C charging port is also located on the same side.

On the Fog, the mouthpiece/ cap was attached to the device body with a hinge. Hinges tend to wear out after some time. XVape has addressed that by securing the cap with magnets on the Fog Pro – making oven and mouthpiece cleaning, loading, and the overall everyday use much easier.


The Fog and Fog Pro both have swiveling zirconia mouthpieces. Zirconia (just like glass ) is a neutral material that keeps the vapor pure and ensures you taste all the flavors in your herb. It’s also 20x more durable than glass, making it a good material choice for a portable device mouthpiece. (and it can be tucked away when not in use)

To reduce that “thick milkshake” feeling, the mouthpiece opening has been made larger on the Fog Pro for a smoother draw.


One of the Fog and Fog Pro’s standout features is the fact that they both have removable batteries. While internal batteries are okay, being able to swap out a dead battery for a charged one is unbeatably convenient.

The Fog Pro is powered by a removable 3200mAH 18650 battery. One charge is good for roughly 6-8 sessions and charges via USB-C. USB-C charges much faster and delivers power at a much more consistent rate than micro-USB. The Fog Pro features pass-through charging, meaning you can use the device while it’s plugged in. You can also opt to buy a spare battery (buy on Amazon), so you’ll always have a charged one ready.

How to Use

To use the Fog Pro, remove the mouthpiece cap from the device and load the chamber with the herb. The area around the is sloped down, making loading much easier.

Since the Fog Pro is a convection vaporizer, there’s no direct contact between the herb and a heating element. Instead, hot air is passed in and around the herb in order to vaporize it. I’d suggest a slightly loose pack to get the best flavor. There’s also a built-in stirring /packing tool at the bottom of the device for you to use.

Performance and Vapor Quality

The XVape Fog Pro has a temperature range of 212-428℉ (100-220℃) and takes 15 seconds to heat to the highest temperature. It’s 10 seconds faster than the Fog which had 5 pre-set temperature settings. The Fog Pro also vibrates lightly when the desired temperature has been reached.

I started my session at 370℉ and got some really good flavorful vapor on the first couple of draws. But slowly decided to raise the temperature to maximize extraction of the herb. When using the Fog Pro, I highly suggest that you stay in the sweet spot between 370°F to 390°F, since when I tried pushing towards 400°F, the resulting vapor began to get quite harsh and heavy. 

For better and purer vapor, the Fog Pro’s vapor path has been upgraded and is now free of plastics or silicone. The vapor path is made from metal and ceramic which are neutral materials. Convection vaporizers are known for delivering flavor-forward vapor, and the Fog Pro is no different. The vapor was well-flavored and not too dense.

 XVape Fog Pro vs. X Max Starry V3

The Fog Pro and the Starry V3 are both made by XVape and have a somewhat similar set of features – such as precise temperature controls, a zirconia mouthpiece, and removable batteries. At $99, the Starry definitely surprised me with its performance relative to its price and small size. However, much like all smaller devices – the Starry does tend to get quite warm during a session and when used at high temperatures- becomes too hot to hold.

While the Starry is a great entry-level vaporizer if you’re looking for an occasional use device. But if you’re looking for something more heavy-duty, the extra $40 for the Fog Pro is well worth it. 

Bottom Line

The XVape Fog Pro definitely classifies as a well-performing, reliable, everyday vaporizer. It’s easy to use, delivers well-flavored vapor, and is made with durable materials. There aren’t too many bells and whistles here, just a simple straightforward device.

It’s also relatively inexpensive at $139 (only $10 more than the Fog), making it an ideal device for someone who’s either getting their first device, or a spare one for regular use. But if you’re looking for something more powerful, or has more flexible features, I’d recommend looking at the DaVinci IQC (review) or check out our list of the best dry herb vaporizers of 2022.

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MSRP $139

Starry V3



Founded around almost a decade ago, X-Vape has a track record of releasing good quality vaporizers at a decent price. The original Starry has been released years ago and has been known as one of the best herb vapes under $100. This third iteration (V3) adds haptic feedback, improves vapor production, and upgraded magnetic zirconia mouthpiece.

Other interesting releases from X-Vape include the ARIA dry herb vaporizer (Review) and the newly released VISTA MINI 2 (Review) which is a small and portable electronic dab rig. 

Kit & Accessories:

The Starry kit contains everything you need to get started (except for the actual herb od course.) It is compatible with dry herbs, and with extracts using the included pad. 

The kit contains: 

  • Starry V3 unit
  • Cleaning Set (Tweezers, Brush, Tool)
  • Micro USB Charging Cable
  • Mouthpiece Screen, Chamber Screens
  • Silicone Mouthpiece Cap
  • Replacement seals
  • Wax Pad
  • User Manual

Optional Accessories:

Also available from Vape-Smart is a Water Pipe Adapter & Glass Bubbler which you can separately purchase and extend its functionality and allow use with dab rigs.

Design & Features: 


At 4” tall, the starry is small and sleek, and can be used discreetly and easily fits in a pocket or a purse. The vape is square-shaped and eclosed in an Aluminum body, which makes it feels sturdy and balanced when holding it. Unlike other small vaporizers, it’s presence is very confident and it feels well made.


Starry has a straw style ceramic zirconia mouthpiece that comfortably swivels in and out. 

The mouthpiece is magnetic, which I find very comfortable to operate. The magnet is pretty strong so you won’t need to worry about it snapping off in your pocket and spilling your precious herb everywhere. 

Heating Oven:

As mentioned above, the Starry has a ceramic heating oven, with 0.3-gram capacity. The top of the oven is an oval-shaped funnel which makes it easy to slide dry herbs into the chamber.

It uses a conduction heating method, which did a good job in terms of efficiency, and the herb was completely cashed at the end of my sessions. 

Precise Temperature:

The Starry has precise temperature control and a digital screen. The Temperature Range is 212°F – 464°F and can be easily set through the buttons adjacent to its screen.

The digital screen shows the current temperature, target temperature, timer, and battery level.

Removable battery:

The Starry is powered by a single 18650 battery that is removable, a feature not often seen in portable vaporizers, and considered preferable by users. When you’re on the go or don’t have a charger available, you can simply replace an empty one with a fresh one and keep it going.

Moreover, when something goes wrong with the battery, you can simply replace it. Unlike built-in batteries that are common in other vapes, using a replaceable battery makes the device future-proof and easier to fix in case of a battery failure. 

Performance & Vapor Quality

Vaporizer Performance

Starry shares the same issue with other small units since the heat has nowhere to dissipate, it warms up when using the upper-temperature range, and the mouthpiece gets pretty warm when vaping at high temperatures.

Haptic feedback is one of the 3rd version upgrades, and pretty rare for vaporizers at this level. It will indicate when the vaporizer reaches the desired temperature.

The heat-up time is about 35 seconds, pretty fast for its high-temperature range.

Vapor Quality

Considering its price tag and size, Starry surprisingly produces nice clouds and flavor. Vapor quality-wise, however, is not at the same level as some top vaporizers we’ve seen such as the Crafty+ and Mighty (Review), or even Uttilian 722 (Review), which is somewhere in the middle.

I suggest staying in a temp range of 370°F to 390°F for ideal vapor flavor, and stay away from the upper range, 400°F and up since the vapor may get pretty harsh.

Battery Performance

When fully charged, the battery lasted about 6-8 sessions, depending on your vaping temperature. It takes about ninety minutes to recharge, which is about average but if that seems too long, then you can just swap out the dead battery for a fresh one.

XMax Starry V3 VS GPen Dash VS Fury Edge

All three are considered good vapor quality portable vaporizers, but here are some comparison points:

Size: The Dash (Review) is the smallest and the most discreet one, while Fury (Review) is the biggest, less portable & pocketable.

Mouthpiece: Starry and Dash both have a magnetic mouthpiece, which is much preferable over a pressure mouthpiece. However, the Fury pressure mouthpiece best performs cooling down the vapor and producing flavor.

Performance: Vapor quality wise, the Fury is the best out of the three. But with a very similar design, you can also check out Uttilian 620 Vaporizer (Review), which improves upon the Fury design, similar shape, and performance, but uses a magnetic mouthpiece which is preferable. Number 2 performance-wise is the Starry, despite the fact it slightly gets warm while vaping, its value is pretty good for its friendly price. The G-Pen Dash would be my third choice considering the others.

Temperature Setting: The Starry (212°-464°F) and the Fury (320°–428°F) both offer precise temperature control, while the Dash offers Preset default (375°-428°F). 

Battery: The Dash has the weakest battery, as expected considering its the smallest.

The Starry is the only one out of the three, with a replaceable battery, which is a leading feature we want in our device.

The XMax Starry uses a design that has been proven to work well, and Vape-Smart (visit homepage) sells a rebranded version of it. There is no difference between the POTV version and this original version sold by XVAPE. 

Bottom line

The XMax Starry is well made and offers great value considering its price. It offers features usually seen in more expensive vaporizers such as aluminum shell, precise temperature control, LCD screen, and replaceable battery.

If you are looking for high performance or high-quality vape experience, Starry may not meet your expectations on this part. But if you are looking for a small vaporizer with a fair price, Starry may be a good choice, even as a backup vaporizer or traveling device.

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MSRP $99

XVape Mambo



If you’re a fan of the legendary stoner comedy duo Cheech and Chong, then the XVape Cheech & Chong’s Mambo Vaporizer is a must-have for you. This ‘power of the flower’ vaporizer is designed exclusively for dry herbs, bringing a new dimension to your vaping experience​.

By the way, it retails for $50, and you can use coupon code TVG10 to save 10% from Vape-Smart

Look and Feel

The Mambo is a sleek and portable vaporizer, fitting comfortably in your pocket, making it perfect for on-the-go use. It is adorned with a colorful Cheech & Chong logo, which gives it a unique style and flair. This vape is not just about looks though; it is constructed with high-quality materials and precision-engineered for an optimal vaping experience. It certainly packs a punch, delivering powerful, flavorful, and satisfying hits every time​​.

Performance and Features

One of the main highlights of the Mambo vaporizer is its quick heating capacity. It also offers two distinct heat modes: On-Demand and Session. The On-Demand mode allows for quick hits with auto-draw or button activation, while the Session mode maintains heat for a full three minutes, making for a continuous and immersive vaping session. Not to mention, it has a built-in automatic shut-off feature, ensuring that you don’t have to worry about it running out of battery​.

The Mambo boasts a battery capacity of 1000mAh, which is more than enough for a few enjoyable sessions before needing a recharge. It charges via a USB-C cable, included in the package. And for those concerned about safety, the vaporizer has clear indicators for low voltage and short-circuit situations​.

Specs and Inclusions

Measuring 21mm x 29mm x 110mm, the Mambo is impressively compact. It features a stainless steel dosing capsule for better user experience and easier cleaning. The temperature range is quite wide, spanning from 420°-443­°F (220°-240°C), which allows you to customize your experience based on your preference. It also features haptic feedback technology and a 100% isolated airpath for a pure vaping experience​​.

The package includes several accessories such as an herb pod, cleaning tools, a silicone sleeve, chamber mesh screens, filter screens, and a user manual, among others. This ensures you have everything you need to maintain your device and enhance your vaping sessions​​.


In conclusion, the XVape Cheech & Chong’s Mambo Vaporizer is a top-notch choice for those looking for the best dry herb vaporizer. It’s not just about the Cheech & Chong branding; this vape pen truly stands out with its impressive specs, performance, and ease of use. Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a complete beginner, the Mambo offers a smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

So, if you’re in the market for a new dry herb vaporizer, or if you’re simply a fan of Cheech & Chong, this vape pen might just be the perfect choice for you. It’s stylish, portable, and packed with features – truly a great addition to any vape pen collection. And remember, it’s not just a marijuana vaporizer; it’s a statement of style and a nod to a cultural icon.

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MSRP $50

Xmax V3 Pro



Since they started making devices nearly 10 years ago, X-Max has become quite known for making devices that are equal parts reliable, well-made, and reasonably priced. Do the XMAX V3 Pro (buy) lives up to that familiar brand reputation? We tested this pure convection, dual-use pen-style dry herb vaporizer for a couple of weeks and now have the verdict. 

While it is one of the most pocketable devices on the brand’s lineup – it still is feature-packed. Sporting a sleek pen-style design, the XMAX V3 Pro is topped with a magnetically attached mouthpiece and, precise temperature control, an LED screen, and a very straightforward interface.

Kit & Accessories

The XMAX is priced at $85 and comes with a fairly basic kit. The only sort of outlier from a standard kit is that it comes with a concentrate cup.

The V3 Pro is compatible with dry herb and comes with a wax cup for use with solids and other concentrates Although to get the best out of your dry herb vaporizer- I highly recommend having a separate wax pen. I tested the V3 Pro with THC herb from my local dispensary and CBD herb from In-Hemp).

XMax V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer with ROG pro Starry Qomo
  • XMax V3 Pro vaporizer
  • Wax cup
  • USB-C cable
  • Cleaning brush
  • Alcohol cotton pads (4)
  • Cotton swabs (3)
  • Instruction manual


XMax V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer Interface Temperature LED Display

Body: The V3 Pro’s device body is made of matte aluminum. The finish also keeps fingerprints at bay. The mouthpiece also shares the same matte finish – so the V3 definitely looks seamless. This simple design flair adds to the overall discretion of the device and makes it a great companion for everyday use. There’s no doubt it’ll fit a purse but it might be too long for the average wallet.

The front of the device houses a shiny panel with three buttons and an OLED display. The display tells you the current device temperature, battery level, and whether you’re on-demand or session mode. The first and largest button is the power/firing button and two smaller ones are for temperature control. All the buttons are slightly recessed into the panel, yet still feel pretty tactile and far from cheap.


XMax V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer Replaceable Battery

One of the V3 Pro’s standout features is a battery life that’ll satisfy even the heaviest of users. Its 2600mAh battery is good for about 12-15 bowls and charges via the very stable USB-C.

Between the two possible use modes on the V3 Pro – it’s On-demand mode which consumes the battery quicker. It’s most likely due to the quick heat-up and power down in between draws. But even then, the V3 Pro still packs a lot of juice – good for all-day use.


XMax V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer Mouthpiece Design

The mouthpiece is magnetically secured onto the rest of the device and holds pretty well. I accidentally dropped mine and it didn’t even come off then. The mouthpiece has a stainless steel screen that pre-cools the vapor before it travels through the ceramic vapor path. The combination of these two materials results in surprisingly cool and smooth vapor – all from a pretty short vapor path.

The back of the mouthpiece slides into a slot on the device body – which I assume is for more security, but it also doubles as a stir/scraping tool.

Two Ways to Vape

XMax V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer Ceramic Oven Chamber

The XMAX V3 Pro is a dual-use device – “dual“ standing for the fact that it can be used in both on-demand and session mode.

Session mode is perfect if you’re looking to consume a full bowl in a single sitting. It works the way any other vaporizer works – it reaches temperature and very slowly cools off – constantly heating the herb and producing a much lighter result at each draw. With a fresh battery, the V3 Pro reaches temperature in about 20 seconds and a bit longer on a used battery.

With on-demand mode, the heater remains at temperature for as long as you’re pressing the power button (max 30 seconds). The V3 Pro heats up to any point in its 212° F  -428° F range- leaving you with a 20-second window in which to draw for as long or as short as you like. After the power button has been released, the oven begins rapidly heating down – ready for you to start it up again for another draw.

Performance and Vapor Quality

XMax V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer How to Use with Dry Herb

I touched on the cool vapor that results from the interesting mix of materials on the mouthpiece. The ceramic oven holds a relatively small amount of herb at 0.1g – but combined with convection heating – it does an excellent job at making sure you taste all the flavors and nuances of it. The resulting vapor on the XMAX V3 Pro is light, terpene-heavy, and extremely potent.

The only time the vapor falls a little on the dense side is towards the end of a session on the higher end of its temp range. But even then, it’s not as unflavored as I was expecting.

Bottom Line

XMax V3 Pro Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

For such a well-priced and small device, the V3 Pro surpasses several expectations. It features a pretty impressive battery life, a sleek and simple design, and an unmatched level of discretion.

The on-demand feature is something I think many users will find pretty useful. This device isn’t exactly a powerhouse, so it’s not one I’d recommend to more experienced users – but it will make for a great secondary travel device or a daily driver for beginners.

If you’re still on edge and want to browse, other options you might be interested in, check out our list of the best dry herb vaporizers of 2022.

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MSRP $109




The XMAX Fyra is a unique vape that can be used with flower, wax, or 510 carts. So, does this Swiss army knife of vaporizers is any good? Is it trying to do too much but doesn’t do anything good enough? Let’s see.

By the way, it retails for $80, and you can use coupon code TVG10 to save 10% from Vape-Smart or directly from XVAPE.

The main components of the vape are- The body, a built-in bubbler, there is a small oven tool tucked into the body, the side basically a big button, and the bottom has a USB-C charging port and a 510 connection port.

Then, there are two optional attachments included in the kit- one for wax and one for dry herb.

Wax + Herb attachements

To use the Fyra with wax, screw in the Ceramic tip, three clicks to unlock, and once it heats up, dip it into the concentrate and inhale through the bubbler. 

The second attachment is for dry herb. I’ll load it with flower, and attach it to the bottom. This is the actual heating element, and it has a thick silicone cover to protect from the heat.

Use with 510 carts

Since the connection is a 510 thread, you can use it with any compatible 510 carts. It’s a bit awkward using it with a cart because you have to turn the entire device upside down, and while the bubbler is not supposed to spill if you fill it only to the line, but still not something I’d like to test out on a regular basis. 

Performance & vapor quality

Using it with wax was a pretty standard experience, just like using one of any other dab straw vaporizers. This is a good way of consuming wax which very little waste and doesn’t require constant loading of the coil like a typical vape pen. 

Then with herb the experience was just enough to pass as usable. In my opinion, the oven is too big. It should have been around half its current size, plus I think the device needs more power to efficiently vape dry herbs. So I would not recommend this as a “daily driver” dry herb vaporizer. It’s ok for occasional use, but not more than that. Check out my fav dry herb vapes if you’re looking for that.

Lastly, with carts, it worked fine as long as there was no water in the bubbler.

Bottom line

Is it worth $80? (actually, less if you use the coupon code above). Depends. I don’t think anyone using this vape will switch between the two attachments and carts often. Most people will probably stick to one. 

If you’re a wax user, this vape is worth considering. It is a dab straw with a bubbler that has good flavor and is more powerful than, say, the Lookah Seahorse Pro, for example. The Lookah costs around $50 and does not have a bubbler included. So at $80 or $70, the Fyra is a good option for wax & extract. I have coupon codes for both products listed below.

The option to occasionally use it with herb or carts is cool, but this is mainly a dab straw with a bubbler. 

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MSRP $79