Puffco is a vaporizer company that specializes in producing high-end vaporizers for concentrates. The company was founded in 2013 and has quickly established itself as one of the top brands in the vaping industry. Puffco vaporizers are known for their innovative design, superior vapor quality, and ease of use. One of the key features of Puffco vaporizers is their attention to detail in design. Puffco vaporizers are sleek and stylish, with a focus on both form and function. The vaporizers are made from high-quality materials, such as medical-grade stainless steel and ceramic, to ensure durability and longevity.

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Puffco Proxy



Puffco Proxy Wax vaporizer

The Proxy is a first-of-a-kind modular vaping system that is compatible with any type of extract such as wax, dabs, shatter, or crumble.

I ordered my Proxy and accessories (bubbler, flower bowl, travel pack) from the Puffco website and it took almost a month to get here (Florida.) So I defiantly recommend buying from Vape-Smart.com which has all of them in stock and ships a lot faster.


Puffco Proxy Sherlock Pipe

Right off the bat, it’s obvious that the Proxy has a different design than most concentrate vapes. It is not a vape pen and not an electric Rig. It looks like an old-school sherlock pipe that you may have seen in your grandparent’s house or at an old movie. It feels balanced and ergonomic while holding and has a flat base, so it is stable while standing on the table.

I can talk a lot about how aesthetically pleasing this vape is, but its true innovation is in the design. As I mentioned that the Proxy is a first-of-a-kind modular vaporizer, and here is how it works-

The vape has two main components– the glass and the base. The glass is just the body, which is essentially a huge mouthpiece. The glass is black near the base and becomes clear towards the tip.

The base has all the electric components, as well as the battery, power button, charging port, and the coil, which I’ll go over shortly.

This clever modular design means that you can use the base with various compatible glass bodies made by Puffco or by third parties. Puffco is already offering glass with water filtration, which they call the Bub.

Puffco Proxy glass body

Independent glass artists made crazy glass for the Peak Pro, but it was a complicated unit to build for. Puffco encourages the community to develop unique base designs by making the Proxy easy to build around.

This modular design unlocks endless personalization opportunities, but more importantly, it makes the Proxy the first vape with an independent “transferable” heating element.

It can be used as a heat source for basically any piece that is made in the right dimensions to house it and creates an airtight seal with the base.

Heating Element & 3D Chamber

Puffco Proxy 3D Chamber

The Proxy features Puffcos advanced 3D ceramic coil, which, if you look closely, you will be able to see the heating wire embedded into the walls of the coils.

Unlike traditional coils, which get their heat only from the bottom, the heat here comes from all directions.

This heating system, coupled with precise temp control, prevents the extract from boiling off before you actually draw. This system creates consistent, predictable results.

How to use

The Proxy is a cold-load vape meaning it has to be loaded before it starts heating up.

But before I load it up, let’s take a second and talk about loading tools.

You can use the included dab tool, which is fine if you use extracts that crumble and are not sticky.

But if you use any type of sticky extract, you should use a “hot” loading tool such as the Puffco Hot Knife (visit store).

puffco proxy how to use

The tip gets hot and melts the dabs into the center of the coil instead of scraping them on the side walls of the chamber with the included tool.

Using the hot knife will extend the longevity of the coils, prevent loss of extracts, and increases efficiency.

After dabbing the material into the chamber, close the carb cap and hold the button for three seconds to unlock it.

puffco proxy dab vape

Then single press to toggle through four temp settings with the lowest being blue and the highest being white.

I’ll set mine up on Green which is the second setting, and then double click to start heating up.

A slow pulse indicates it is warming up, and the vape will vibrate and become solid once it’s ready to inhale.

Vapor Quality

The vapor quality of this thing is incredible. It is creamy and full of flavor and terpenes.

Unlike a vape pen, the Proxy has a large mouthpiece that allows the vapor to cool down before inhaling it.

Heat rises, and the design of the Proxy allows the excess heat to dissipate into the air instead of into the mouthpiece or into your face.

Traditional pipes have been taking advantage of this design for a long time. It’s been time-tested and proven to work. Puffco didn’t invent the wheel here. They just modernized it.

The Proxy stays hot for around four draws before automatically turning off the heat, and you can extend the session by double-tapping the button.

Extracts are the fastest-growing segment of vaping and are becoming many users’ favorite way to consume.

The Proxy lowers the barrier of entry with zero learning curve. It is much easier to use than a Rig, yet it is more versatile.

The familiar design is approachable and creates an instant nostalgic feeling when holding it. Everyone I showed it to loved the elegant retro look.

What could have been better?

The Proxy’s small all-in-one form also means a smaller battery. I got an average of 5-6 sessions before running out of battery.

A recharge takes around 60 minutes on average. So not the largest battery, but it uses a USB-C, so it’s easy to get a boost just about anywhere.

Tripple clicking the button will display the current battery level with green, orange, or red light.

Puffco proxy carry case

Another thing that could have been better, and I know I’m nit-picking here, is that the case could have been smaller.

It is high-end and functional, but when it comes to everyday carry, all you need is the Proxy and a one wax container.

So a slimmer case would have made this vape a little easier to carry and use outside of the house.

Optional accessories

The Bub water bubbler

First off, visually, this thing is beautiful. It’s a large piece of curved glass that can house the Proxy and enable water filtration.

To use, you just fill it up with water until this line and place the Proxy in its spot.

Water filtration cools down the vapor and is especially useful for high-temp dabbing. Now you can go from dry-dabbing to water bubbler in three seconds second.

The flower bowl 

This glass piece is made in the same exact dimensions as the top of the Proxy, so it fits on the dry pipe that comes with the Proxy kit or on the bubbler.

So the flower bowl is an attachment that doesn’t have a battery or a heat source. It is used in the traditional way- load it up with some ground dry herb, and then light it up with a lighter.

The flower bowl is independent of the Proxy and is a nice little addition to the platform, which I’m sure many users will enjoy.

Travel pack 

The Travel Pack contains a few products: A silicone “backpack” with a compartment for swabs or a loading tool, a silicone mouthpiece tip, a replacement unit of the original carb cap that is included in the proxy kit, plus an upgraded ball cap that can be pushed in or out to allow air into the coil without opening the cap.

The silicone backpack makes the curved bottom of the Proxy flat, so it can stand by itself without leaning on the mouthpiece. It keeps the mouthpiece elevated from the surface, which I personally prefer. It also protects it, and the storage space comes in handy.

After every session, you should use a cotton swab to soak up the leftover residue. Leaving it there to dry will make it hard to remove in the future and will shorten the life of your 3D coil.

Which brings me to the last accessory- 

The dual tool

This handy little tool has a loading tool to scoop up wax on one side and a large cotton head on the other side that will mop the oven after each session.

These come 50 in a pack that costs less than $6, so it is a no-brainer to have.

If you are using extracts that are super sticky, you may also want to consider a hot loading tool such as the Puffco Hot knife. The Ceramic tip gets hot and melts the extracts into the center of the coil. If you use mostly crumble/non-sticky concentrate, then the dual tool works perfectly.

Where to buy Proxy accessories

Vape-Smart.com sells a bundle that includes all these accessories and will probably take a third of the time to get to you than ordering through the Puffco website.

Bottom Line

Puffco wax vaporizers

The Proxy is another groundbreaking device from Puffco. A company that has been redefining cannabis consumption since its inception in 2013.

First with the Puffco Plus, then with the Peak, and now with the Proxy, which is their new flagship product, and is surely one of the best wax vapes of this year.

I mean, even the name they choose is clever. Proxy means “authority or power to act for another,” in this case, the Proxy will power any body that can house it.

I have been vaping for years and tested hundreds of vapes, so I’m pretty hard to impress, but the Proxy has elevated the way I consume my extracts. I think it would unleash new gen of vaporizers.

I’m sure that Puffco’s next-gen enails will be compatible with the base, and I can see people creating a variety of new bodies to house the Proxy.

I also expect to see other manufacturers adopt similar modular designs that use an independent base with swappable bodies.

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Pufffco Plus



Puffco Plus

Puffco Plus is one of the sleekest-looking vape pens around. It features a mouthpiece with a built-in dab tool and has a ceramic chamber that produces mild and tasty vapor. And earlier this year, Puffco released a limited edition of the Plus called Puffco Vision Plus. It retains the qualities of the previous Puffco Plus but with a whole new aesthetic—a psychedelic trippy theme. 

Vision Plus has a multi-colored body that looks good for the eyes. The power button has a neon green color while the mouth tip is blue. The ‘Dart’, which is the star feature of the Plus, is slightly curved than the original. Also, the grips included in the box come with two different color variants. 

Design & Features

Puffco Plus Plunger

The Plus has a grey/black metallic finish with a fingerprint-proof coating which makes it shiny and classy. It looks good in the eyes and when you hold it—even though it has a slim and thin body—it’s durable and built to last. It’s an easy-to-use vaporizer since it has a single button that is used to turn on/off the device and maneuver through different temperature settings.


The mouthpiece is the standout feature of the Plus because it both has the design and innovation I’ve been looking for in a vape pen:

  • On the outside: The mouthpiece narrows as it approaches the tip, giving it a different look than the hourglass shape you see in a lot of other vape pen mouthpieces. It feels good inhaling from it even though the shape is kind of different from the norm.
  • On the inside: It has a dab tool built right into the mouthpiece. It’s called, “Dart” and it’s very useful because you have one less accessory to carry around. Considering how easy it is to lose a dab tool, having one integrated into the vape pen is a thoughtful design decision. The tool works better with thicker extracts than runnier ones because it’s better at sticking than scooping, so you should keep that in mind when using it.
Puffco Plus Dab Tool
The dab tool—which they call the dart—located in the mouthpiece, is a very useful feature.

Also, the mouthpiece serves as a carb-cap and splash-guard, meaning it allows concentrates to be vaporized evenly to produce a more potent and tasty vapor while protecting you from “spit-back” as you inhale. 

However, the mouth tip (plunger) that is used to extend the Dart can make inhaling from the device feel a little strange at first. You get used to it pretty quickly but remember to make sure that your fingers are clean when using it since your mouth will be going there later.


Puffco Plus Coil

The Plus has a Ceramic coil that produces strong and cleaner vapor. And since Ceramic is a neutral material, it does not have any effect on the flavor of the wax so the taste is pure. It does have a slow heat time compared to rod coils but it heats the wax more evenly. However, ceramic coils can be a little fragile, they can get a crack or break if you dropped it. So take extra care especially when you’re cleaning the device.

How To Use

Puffco Plus Dart
The integrated dab tool makes loading the Plus a very quick and easy process.

The Plus is a simple and straightforward device like most of the vape pens. It also has a Sesh Mode where it heats up continuously for twelve seconds. This can be done by rapidly clicking the power button, twice. This is a great feature especially if you want longer sessions since you don’t need to hold down the power button to do so. Whether this is your first vape pen or your tenth, you won’t have any problems using the Plus. 

To use it you need to:

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the battery and press down on the plunger to extend the dart.
  2. Dab the dart into your wax to collect a small pea-sized amount.
  3. Place the wax into the coil chamber and then reattach the mouthpiece to the battery.
  4. Power up the device by pressing the power button five times.
  5. Press the power button four times to cycle through the different temperature settings.
  6. Once heating is complete, inhale from the mouthpiece while holding down the power button.

For more information, you can down the user manual here.

Temperature Settings: The Plus has three temperature settings, They are color-coded in the following way: Green – Lowest setting | Blue – Medium setting | White – The highest setting

Cleaning and Maintenance

The Plus is pretty easy to clean. You can just use one of the included cleaning swabs that have been soaked in isopropyl alcohol to wipe away any excess residue in the bowl. For a stubborn residue, you can engage sesh mode repeatedly on the highest setting—this will melt any excess residue. 

Since the dab tool is integrated into the mouthpiece, you’ll need to clean that too, but doing so is even easier than cleaning the bowl. Just wipe it down with a damp cloth and you’re done.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Puffco Plus Performance
The Puffco Plus only uses a ceramic coil, but that’s okay because it produces great tasting vapor. However, anyone who wants big clouds will be disappointed.

The heat-up time is quite slow since it uses a ceramic bowl compared to some vape pens but the flavor produced by the Plus is phenomenal. And since it doesn’t heat up quickly, there is less burning of the wax and prevents the body from overheating. The draw resistance is good that you can get smooth and flavorful vapor at any temp settings but the middle one is my favorite.

Some people might lament the fact that the Plus doesn’t include a rod coil like most vape pens do but the flavor is so good that I don’t think that most will mind. The only problem anyone could have with the ceramic coil instead of a rod coil is that it doesn’t produce the dense vapor clouds that some people like. 

Battery Performance: The Plus uses a 520mAh battery that lasts for just under an hour, which should be a full day for most users. It can recharge in thirty to forty-five minutes which is much faster than some vape pens in the same category.

What could have been better?

I really wished that Puffco improved the battery life when they released the Vision Plus instead of improving the Dart. Yes, the battery life and charge time even out but it isn’t enough to make it further in the line of best vape pens.

Bottom Line

Puffco Plus with Crumble
The Plus brings out the flavor of all types of wax, whether they are THC based or CBD based.

The Puffco Plus is a small and durable vape pen that produces potent vapor. I got a good result with just using a tiny dab since it vapes the wax efficiently. It has features that you don’t usually see in other similarly priced vape pens like the integrated dab tool and extended sesh mode that comes handy in any occasion. However, the Plus cannot produce big intense clouds that some vapers like. Instead, it produces soft and mild vapor, which I personally prefer over the intense vapor of pens such as the Utillian 5 (Review).

Who is it for: Vapers who like to take discreet sessions and prioritize vapor quality above anything else.

Who is it NOT for: Anyone who likes lung-busting clouds when they vape. If you’re looking for a suitable vaporizer you can take a look at Utillian 5.

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Puffco Peak Pro



The original Peak was released in early 2018 and is considered a game-changer in the industry. The Peak Pro, released in November 2020, features the same general design but with significant upgrades: improved heating element, real-time temp control, and wireless charging. 

In 2021, Puffco introduced an advanced 3D heating element, which has heating wire embedded in the walls of the chamber, creating a more even and efficient extraction. The 3D chamber is not included in the kit and can be purchased separately (visit store). 

The Peak Pro is compatible with Dab, Wax, Honey, Shatter, or any other solid extracts. For this review, I’ve used the Peak with CBD dab from In-Hemp, which is available to ship anywhere in the US. 

Where to buy the Peak Pro? Users are reporting significant delays when buying directly from Puffco, so I recommend buying from vape-smart. They ship quickly and have all the accessories in stock as well. The Peak Pro retails for $399, and coupon code TVG will give you a 10% discount. 

2022 Update: Puffco just released the Puffco Proxy, which is a dry pipe out of the box but has an optional water bubbler available. Read my full Proxy review for more info, and I’ll also compare the Peak Pro and Proxy below.

The same coupon code TVG will save you 10% on the Proxy as well when buying from vape-smart.

In the box

The Peak Pro comes in a nice travel case that is made from firm foam, and I’d like to take just a sec and point a few things out- 

First, the case snaps to close with magnets. Then, the bottom is cut in a way that it can stay open like a book, sturdy and balanced. Lastly, it has magnets under the hinge and can keep it opened and leveled, so it can be used as a small working area when prepping your stuff. 

Sure, the case is not a big deal and doesn’t affect anything “vapor related,” but it’s clear right off the bat that a lot of thought and smart design went into this product. Ok, enough with the case, moving on.   

The kit includes the Peak Pro, A loading tool, cotton swabs, silicone tether for the Carb cap, USB-C Charger, and the instruction manual.

Optional Accessories

Power Dock (Visit Store) – The Peak Pro is compatible with Qi wireless charging, and together with the Pro, Puffco also released a $120 wireless charger, which also has a built-in battery. So it can keep the Vape charged even when unplugged. Using the app, you can also configure the Peak Pro to turn on automatically and start heating up as soon as it is lifted from the charging dock.

Travel Pack (Visit Store) – The travel pack includes a silicone storage to store cleaning tools and dabbing tool, an angled silicone mouthpiece for better inhaling position, and a new hinging tether to keep the carb cap in place.

Peak Vs Peak Pro

This is a quick summary of the upgrades of the Peak Pro from the previous model. They are similar in weight and height and are both easy to use and maintain. The upgrades are:

  • The Puffco Peak Pro uses a USB-C charger rather than a micro-USB, which means the Pro version has a faster charge time. Also, it is compatible with Wireless Qi Charging.
  • The Pro heating coil is 40% bigger than the original.
  • The water bubbler of the Puffco Peak Pro can store more water, which means better filtration and cooling of the vapor.
  • The Pro is smartphone app compatible.
  • The Puffco Peak uses a standard carb cap while the Puffco Peak Pro uses an Oculus Carb Cap (It is clear and allows monitoring of the material in the bowl).
  • The LED lights are customizable with the Peak Pro.
  • Few slight design improvements, such as a matte shell instead of the shiny in the previous version.


The Peak Pro is made from three main components- the glass, the base, and the coil. The whole thing stands at 7″ tall and just under 3″ wide.

The Glass

The glass cone now contains more volume, which means that it can fit more water and produce a smoother hit. It is made of highly heat resistant and durable borosilicate glass

The Base

The base has a wide bottom, so it is remarkably stable. It now has a metallic finish vs. the shiny in the original Peak, which was a fingerprint magnet. 

It has the Puffco logo in the back, together with a USB-C charging port, and the activation button is at the front under the coil. 

It also has an LED ring at the bottom that communicates statuses and indicates the current temperature settings.  

The Coil

The coil is made from Ceramic, and it is 40% larger than the original Peak. It has gold plated connections and a lock mechanism that feels a lot sturdier than the original one.

The coil has a sensor that monitors the bowl’s temperature and reports that to the onboard microchip. This allows the Peak to make automatic power adjustments and keep the bowl’s temperature precise at all times. 

Most eRigs fire rapidly without a temperature sensor and just give the coil full power for the entire hit duration. This can heat the extracts above the desired temperature, and it just makes precise temperature control impossible.

The Peak pro makes micro-adjustments on the fly and keeps an accurate temperature in the bowl no matter how large your dab is or how hard you are hitting it.  

The Pro has a new carb cap with a clear top, so the bowl is visible while vaping. It sits firmly on top of the oven and can be tethered using the included silicon piece. 

Peak Pro 3D Chamber

Released in late 2021- the 3D Chamber is a new accessory designed to be used in lieu of the stock coil that comes with the device. It features a heat-sensing capability for the best temperature accuracy and heats evenly throughout all its sides and from the bottom of the ceramic cup. This 3D heating system means that the chamber stays hotter for longer, and heats up much faster – meaning that you don’t have to fire it up several times for a good hit.

It’s a game-changer in energy efficiency and battery life – requiring 30% less power for bigger dabs and so much more flavor. All this, on top of all the features already built into the device, make the Peak Pro one of the smartest dab rigs I’ve ever used.

How to Use

  • Remove the glass attachment from the base and fill with water just above the air holes. 
  • Align the airpath hole with the front of the chamber and push back into the base.
  • Hold the power button 3 seconds to unlock. 
  • Single-click the button to cycle through heat settings- Blue is the lowest, which is 480F, then Green, Red, and White is the highest at 545F. 
  • Use the loading tool to place your dab on the bottom of the coil, not the sides. I suggest starting with a small amount, the size of a grain of rice. 
  • Place the carb cap on top of the chamber.
  • Double click to start heat up
  • The Peak will vibrate and flash three times once ready. Inhale slowly and gently. 

Boost Mode: The Peak has a boost mode that can be activated by a double-tap that will extend the session’s duration and bump the temperature. 

Stealth Mode: Clicking the button four times will enter Stealth mode, which will turn off all lights and indicators.

Smartphone app

The Peak Pro has a smartphone app that can be easily connected. If you use an android phone, that is. 

If you have an iPhone, which I do, the process involves a few steps where you have to download a Bluetooth browser and then connect to the Peak Pro. 

Apple doesn’t allow vaping apps on the app store, so that’s the workaround to get the app on iOS. It was a pretty straightforward process tho and worked properly on the first try. 

With the app, you can view device info such as battery level, bowl temperature, and there is even a dab counter to show how many dabs you did today or in total. Pretty cool.

You can also customize the heating profiles, change their name, set the temperature between 450F and 620F, set the duration between 15 seconds and 2 minutes, and change the LEDs’ color. 

The app also allows to activate boost mode, ready mode, reduce the brightness of LEDs, and turn them off entirely with stealth mode. It also has a party mode with rainbow colors if you’re feeling trippy. 

I definitely recommend everyone to install the app. It unlocks a bunch of cool features and functionality. 

Performance and Vapor Quality

As far as performance, the Peak Pro is a beast. The real-time temp control is a true game-changer. The old Peak produced excellent tasting vapor, but the Peak Pro takes it to another level. The vapor is potent, and the flavor is super pure. 

I was able to taste the different flavor notes and nuances on each of the extracts I tested it with. I used THC extracts, as well as CBD extracts by Steve’s Goods, which are now available to ship anywhere in the US, by the way.

For most users, I suggest sticking to the bottom two temp levels. These were the sweet spot between flavor and vapor production. Go above that, and you will get stronger hits, but be ready to sacrifice flavor and vapor quality.  

Bottom Line

If you are still using an old school rig and torch, ditch it. The Puffco Peak Pro is the latest and greatest reason to do so. At $400, the Peak Pro one of the more expensive eRigs out there, but it is also one of the best.

My favorite feature, by far, was the real-time temp control. It keeps a precise temp at the bowl, which is a game-changer in terms of efficiency and vapor quality. The extracts never “burn” or get overheated. So nothing goes to waste, plus you are getting the optimal flavor, consistently every time.

The Pro can be used as a point-and-shoot device by a total beginner, but it’s also powerful and smart enough to satisfy experienced users. The smartphone app is extensive and allows full customization of everything about the vape. The Peak Pro is portable dabbing at it’s best.

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Puffco Budsy



Puffco Budsy Water Body and Pipe Ceramic Bowl with Silicone Tab

US-based brand, Puffco, created the heavyweight wax pen, the Puffco Plus (review). They’re also credited for making the first dab rig on the market – the Puffco Plus. A device that could be held in your hand like a bong and provide a powerful vaping experience.

All this said Puffco’s newest product is a complete 180 from the tech and minimalist design of most Puffco products. The Puffco Budsy (buy) is a water pipe disguised as your everyday water bottle. It’s also the brand’s first product designed for the consumption of dry herb and is an homage to the roots of an e-nail – the bong. The Budsy is made with BPA-free Tritan plastic which is food-safe and shatter-resistant and features a ceramic bowl that’s inconspicuously hidden underneath the “straw” / mouthpiece, which is under a screw cap.

Compatibility: The Budsy may be used for dry herb only. I tested the Budsy with Sour Glue CBD from InHemp and THC herb from my local dispensary.

Design and Features

Puffco Budsy Water Pipe Closed Lid

The Puffco Budsy’s outer design isn’t new – it’s a water bottle with an opaque cap and a transparent body, a lot like a Nalgene bottle. It’s what’s going on in the Budsy that’s interesting.

  • Ceramic Bowl with silicone tab: Underneath the top cap is the straw which is actually the mouthpiece, and lifting that exposes the ceramic bowl which is conveniently snug in a storage spot. There’s also an attached silicone tab on the bowl for better handling.
  • Shatter-resistant BPA- Free Tritan Construction: A plastic material free of harmful additives and strong and sturdy enough to survive falls and bumps – making it the perfect companion for outdoor trips
  • Easy Cleaning: All of Budsy’s plastic components are all dishwasher safe and are also easily cleaned with soap and water.

Regarding its portability – it both is and isn’t exactly portable. On one hand, it’s made with a pretty heavy-duty plastic and, it looks like a bottle, making it easy to take anywhere. But, on the other hand, you do need to have a lighter ready to use the Budsy, and it’s a 1000mL water bottle. Which means it’s both tall and quite heavy when filled. It’s larger than even the largest dry herb vaporizers – the Mighty (review) or the Arizer Solo 2 (review)

Performance and Ease Of Use

Puffco Budsy Water Pipe Open Lid

To use the Puffco Budsy, fill the bottle with 420mL of water and replace the main lid. You can then opt to fill the ceramic chamber and light up, or keep it hidden under the mouthpiece to be used later. You can also take smaller hits throughout the day and just place the tab in storage. Since the Budsy is made of plastic, I highly recommend using a regular lighter and not a torch.

The vapor quality on the Budsy was as expected – flavorful, dense, made even better with water filtration. One of the main draws of the Budsy is being able to discreetly consume, with the added bonus of water filtration – any time, and anywhere. Water filters out ash, tar, and other impurities that might be inhaled. It also instantly cools down the vapor, which makes for smooth and fuller draws.

Also, for an even better experience, always grind your herbs. The SLX (review) grinds your dry herb into an even, fluffy consistency that’s great for whether you’re vaporizing or doing it the old-fashioned way.

Puffco Cupsy

Puffco Cupsy Mouthpiece and Oven

Seems like Puffco has found a niche market in making water pipes disguised as everyday objects. The Puffco Cupsy (buy), released in 2022 – is a water pipe that’s made to look like a reusable coffee cup – and it might just be the perfect pick-me-up you need every day.

It features a stainless steel body with a white exterior and a rubber grip (you know, because coffee is “hot”). The leak-proof silicone lid is similar in functional design as its predecessor, with the same foldable mouthpiece/ straw and ceramic cup that may be pre-filled and tucked away. The Cupsy is clearly smaller than the Budsy, but due to its stainless steel construction – is priced a bit higher at $59.99.  

Bottom Line

Puffco Budsy Water Pipe Performance

The Puffco Budsy is different from the usual Puffco products – their product line is filled with sleek, stylish, geometric devices. All with the latest in vaporizer tech and other interesting features. The Budsy is no doubt high in novelty value but is surprisingly also delivers excellent vapor, and is no doubt discreet enough to take anywhere.

At only $49, it’s the cheapest Puffco product available and would be a fun addition to anyone’s water pipe collection. Although, I’d highly recommend vaping your herb as opposed to combustion. If you’re looking for a vaporizer that’s just as discreet – and doesn’t require 420mL of water, check out our list of the best dry herb vaporizers of 2022.

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