Pax is a reputable vaporizer company that produces high-quality, portable vaporizers for both dry herbs and concentrates. Their products are known for their stylish and minimalist designs, advanced heating technology, and excellent vapor quality. Pax vaporizers are made from durable materials like medical-grade stainless steel and anodized aluminum, and feature intuitive user interfaces for easy use. With models like the Pax 3 and Pax Era Pro, Pax offers a range of vaporizers designed to cater to different vaping needs. Pax is also known for their excellent customer service, offering a 10-year warranty and dedicated support team.

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Pax Plus



The original Pax was released in 2012 by two friends- Monsees and Adam Bowen, that were looking for a high-tech way to consume dry cannabis. Since the original Pax, two more iterations have been released, keeping the same general form and significantly improving its functionality in each release. The latest one was the Pax 3 (read review), which was released in 2016.

In late 2022 Pax introduced their latest dry herb lineup- the Pax Plus (visit store) and the Pax Mini (review | visit store)- the first major releases from Pax in the last five years. Not a lot has changed between the Pax 3 and the Pax Plus, and the devices are built on the same platform.  

The Pax Plus is a dual-use (herb & concentrate), and it retails for $250 directly from Pax, or check out Vape-Smart, which bundles up the Pax with some useful accessories. 

In the Box

Pax Plus is available with an all-inclusive kit, which contains-

  • The Pax Plus vaporizer unit
  • Two mouthpieces- flat & raised
  • Two oven lids- “full oven” or “half oven.”
  • A concentrate insert
  • A USB-C Charger
  • A cleaning brush, replacement screens, and an oven tool.

Since the Pax Plus and the Pax 3 have the same exact body, the oven lids, mouthpieces, and charging accessories are cross-compatible between the two (and the Pax Mini as well.)

Design & Features

The Pax Plus keeps the same iconic and minimalistic design the brand is known for. Seriously. The exact same design. It is simple and stylish and feels much like an “Apple” product. Pax has been called “the iPhone of vaporizers” many times in the past, and it’s easy to see why. The finish of the Pax Plus feels the same as an iPhone or a Macbook. 

There are no buttons on its surface, only the four iconic petal-shaped LEDs at the front and the magnetic charging connector in the back. 

The vape is just under 4 inches tall and shaped like a rounded rectangle. Feels good and balanced while holding and easily conceals in my palm or fits in my pocket. 

Pax Plus Oven 

The oven is at the bottom of the vape, and it is covered with a magnetic lid. It is made from stainless steel and has a capacity of nearly half a gram or a quarter gram when using the half oven lid. 

Pax also comes with a concentrate insert, which can be used with dabs and extract. But, extract typically creates a mess of residue and stickiness. So I recommend using the Pax exclusively with flower and using a separate vape pen for extracts. I linked my favorite wax pens below. 

Pax Plus Mouthpiece options

The mouthpiece is on the opposite side of the oven, and again a very familiar design of flat and raised mouthpiece options. 

  • The Flat mouthpiece is flush with the top of the vape and has a little slit where you’d put your lips. 
  • The raised mouthpiece is a little more comfortable to use, but it will reduce vapor production. The draw is a little more restricted with the flat mouthpiece, which reduces airflow. When air moves slower, the heat builds up in the oven, creating better extraction and more potent vapor. That is why it’s recommended to take slow, and steady inhales when using a dry herb vape, or in other words- “sip, don’t rip.” Fast-moving air cools down the oven.

So I like the raised mouthpiece in terms of convenience, but I like the flat one in terms of performance. I usually go for the flat one.

Clean Airpath

The vapor path runs between the oven and the mouthpiece and is made from medical-grade stainless steel. It is sealed and separated from the rest of the internal components, such as the battery and the heating element. This creates a clean airpath that keeps the vapor pure and flavorful. 

Smart features

The vape has sensors that will detect when the device is being used or put down and will trigger standby mode (indicated by a Blue wavy “X”).  

So the vape adapts to your vaping style. If you’re holding the vape and taking back-to-back draws, it will keep heating active. But if you take your time between inhales and lay it on the table occasionally, it will enter standby mode and optimize the temperature to preserve battery and flower. 

Moving the device or starting to inhale will exit standby mode and bring it back up to the set temperature.

There is also haptic feedback to communicate statuses such as “ready to vape.”

Usage & Interface

Pack an oven

Pax is a conduction vaporizer, so it works best with a tightly packed oven. When packed correctly, it can fit around .5 a gram. You can use the oven tool to tamp it down and create a little brick from the flower. This will transfer heat efficiently and improve the extraction. 

To micro-dose, use the included half-oven lid. But either way, the key to good vapor is to pack it nice and tight, so if you wiggle the device, nothing falls out. 


One quick press on the mouthpiece to turn the Pax on, and it starts heating up immediately, which is indicated by a wavy Purple X. 

The Plus comes with four activation modes. To toggle between them, I’ll hold the power button for two seconds and then single-click to toggle. 

  • Blue is the lowest, and it’s also called “stealth mode.” It minimizes visible vapor and dims LEDs. 
  • Then Green & Yellow, which I typically use.
  • And Red which is the highest setting, aka Boost mode. This is also the setting used with concentrates. 

Long press again, or a shake will confirm the new setting and heat up to that setting. When the “X” turns green, it’s time to vape.

View the official manual here.


  • Empty and clean the oven at the end of every session. It’ll make cleaning easier and keep your Pax Plus in good shape. 
  • Check out our Pax Vaporizer Tips & Tricks.
  • Not getting enough vapor? Here are 7 dry herb vaping tips to up your game and get more from your dry weed.
  • Wondering how to know when to replace herb in the oven? This article will explain everything you need to know.

Cleaning & Maintenance 

Cleaning the Pax Plus can be an involved process compared to other vapes. Here is why-

You need to clean the three main parts- the mouthpiece, oven, and vapor path. The process will include alcohol wipes, pipe cleaners (which Pax includes in the kit), and other accessories. Now, sure, you don’t need to do that after every use, but every 10-15 uses, you’ll want to give it a good clean.

Vapes such as the Crafty+, Mighty+, or Arizer Air Max have a much more “maintenance-free” design. The mouthpiece is the vapor path. And with Air Max, it’s also the oven. You can read the individual reviews for more info, but basically, they are typically easier to clean/maintain

Performance & Vapor Quality

I’ve been using the Pax Plus for a couple of months now, and I did notice an improvement in vapor production and extraction efficiency over the Pax 3. 

The first couple of hits are usually excellent. Very reach and flavorful. Then the flavor and vapor quality slowly degrade, as is the case with all other dry herb vapes. Toward the end of the session, the vapor becomes a little warm and harsh. 

While the vapor quality is very good, it is still not as good as a larger vape such as the Mighty+ can produce. But hey, Pax is a fifth the Mighty’s size and almost half its price. Pax easily has the best vapor quality of vapes it’s size. 

The heat-up time is 20-30 seconds, and the battery lasts 6-8 sessions on a full charge. This is impressive, considering the size of the Pax, and the battery life is better than expected.  

What could have been better

Much like other small-form vapes such as the IQ or the Firefly 2, Pax gets warm towards the end of the session as heat has nowhere to dissipate. Vapes such as the Crafty or Mighty use fins to keep your fingers away from the hot body and allow air to pass through and cool the vape. Small vapes get warm much more quickly. 

There are a few ways to combat this warming issue:

  1. The oven is at the bottom, so try holding the vape from the top half, not the bottom half.
  2. During warmup, hold the Pax in your hand, so the heat can dissipate into your hand instead of staying trapped inside the device.
  3. Reduce temperature or intensity of use. But who wants to do that?! 

The second issue I have with this vape is its charger. I think there is no excuse for not making this vape charge with a USB-C. I mean, the magnetic charger is great, but it has to be in addition, not instead of a plug-in. Even the charger plug of the magnetic charger is a regular USB connection and not a USB-C. I think this doesn’t fit the “technology forward” mentality of the brand. Having a proprietary charger means that if you are traveling and forget that charger at a hotel room, your Pax is pretty much worthless. 

Pax Plus vs. Pax 3- 

So as I mentioned, almost everything is identical. Here are the few changes I noticed-

  • Pax 3 had a smartphone app. It looks like that functionality has been removed with the Pax Plus.
  • Pax changed the bottom screen to a 3D screen, which just means that the edges are raised, so it is easier to remove. 
  • Pax doesn’t disclose any info about what changed internally, but I noticed a slightly better extraction, so I believe improvements have been made to the heating element. 

Pax Plus vs. Pax Mini

With the Pax Plus, Pax also released a smaller, trimmed-down version of the Pax. Here is what’s the same and what is different between the versions- 


  • Heat-up time: around 30 seconds
  • Run time: 6-8 sessions
  • Materials & Finish
  • Magnetic charging


  • Mini is $100 cheaper
  • Mini is slightly smaller
  • Mini is only compatible with flower. Plus can be used with concentrates as well. 
  • Oven size .25 on the Mini vs. .5 gr with the Plus (or .25 with the “half oven lid.”
  • Warranty term- 10 years Plus vs. 2 years Mini
  • Plus has more accessories 
  • Mini has only one heat setting vs. four with the Plus

Bottom line

So not a lot has changed from the Pax 3, but Pax has always offered the best performance-to-size ratio of any small form dry herb vape, and this Plus is no different.  

Pax doesn’t do one thing perfectly, but it’s very good at everything. It doesn’t have the best flavor, and it doesn’t have the best efficiency, but it is the best and most premium small-form vape available today. It produces consistent results and is durable and long-lasting. 

If you vape mostly in the house, consider larger vapes such as the Mighty+ or the Crafty+. They are a little more powerful and will get better extraction. 

But if you vape mostly out of the house and need something discreet and portable, the Pax is easily your best bet. Check out our top 10 dry herb vapes of this year here. 

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Pax Mini



Pax has kept the same iconic and functional design (and the same oven size) since the release of the original Pax in 2012. 

Recently, they released the Pax Mini, which is the first significant design change they made, maybe ever. 

I’ve been using the Pax Plus (review | visit store) as my daily driver since its release, and to be completely honest, I was quick to dismiss the Mini. My thought was- why would I want to use a trimmed-down version with fewer features? The answer is simple. The oven size. 

In this review, we’ll unbox, look at the design and features of the Mini, load & use it, talk about performance, and compare it to the Pax Plus, which I have a separate review for. 

The Mini retails for $150 directly from Pax, or you can buy from vape-smart and use coupon code TVG10 for 10% off. 

The kit comes with

Pax Mini vaporizer unit, two mouthpieces- flat & raised, replacement 3D screens, and a magnetic charger. 

Design & Features

The Mini is the same exact diameter and thickness as the Pax Plus (and the Pax 3), but it is slightly shorter. 

Just like the rest of the PAX lineup, it has a soft matte finish that feels much like an Apple product, and there are no visible buttons to interfere with its minimalistic design. 

The front has four petal-shaped LEDs, and the back has a magnetic charging connector. 

Mouthpiece options:

The mouthpiece is on top, and as I mentioned, you get a choice of two different mouthpieces to win the kit. 

The flat mouthpiece is flush with the top of the device and has a slit to inhale through. The raised mouthpiece s. a little more convenient to use, in my opinion, but the flat mouthpiece offers better performance.

The draw is a little more restricted with the flat mouthpiece, which reduces the speed at which the air flows through the oven. This lets more heat build-up in the oven, which improves extraction and vapor production. 

Smaller oven

The oven is at the bottom and is covered with a magnetic lid. It is made from stainless steel and can fit .25 of a gram.

And this is the biggest difference between the Pax Mini and the Plus. The Plus can fit up to .5 gram, which is a lot for most people. Yes, there is the half oven kit, but if you are a solo user, you will use it most of the time. So the Mini solves that problem and reduces the oven size to a quarter gram which is the same as most portables, such as the Moighy+, DaVinci IQ, or any of the Arizers. They are all around the same capacity.

Pack tight

Pax is a conduction vaporizer, meaning that heat is transferred through contact. So it is important to pack the oven tightly so that if you wiggle the device, nothing falls out. 

Usage & Interface

The Mini only has one heating profile, and one click on the mouthpiece will turn it on and start heating up. The heat-up lasts around 20 seconds and is indicated with a Purple wavy X. I’ll turn Green and vibrate once ready to vape. 

One underrated feature of this vape is its standby mode. If you lay the vape on the table between inhales, it will enter standby mode, which is indicated by a Blue wavy X. The device will turn down the heat to preserve battery power and flower. 

Moving the vape or starting to inhale will exit standby mode and heat back up to vaping temperature.

That means you can stretch sessions longer and take your time. The vape adapts to your vaping style.

Performance & vapor quality:

If you read any of my Pax reviews, you know I’m a fan of the vapor quality. Pax is as good as convection gets. Even if you don’t even use a grinder and just stuff whole flower in the oven, it still gets maximal extraction and will get you high af. 

Pax was always a premium product, and I’m so happy to see that they lowered the entry price to $150 with this release, or even less if you use the coupon code below. 

Pax Mini VS. Pax Plus:

  • The oven size, as I mentioned, is the biggest one, in my opinion. 
  • Then the Mini is slightly shorter. It is the same width and diameter, but the unit is just a tiny bit shorter. I wouldn’t say that this makes a big difference in terms of how portable this vape is. The vapes have the same footprint, and a few millimeters don’t make such a big difference. 
  • The plus is compatible with concentrates, but the Mini isn’t. This isn’t a big deal for me because I don’t mix my use of flower and concentrate on the same device. I have a separate vape pen for concentrates, as I think you should too. It will keep your dry herb vape cleaner. I linked some of my favorite dab pens below. 
  • Then the Mini has only one heat setting vs. four on the Plus. I think it’s comparable to the third setting on the Plus, which is the one I use 99% of the time anyway. 

I think these are all the major differences. Everything else is the same. The mouthpieces, oven lids, and charging accessories are compatible between the devices. Both devices also have the same smart features, such as standby mode and haptic feedback.

Bottom Line

So the bottom line is the Mini is a trimmed-down version of the Pax Plus, and it keeps only the essential features, but it comes at a lower price. The oven size has been reduced and is now more suitable for the average user, which is great news if you are trying to make your flower stretch.

I think this is the Pax for the masses. It beings Pax performance with the cheapest price tag we’ve seen from the brand ever. If you were sitting on the sidelines, the Pax Mini might be the reason to jump in the game. 

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Pax 3


Pax Plus & Pax Mini just announced!

November 2022 update:

Pax just released their new lineup of dry herb vapes, with two models- the Pax Plus (read review | visit store) and the Pax Mini (read review | visit store.)

Pax Plus VS. Pax 3

Not a lot has changed between the versions, or even further- the two versions are practically identical. 


  • It now comes with 3D screens, which are just elevated on the edges, so they are easier to remove for cleaning.
  • Pax 3 had a smartphone app. It looks like this functionality has been removed.


  • Oven material, size
  • Dimensions and form
  • Usage and interface
  • Mouthpiece design
  • Magnetic charger
  • Everything else. 

We don’t know about all the internals, such as the battery and whether the heating element was upgraded, as Pax doesn’t disclose this information. 

Since the devices are built on the same exact platform, all oven lids, mouthpieces, and charging accessories are cross-compatible.   

Read the full review of the Pax Plus or the Pax Mini


pax 3 interface

The original Pax was released in 2012 by two friends, James Monsees and Adam Bowen, that we’re looking for a high-tech way to consume tobacco. Since then, PAX was crowned by many to be “the iPhone of vaporizers”, setting up a high brand reputation.

Pax is a US-based company, and many engineers at Pax Labs came from companies in the Tech industry, like IBM and Foxconn (that manufacture some of Apple devices).

Since the original Pax, two more iterations have been released, keeping the same general form and significantly improving its functionality in each release.

The latest iteration, PAX 3, was released in 2016, and since then has been a dominant player in the industry. It introduced “never-before” features, such as Smartphone app, Haptic feedback, and a “half-packed” oven. All while keeping a very small and sleek package.

Pax also raised the value as the prices went down significantly over the years – while PAX 2 was sold for $280, the PAX 3 can be found today for less than $200 (for the basic kit).

Kit & Accessories:

Pax 3 is available as a “Device Only” or a “Complete Kit”

The device only ($199 from Pax Vaporincludes everything that you need in order to vape dry herb:

Pax 3 Kit
The fully loaded Pax 3 kit includes three different oven lids (bottom right) for a full load, half load, and wax concentrates.
  • Pax 3 vaporizer
  • Oven lid (full oven)
  • Two mouthpieces, flat and raised
  • Maintenance/cleaning kit
  • Magnetic charging dock

And the Compete kit ($249 from Pax Vapor) adds:

  • Concentrate insert- to use with extracts
  • Extra lid (half oven)- allows to pack the oven with half the amount of herbs
  • Multi tool- to pack, empty, clean the oven
  • 3 Replacement screens

Compatibility: The Pax 3 is compatible with dry herbs, as well as with extracts using the Concentrate Insert. 

Pax 3 mouthpiece options: 

The kit comes with two mouthpieces- Flat and Raised.

  • The flat mouthpiece sits flush with the top of the device and preserves the sleek and simple shape of the Pax 3. But I found that it feels a little awkward to use. Your lip is around the mouthpiece and the side of the device, which sometimes gets dirty or warm.
  • The raised one feels a little better, as your lips only touch the silicone mouthpiece. But in general, I’m not a big fan of this style of mouthpieces. I prefer the straw style mouthpieces (such as the Mighty’s or Solo 2), they are easier to use and tend to result in a cooler vapor.

Oven Lids: 

Pax 3 comes with 2 Dry Herb oven lids: full-oven and half-oven.

L to R: Full Oven | Half Oven | Concentrate Insert
  • With the full-oven lid, you can fit around .35 gram of dry herb in the oven
  • The half-oven lid reduces that by half, so between .15-.20g. I really like having the half oven option, If I just want to take a couple of hits and not use a lot of herbs. With most vaporizers (Pax included), you can NOT split an oven into multiple sessions. Once you start vaping, the herb in the oven is no longer reusable. So having an option for a full or half oven is very convenient and efficient.

Concentrate insert 

The full kit also comes with a Concentrate lid, which can be used with extract. Although I found that the pax 3 does not do well with extracts, and gets dirty and sticky. Using extracts means more maintenance and cleaning. I highly recommend buying a vape pen for your extracts and separating them from your main dry herb vape. 

Magnetic charging dock: 

The Pax 3 snaps into charge just by sliding it over the charger. This is a very convenient feature but it has one drawback: if you lose/ forget the charger somewhere, you have no way of charging your Pax. I personally prefer micro USB chargers over propietery chargers such as Pax’s. It makes finding a charger easier, as they are available everywhere. 

Design & Features: 

Pax 3 Design:

Simple but stylish is the best way to describe the Pax 3. It’s just under four inches tall and shaped like a rounded rectangle. It feels good in the hand and slips easily into a pocket, purse or backpack.

There are no buttons on its surface to interfere with the minimalist design. All you see in its sleek appearance are the iconic and informative petal lights on the front, and the magnetic connections on the back. 

Build Quality: The Pax 3 is made from anodized aluminum that’s feels solid and dense. It comes in two styles: Glossy and Matte. The drawback of the glossy finish is that it is a fingerprint magnet. The newly introduced line of matte solves that problem.

Other Notable Features:

  • Lip sensing technology: Pax 3 knows whether you take back-to-back draws or if you take a long time between draws. The vaporizer will make real-time adjustments to work most efficiently with your vaping style.
  • Haptic feedback: The vaporizer will indicate your status by vibrating. For example, when it’s reached temperature and is ready to vape (or you stare at the petal lights to find out when it’s time).

How to use:

  1. Grind your herbs and fill the chamber
  2. Turn the device on by pressing down once in the center of the mouthpiece. 
  3. Select a temperature (see below).
  4. Wait for the device to reach desired temperature, indicated by the LED interface and a vibration. Slowly inhale through the mouthpiece.

View the full user manual.

Temperature options: With the smartphone app, Pax 3 can adjust to any temperature between 360F and 420F.

Without the app, you can press the mouthpiece for two-seconds to enter temperature settings mode, and click it once to cycle through 4 levels indicated by the LED.  Exit temp mode by pressing down the mouthpiece (or by shaking the device).


  • Empty and clean the oven at the end of every session. It’ll make cleaning easier and keep your Pax 3 in good shape. 
  • Check out our Pax 3 Tips & Tricks.
  • Not getting enough vapor? Here are 7 dry herb vaping tips to up your game and get more from your dry weed.
  • Wondering how to know when to replace herb in the oven? This article will explain everything you need to know.

Pax 3 smartphone app

The app allows you to name your Pax 3, customize its user interface, & lock it to prevent anyone else from using it. Plus, it also has video tutorials, live temperature display, and control over the dynamic modes.

The dynamic modes provide different temperature options:

  • Standard Mode – a balanced mode for first time vapers.
  • Boost Mode – temperature increases faster and cools down more slowly. Great for quickie sessions.
  • Flavor Mode – faster temp increase and faster cooldown increases flavor preservation.
  • Stealth Mode – great for low profile vapers because it produces less vapor and odor, speeds up cooldown times, and dims the LED lights.
  • Efficiency Mode – the oven temperature increases by 1° over the length of each session. Great for saving battery life.

    Note: All vaping-related applications are currently banned from the Apple App Store. If you’re an iPhone user, please see the full set of instructions on connecting your Pax 3 to the Pax web application.

Cleaning & Maintenance 

pax 3 vaporizer cashed herb
Cashed herb can be reused and recycled into various recipes.

Cleaning the Pax 3 can be an involved process compared to other vapes. Here is why-

You need to clean the three main parts- the mouthpiece, oven, and vapor path. The process will include alcohol wipes, pipe cleaners (which Pax includes in the kit) and other accessories. Now, sure, you don’t need to do that after every use, but every 10-15 uses, you’ll want to give it a good clean.

Vapes such as the Crafty, Mighty, or Solo 2 have a much “maintenance free” design. The mouthpiece is the vapor path. And with Solo 2 it’s also the oven. You can read the individual reviews for more info, but basically they are much easier to clean/maintain.

Performance & Vapor Quality: 

Overall performance

When to change herb pax 3 vaporizer
Empty the chamber after each session so that the Pax 3 performs to the best of its ability.

Pax 3 performs great for it’s size. The heat up time was around 15-20 seconds, but good vapor only started coming 30 seconds later. Towards the end of the session the vape usually gets a little warm, which is typical in smaller vapes.

Vapor Quality

The Pax 3 is known as one of the standard-setters of the vaping industry, and in some respects, it lives up to that reputation. The first couple of hits are usually amazing, and then the flavor and vapor quality slowly degrade. Towards the end of the session, the vapor becomes a little warm. Overall it produces good tasting vapor, but not as good as the vapes such as Mighty. But hey, Pax is a fifth the Mighty’s size.

Battery performance

3500mAh (up from 3000mAh in the Pax 2). In my tests, I got about 7-9 sessions on each battery, each session lasting around 10 minutes. This is a total of around 80-90 minutes of use which is very impressive considering the size of the Pax. The battery life is better than I expected.

Bottom line

When to change weed in pax

PAX 3 maintains the brand tradition and offers a great value that can now be found for less than $200. The full-oven / half-oven feature is a cool characteristic we would love to see in more devices as well.

PAX 3 shares the same common issue as other small devices; the heat has nowhere to disperse, and at the end of sessions the unit and the mouthpiece get warm. There are a bunch of silicone sleeves on Amazon that help isolate your fingers as the device gets warm.

The raised mouthpiece is my favorite, because it is doing a better job isolating your mouth from the device, and the flat one felt a little awkward since you need to put your lips on the vape itself.

If size & portability aren’t big factors for you I would recommend going for larger units like the Arizer Air 2 (Review) or the Crafty+ / Mighty (Review). But if you are vaping out-of-the-house, in restaurants, concerts, or wherever outside, the PAX 3 is by far one of the best options out there.

Are we expected to see a PAX 4 soon?

rose gold pax 3

PAX 4 is definitely due, and I’m surprised it hasn’t been released already. I wish we’d see it soon with improved features like wireless Qi charging, improved mouthpiece, obviously a longer-lasting battery and faster heat up time. Until then, PAX 3 is still one of our favorites, still staring in 2022 best-sellers and best portable vaporizers lists.

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Authorized Stores

MSRP $199

Pax Era Pro



Pax Era Pro (visit store) looks like its predecessor, Pax Era, but there are some differences that you wouldn’t notice at first glance. The Era Pro has a bigger logo on the middle which indicates the temp settings and battery level. It also now uses a USB-C charging port on the bottom instead of a micro-USB port like in the original. Lastly, it has thin slits on the side which improves the airflow making it easier to inhale from the Era Pro.

Pax remains consistent with their overall design. In fact, Era Pro also reminded me of Pax 3, (Review) which is a dry herb vape that has a simple design with loads of useful features on the inside. Era Pro uses PaxSmart pods that remember your preferred temp settings and dose settings which will make you enjoy each flavor exactly how you like it. Also, the smartphone app allows you to look into all the necessary information (lab test results, contents of the oil, and its overall flavor profile) to know about the oil that you’re vaping. 

Design & Features

Pax Era Pro Design and Features
You can tell the new PaxSmart pods from the old pods by the red band just beneath the mouthpiece.

The Era Pro is a rectangular-shaped pod oil vape that’s made out of anodized aluminum which feels light and durable. It’s slim and 4″ tall which fits in my hand and can easily conceal it when I want to have a discreet session.

There’s a control light on the middle of the device that indicates the battery life (when you shake the unit) and the temp settings which I find astonishing for a simple and small device. It has haptic feedback as well that indicates when you reach the recommended/preferred dosage setting which is useful for vapers who are quite conscious of how much oil they’re consuming.

PaxSmart Pods

The PaxSmart Pods look somewhat similar to the originals, and can even be used on the original Era (the original Era pods can also be used on the Era Pro) but they taper a little towards the tip of the mouthpiece and they have a red band just beneath the rim.

What makes the new pods smart (pun intended) is the NFC (Near Field Communication) tag at the bottom that makes the unit automatically set the recommended temp settings and dose settings per session. That means you don’t have to worry about anything else- just take a draw and that’s it!

Smartphone App

The smartphone app has a Pod ID feature that gives you all the information you need about the oil that you’re vaping. It includes the brand, strain, THC/CBD content of the oil, lab results, and the terpenes (the flavor of the oil). These are all part of Pax’s policy of transparency to educate and make users feel safe when they’re using or consuming their product.

 Aside from that, there are some useful features:

  • Temperature settings: By using the app, you can change the recommended setting to your preferred temp setting that ranges from 520°F to 790°F.
  • Dosage Settings: You can set how much oil you want to vape for your session. There are four dosage levels you can choose: micro, small, medium, and large.
  • Lock Out Feature: You can restrict anyone from using your Era Pro by locking it remotely by using the app.

The new smartphone app, the pod ID, and dose control features are the standout features of the Pax Era Pro. Unfortunately, iPhone users won’t have access to the app because Apple has removed all vaping related apps from their iOS store. However, there’s a web app that has been developed for laptop, desktop, and Mac users which you can find here.

How To Use

The Era Pro is simple to use just make sure it’s fully charged before you:

  1. Connect the PaxSmart or Era pod to the battery.
  2. Select a temperature setting by popping up the pod and then pushing it back down.
  3. Use the smartphone app to set a dosage limit.
  4. Inhale from the mouthpiece.

Steps 2 and 3 are entirely optional since you can just pop a pod onto the battery and start vaping away. That is because the battery will automatically select the right temperature for each strain of oil if you use a PaxSmart pod. However, temperature control does give you more room to customize your session.

Temp Settings: The temp settings are indicated by the four-leaf logo in the middle of the device. If you want to precisely set your temperature, connect the device on your Android phone via Bluetooth, and access the app. The temperature ranges from 520°F to 790°F.

Dosage Settings: You can either stick to the recommended dosage or pick your own dosage (micro, small, medium, and large) by using the smartphone app. The Era Pro will vibrate when you reach your preferred dose.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Pax Era Pro Performance and Vapor Quality
The vapor quality depends on the strain of oil being used, and there are already a good amount of different strains from which to choose.

The Era Pro is literally easy to use- you can just inhale from the mouthpiece, and it’ll heat up the oil and produce flavorful vapor. It has great airflow which works whether you sip on it or take a long steady drag. The unit gets hot when you’re using it for a while especially if you inhale from it continuously.

The vapor quality depends on the strain, and most of the pods I’ve tested produce fewer clouds and more flavor. I like the fact that I can change the recommended temp settings and the dosage settings on each strain so that it’ll match my vaping preference. For me, I like to play around medium to high temp settings (610-710°F) which is where I feel the potency and taste the flavor of the oil.

Some might say that there is a wider variety of 510 carts than there are PaxSmart Pods, and they could be right. But the pods from the original Era can be used with the Era Pro which makes this device have a big selection of pods to choose from. Take note that you won’t be able to use the app with the old Pax Pods which is pretty forgivable and does not affect the overall performance of the device.

Battery Performance: The Pax Era Pro lasts up to 100-150 hits which are enough for a few days of casual vaping before it needs a recharge. It uses a USB-C charger and the recharge time will only take 45 minutes.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Era Pro is a solid device for oils. It has a well-thought smartphone app that gives control and transparency to the users. The vapor quality is decent which most beginners will love. The Era Pro is backward compatible with the old Era pods which make it have a large selection of strains to choose from. Not that I’m saying this is a flawless device, but for a $70 vape, this is one of my recommended choices out there.

If you’re having a second thought on getting this vape because you think there are limited shops that sell PaxSmart Pods within your area, you can try and check 510 threaded batteries for carts. Maybe the KandyPens Special K (Review) is a quality choice if you want to invest in a vaporizer that produces exceptional vapor quality. If you’re on a tight budget and looking for a more affordable alternative, the Dr Dabber CBD (Review) gets the job done!

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