Gpen is a well-known vaporizer company that produces high-quality, portable vaporizers for both dry herbs and concentrates. Their products are known for their stylish designs, advanced heating technology, and excellent vapor quality. Gpen vaporizers are made from durable materials and feature easy-to-use interfaces. With models like the Elite and Pro, Gpen offers a range of vaporizers designed to cater to different vaping needs. The company also offers a one-year warranty and excellent customer support.

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Gpen Dash+



Today we have a review of the new G-Pen Dash+ Dry herb vaporizer. It retails for $150, and you can use coupon code TVG20 for a 20% discount directly from, so that brings it down to $120, which is pretty sweet. 

Design & Features

The Dash+ follows the same design principles as other G-Pen products. It is slim, ergonomic, feels well made, and it is straightforward to use.

The front has a power button, an LED display, and up/down buttons. Both sides have air intake holes, and the right side also has a USB-C charging port. 

The casing is made from zinc alloy, and this vape has a “clean airpath,” meaning the vapor path is isolated from electronics or anything that can contaminate the vapor. 

The magnetic mouthpiece sits on top, and it has a built-in spiral ceramic vapor cooling mechanism. As the vapor passes through here, it cools down and becomes less harsh.

Titanium Chamber

The opening of the chamber is shaped like a funnel which makes loading it very easy. The herb just slides in there. 

As always, you should pack the herb pretty dense but not enough to restrict the airflow. A good place to start is packing it enough so that if you wiggle the vape, nothing falls off.  

The chamber is made from titanium, and the Dash+ uses a hybrid heating system. It uses both conduction and convection for efficient heating. 

Conduction means that the herb is heated by contact with a hot surface, in this case, the sides of the oven, and convection means that with each inhale, hot air is pulled into the oven to boost the extraction. 


To use the Dash+, I’ll hold the button for three seconds, then select a temp using the +/- buttons, and then double-click to start heating up.

The vape will vibrate, and the display will show the current temperature as it is heating up. Once the set temp has reached, it will vibrate again.


The Dash+ produced loads of noticeable thick vapor. The dual air intake holes create very good airflow, and the vape has very low draw resistance. So inhaling through it is easy and natural. 

The vapor quality is very good considering the $150 price tag (well, actually, $120 if you use the coupon code below.) So at $120, I think this is an incredible value. It is super simple to use and probably the perfect beginner vaporizer. Cheap, well-made, and performs a lot better than other vapes in the price range. 

The only issue it has, which is actually very common among ultra-slim vapes, is that the heat has nowhere to dissipate, so the unit can get hot if you do multiple back-to-back sessions. But for 99%, this shouldn’t be a problem, especially if you usually vape solo. 

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MSRP $149

Gpen Connect



G Pen Connect Dab Rig Accessory Review

LA-based Grenco Science (visit store) has long been in business and gained popularity upon their release of the original G-Pen. Trailblazing by crafting a smaller, pen-shaped device at a time when most manufacturers were still making larger portable units.

Now they’re venturing into a new space with their new E-nail (electronic nail), the G Pen Connect. Electronic nails were designed to replace the pyrotechnics of the traditional torch and make it simpler for consumers to enjoy their dabs at controlled temperatures. The G Pen Connect fits 144mm water pipes and features a sleek design, variable voltage, manual heating, and an 850mAH battery.

Compatibility: The G Pen Connect compatible with wax concentrate and any rig with a 14mm connector. I used it with CBD dab from In-Hemp and a rig from Higher Standards.

Kit and Accessories

G pen connect water adpter

Most (if not, all) of G-Pen’s products come with a fairly lean kit that’s simple and straightforward. If you have a rig that’s slightly larger or smaller, differently sized adapters and other accessories and spares are optional to purchase and are available on their website. Make sure to use our exclusive code TVG15 for 15% off your total bill.

The G Pen Connect kit comes with the following:

  • G Pen Connect
  • 14 mm male glass adapter
  • 850 mAh battery
  • Micro USB charger
  • Hard-case zipper pouch

Design and Features

G Pen Design and Features

The Connect is an interesting-looking device that’s clad in a metal body with G Pen’s signature matte black finish.  The device’s design aesthetic is a G Pen signature as well- clean, sleek, with subtle rounded edges for easy handling. The battery pack is the largest component of the Connect- and attaches magnetically to the rest of the device

The battery pack sticks out from the rest of the device, which might seem a little awkward at first- but it’s actually an ergonomic feature since the battery is where the firing button is located. As if it wasn’t simple enough to handle- the button isn’t tough to locate at all, it’s the entire side face of the battery pack. Making the Connect so much easier to use while attached to a rig. The entire device is fairly modular with only two removable parts that are all magnetically connected (namely the battery pack and the bowl cover).


The Connect has an 850 mAH battery so it can go for a while before it needs to be recharged. Duration drops if you regularly use the Connect on the higher voltage settings and if you use manual heating a lot. Recharging can take an hour or two, but it is certainly easier than refilling a butane torch.

How to Use


Using the G Pen Connect may seem tasking at first, but once you use the device at least once- it’s incredibly intuitive and almost second-nature to anyone.

  1. Twist the glass adapter onto the bottom of the glass connector of the device.
  2. Insert the device into the joint of the dab rig.
  3. Remove the cap from the tank.
  4. Place your dab into the ceramic bowl and replace the cap.
  5. Attach the battery to the magnetic connection point.
  6. Turn on the device by pressing the battery button five times.
  7. Press the battery button three times to select a voltage level.
  8. Press the battery button twice to start automatic heating.
  9. (Optional) Hold down the battery button for fifteen seconds for manual heating.
  10. Once heating is complete, hold down the carb release button to increase airflow.
  11. Inhale from the mouthpiece of the dab rig.

For more, please read the instruction manual right here.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The only piece of the device that requires a thorough cleaning is the ceramic bowl. Simply do the usual way of wiping it down with a cotton swab that is soaked in isopropyl alcohol. You can also initiate a burn-off to get rid of more stubborn residue. All you have to do is engage manual heating mode on the highest voltage setting to melt off any sticky, leftover residue.

Performance and Vapor Quality

G Pen Connect Performance and Vapor Quality

The Connect uses a ceramic bowl so the flavor is clean and pure. After all, experienced extract vapers tend to favor ceramic nails because the neutral material keeps the flavor pure. One of the bigger advantages that the Connect has over the standard torch and nail is that it gives you the choice of a more precise temperature setting via the three different voltage settings, Blue: 3.1V/ Green: 3.6V/Red: 4.1V. This precision allows you to truly taste the terpenes in your material and maximize the effects of certain cannabinoids that are activated by lower temperatures (as opposed to burning them).

The resulting vapor on the lowest setting (indicated by the color blue), is more flavor-forward and less dense. The vapor density increases as you toggle through the higher settings, with the middle (green) setting being the most balanced. Needless to say, it is much trickier to modulate those qualities with just a torch.

In lieu of a traditional carb cap, the Connect features a carb release button that functions in much the same way as a cap. Press while inhaling and you definitely notice the increased airflow, lower draw resistance, and richer flavor. It helps to cool down the vapor as well, so it’s a good idea to use it while on higher voltage settings. For heavier vapor, then you can use the manual heating option which brings the device to its highest temperature. It might be a bit tricky to reach for both the cap and the firing button at the same time, but it makes for some really dense vapor that doesn’t skimp on flavor.

Bottom Line

G Pen Connect How to Use

The G Pen connect is a simple, straightforward device with a near-zero learning curve. The device’s design and overall functionality don’t take away from your dabbing experience, but rather adds precision and a bit of panache. The vapor quality is above average, flavor oriented and, gives priority to the material.

The Connect is a more portable, less expensive alternative to portable dab rigs, but only if you already own a glass rig. Portable rigs like the KandyPens Oura (review) and Pulsar Rök (review) are other devices you may consider for vaporizing wax extracts at controlled temperatures. They also already come with their own built-in water bubblers. 

Rigs have the overall advantage of being an “all-in-one” device -but if you already have a rig, then the Connect is the better choice. It’s priced much lower than most portable dab rigs and is adaptable to any rig you may have on hand. To see more and know more or to find what might suit you best – check out our list of the best Dab rigs and E-nails this year.

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G-Pen Elite 2



California-based brand Grenco Science (homepage) has long been famous for making advanced, feature-packed, and well-performing devices. Now, with 10 years of innovation under their belt – they’ve released their best dry herb vaporizer yet; the G-Pen Elite 2 (buy).

This vaporizer follows its widely successful predecessor, the 2016 G-Pen Elite. The original Elite was one of the first portables with a modern design and advanced features.

At first glance, the Elite 2 definitely looks like a near-exact copy of the original – with its minimalist and ergonomic aesthetic. But it’s been completely redesigned under the hood. The Elite 2 features a fully colored OLED display, haptic feedback, a two-part zirconia mouthpiece (with a spiral ceramic airpath), a dual heating convection/conduction ceramic chamber, and a 2100mAh battery that charges via USB-C.

Kit and Accessories

Like all of Grenco Science’s releases, the Elite 2 comes with a relatively lean kit with everything you’ll need to start vaping straightway. The kit comes with:

  • G-Pen Elite 2 vaporizer
  • USB-C charging cable
  • Instruction Manual
  • Silicone Sleeve

All this comes in and fits snugly into the brand’s signature smell-proof Hemp hard case. 


As mentioned earlier, the Elite 2 follows in the design language of the original – sleek, minimal, and straightforward. This is a particularly great thing especially since this design adds to the device’s overall discretion.

Device Body: The Elite 2’s body is constructed out of a zinc alloy and the entire device feels durable, dense, and solid in your hands. The mouthpiece sits on top, the tactile buttons are placed on the sides, the USB-C port is located at the base, and there’s a small oven tool that slips right into the body.

It’s definitely portable and will fit a pocket, small purse, and is even concealable within your palm. One thing I’d like to point out is that all the lines, grooves, and dips on the Elite 2 are more than just attractive. They also contribute to the overall ergonomics of the device – guiding your hand to the most comfortable and ideal grip.

Full-Color TFT Display

The Elite 2 reemphasizes its commitment to discretion by not only placing its full-color display at the back – but also making it so that once the display is off, it completely disappears.

The TFT screen shows the current device status, operating temperature, and battery level. There’s also a settings menu that displays session durations, turn off/on convection boost, haptic feedback, toggle between C/F, and adjust the brightness

In addition to the screen, there’s a small LED light that blinks as the device heats and becomes solid as soon as it’s ready to go. This little light is placed at an angle so it’s perfectly visible when you’re looking from the top-down but is a lot less so when you’re looking at it from a different direction.

Zirconia Mouthpiece

Grenco Science always seems to be way ahead in the game when it comes to features and their attention to detail. Just like we’ve seen on the G-Pen Micro+ (review | buy), the Elite 2 also has a multi-part mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece assembly is comprised of three parts:

  • The Outer Zirconia Shell: Zirconia is a strong material with low thermal conductivity – which simply means it’s not going to get uncomfortably warm, nor is it fragile.
  • Inner silicone sleeve: This sleeve has a screen to filter particles, protects the helix encased inside, and keeps heat from dissipating outwards onto the mouthpiece.
  • Zirconia helix: The helix is designed to effectively lengthen the vapor path, ensuring that you get only the coolest and purest results.

In addition to all these, the entire mouthpiece connects to the main device body via strong and snappy magnets (which are hidden under the housing). For better control; the air intake holes are located above the screen and double as a carb, which can be covered with your thumb to control the airflow. 

Battery and USB-C Charging

The G-Pen Elite 2 is powered by a 2100mAh battery, which is good for about 60 minutes of continuous use. It charges via USB-C from empty to full in just under an hour and a half.

It’s definitely great to see more and more new devices adapting to USB-C, especially since it’s a lot more stable than the old micro-USB and is just as accessible. The kit comes with one wire included, but you won’t find yourself scrambling to find a spare – just in case you’re out and need some juice.

Dual Heating Technology

There’s so much that’s new and exciting about the G-Pen Elite 2, but the dual heating ceramic oven might just take the top spot. Dual heating harnesses the capabilities of both conduction and convection heating. While that could be easily mistaken for hybrid heating – it’s actually quite different.

Hybrid heating combines both methods simultaneously. Dual heating on the Elite 2 means that the two heating systems can work independently of each other. It uses conduction to heat up the herb in the oven, and it uses a draw-activated convection system that generates heat outside the oven and pulls it in with every inhale.

If you prefer sticking to just conduction heating, you can turn off the convection boost function via the settings menu.

Heat and the Silicone Sleeve

The combination of these two heating systems can cause the device to get hot – especially during high-temperature sessions. Even more so, when you take into account that the Elite 2 is quite a small device- which doesn’t leave much room for heat to dissipate.

It’s the same issue you’ll find on all vaporizers of this size, namely the Pax 3 (review | buy) or any of the DaVinci (visit store) vapes. Some larger devices have ways that keep your fingers away from the heat – like the finned design that outlines both the Crafty+ (review | buy) & Mighty+ (review | buy).

To remain cool, smaller devices rely on accessories to isolate the heat. The G-Pen Elite 2 comes with a silicone sleeve that you may or may not need depending on your vaping style and preferences. Although, if you’re looking to enjoy successive sessions, or even just to protect this sleek device from bumps and nicks – I’d definitely recommend putting it on.

Ceramic Oven & Isolated Airpath

The heating element on the Elite 2 is made out of ceramic- which is a neutral material that not only retains heat well but is also known for keeping flavor pure. To access the oven, remove the magnetic mouthpiece and you’ll see the wide opening which funnels dry herb into it. The oven fits roughly a third to half a gram of well-ground material.

The entire air path is isolated from any and all electronic parts, which means the hot air doesn’t come into contact with any circuitry or even glues that might taint your vapor, or eventually, even damage your device. 

Vapor Quality

This new dual heating results in vapor quality that’s the best of both worlds. Just like all dry herb vapes, the first draw is a little thin, once the temperature builds up in the oven, the vapor becomes thick and dense – as you’d get on a conduction vaporizer. But it’s also flavorful and very nuanced – which is obviously the result of conduction heating.

The vapor differs from what you would get from a larger device such as the Mighty+, but it’s the best you’ll find in its class. The Elite 2 doesn’t just produce good vapor, it delivers satisfying results that really get you to appreciate the strain you’ve picked and all the terpenes in it.

Bottom Line

The Elite strikes that ideal balance between form, function, and features. It’s not an overly complex device so it’s great for beginners, and it also has advanced features to satisfy even the most advanced users.

One of the notable qualities of the G-Pen Elite 2 is the amount of customization and control you have over each session and the sort of results that you get. This level of flexibility, encased in such a small device definitely sets a new standard in ultra-portable vaping. The Elite 2 easily claims a spot on our list of the best dry herb vaporizers of 2023 – which you should definitely check out if you’d like to see more devices and our in-depth reviews on each one. 

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G-pen Micro+ (PLUS)



California-based brand Grenco Science (visit store) has long been in business and gained a lot of popularity upon the release of their original G-Pen. G-Pen set themselves apart in a saturated market by creating smaller, more portable devices at a time where several manufacturers were coming out with devices that were much larger.

Their latest device, the G-Pen Micro+ (Plus) is an updated version of the classic G-Pen Micro. The Micro+ was definitely designed with stealth and discretion at the top of the priority list It sports a clean, sleek, pen-like body and is more feature-packed than most vape-pens on the market today.

It’s quite refreshing to see a new and innovative vape pen again – especially since there hasn’t really been anything much happening in that space over the last couple of years. Most vape pens followed a pretty formulaic pattern of being connected to a coil or cartridge and delivered vapor at the push of a button.

The G-Pen Micro+ (Plus) takes that formula and goes a few levels up. It’s comprised of three main components – a food-grade silicone mouthpiece, the Micro+ tank (a quartz coil with ceramic lining) , and the 850mAH battery with 510 threading. One of its more interesting features is 510 cartridge recognition technology, which distinguishes between cartridges and the Micro+ tank.

Compatibility: The Micro+ is compatible with THC/CBD cartridges, and solid concentrates such as dab and wax. I tested the Micro+ with CBD dab from Steve’s Goods and a Delta 8 Cart from Industrial Hemp Farms.  

Kit & Accessories

Most (if not, all) of G-Pen’s products come with a fairly lean kit that’s simple and straightforward-and the Micro + is no different. It does, however, come with a hemp travel case for easier transport.

  • Micro+ (Plus) battery 
  • Micro+ (Plus) tank
  • Mouthpiece assembly (silicone mouthpiece + tank cover)
  • keychain tool
  • USB-A to USB-C charging cable
  • Hemp travel case

Design & Features

According to G-Pen, the Micro+ is made for the “on-the-go concentrates connoisseur“. That’s especially visible in the design language of the device. It’s very sleek, small, and undoubtedly portable.  As mentioned earlier, it’s comprised of three main parts – the mouthpiece, Micro+ tank, and the battery – all connected via strong magnets to create a pretty solid, sturdy device.

  • Mouthpiece: While most dab pens have a basic mouthpiece that simply channels air upwards, the Micro+’s mouthpiece itself has two main pieces: a ceramic mechanism which cools the vapor as it travels, and an outer silicone cover that protects the airpath.
  • Micro+ Battery: This is probably one of the smartest batteries I’ve seen on a device so far. The 850mAH battery makes up the bulk of the device and is rechargeable via USB-C. It has a chip that gets real-time feedback from the coil and makes instant micro-adjustments to the power output in order to keep the temperature at the coil steady and consistent. This is unlike old vapes, where the battery gives max output as long as the button is pressed. This can overheat and burn the extracts. The G-Pen Micro+ keeps a controlled temperature, which provides a more consistent experience.
  • Firing Button: The firing button is ergonomically located at the top of the battery and is outlined by an LED light that communicates its current temperature. The battery also has haptic feedback which also indicates settings and statuses, such as “ready to vape.”

How To Use

Using the G-Pen Micro+ is as simple and as straightforward as it gets.

  1. Load a tiny amount of extracts to the coil, unlock by clicking five times.
  2. Set the temp by triple-clicking the button- Blue (lowest), Green, and Red (highest). You can either select manual heating by clicking and holding the button or activate automatic heating by clicking twice. Automatic heating keeps the device active for 10 seconds.

On both modes, the light around the button flashes while heating up and becomes solid once the selected temperature has been reached, the haptic feedback also lets you know when the device is ready.

To use the Micro + with a 510 cartridge, simply unscrew the Tank and connect your desired THC or CBD cartridge.

Performance & Vapor Quality

Other than a pretty cool battery, the Micro+ Tank is a feat in itself. It’s lined with both quartz and ceramic that ensures that you get the most out of your concentrates and keeps vapor and flavor as pure as possible. 

With this combination of materials inside of a dual-channel stainless-steel enclosure with integrated airflow, the Micro+ Tank is built to provide consistent heat application, optimal flavor profiles on every heat setting, and balanced airflow for maximum vapor production.

Because of all these features and the premium materials that make up the Micro+ Tank, the resulting vapor is excellent. Regardless of whichever extract I used with it – the vapor was always flavorful and rightfully dense.

Bottom Line

G-Pen has long been a leader and standard-setter when it comes to vape pens and since then, they’ve expanded and now have quite a wide product range. Which include CBD vaporizers, CBD cartridges, and dry herb vaporizers such as the G-Pen Dash (Review), and concentrate devices such as the G-Pen Connect (Review).

The Micro+ seems to be an homage to those roots and is a 2021 version of an old-school dab pen. Priced at $80, it’s a definite steal for a very well-made device with all its features. Use the code TVG20 to get 20% off your purchase – which will bring down the price to $63.

It’s currently my favorite device for dabs and 510 carts and I can’t recommend it highly enough. Whether you’re looking for a main concentrate device or a spare to add to your collection – the G-Pen Micro+ is worth checking out. If you’re still browsing, check out our list of the top dab pens of 2022.

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MSRP $79




G-Pen had a busy year with some significant releases of extract vapes, namely the Roam (Review) and the Connect (Review), and Mid 2020, they released the GPen Dash dry herb vaporizer. 

The Dash is a small and stealthy vape aimed at beginners that are looking for a simple to use affordable vape. At 3.6 inches tall, the Dash stays true to its name. It is an entry-level, simple to use vape with unique features such as magnetic mouthpiece, haptic feedback, and glass-lined oven. 


The Dash has an exterior shell that is made from smooth all-black Aluminum, and it is very small and light. Air intake holes are found on the front and back of the shell and the Dash has a one-button interface with 3 LED lights that changes color with every temperature level setting. A micro-USB port is located at the bottom of its shell and supports pass-through charging capability.


The Dash has an isolated airpath, so the “visible mouthpiece” is just a cover of the isolated internal mouthpiece. The isolated mouthpiece can be pulled out from the cover, and it has a helix insert inside that cools down the vapor. I was surprised to find it there (the Helix insert), as these are features that you typically don’t expect to see on such an affordable vape. Also, there wasn’t any mention of that on the user manual or on their website. When the air passes through the helix, it cools down before it is inhaled.

The mouthpiece is magnetic, and it has two pins at the side to line it up for a seamless fit. I like the design of the mouthpiece as it has no latches or “closing mechanism.” Other vapes in this price range have mouthpieces held in place with a latch or just by pressure, which seems to fail fairly quickly. Using magnets and small pins to line it up and close the mouthpiece is smart, convenient, and durable.

Heating Chamber

The Dash has a glass-lined oven that is the perfect size for Solo sessions. It has air-intake holes all around that pull air into the oven through little holes at the bottom of the oven. This is a simple design that is easy to clean, fill, or empty. The top of the vape has a smooth surface shaped like a funnel that easily slides herb into the oven.


The Dash has a super-simple one-button interface and it has haptic feedback, which means it vibrates when the desired temperature is reached. Pressing the button five times turns it on and it will begin heating up. 

Pressing the button three times will toggle the three temp levels- Blue (375°F/ 190°C), Green (401°F/ 205°C), Red (428°F/ 220°C). The number of LEDs (1,2,3) signals the battery strength.

How to Use

  1. Remove the mouthpiece and load finely-ground material into the chamber. The chamber holds up to a quarter of a gram and you should not pack it too tight.
  2. Attach the magnetic mouthpiece. 
  3. Press the button five times to power on and activate heating.
  4. Press the button three times to select the desired temperature range.
  5. When the desired temperature is reached, the Dash vibrates.
  6. Pull slow and deep inhales. 
  7. I recommend emptying out the oven immediately after a session. This will make cleaning easier and ensure the longevity of the vape. 

Performance & Vapor Quality

The overall performance of the vape was excellent, although there were a few issues worth mentioning-

Small vapes are great, but they do have a limitation when it comes to heat dispersion. Because the Dash is so small, it shares this problem with similar vapes and even more expensive ones such as the Pax 3 (Review) and IQ2 (Review). The devices are small, and heat has nowhere to dissipate. This causes both the vaporizer and the vapor to be warm, which can get uncomfortable.

G Pen tried to overcome this problem and cool down the vapor with the helix insert I mentioned earlier, partially succeeding, but not entirely. The only way to fix the heat dispersion problem is to make a bigger vape, with some type of heat sink, such as the Crafty+ and Mighty (Review). But of course, these vapes sacrifice stealthiness and portability and are also much more expensive.

The vapor was surprisingly strong and thick, especially considering the price point of this thing. The vapor quality was not as good as we’d see from larger and more sophisticated vapes such as the Solo 2 (Review) or the Utillian 620 (Review), but that’s not a fair comparison as both vapes are more than double the price.

The Dash is powered by a 950mAh battery that takes 1-2 hours of charging time. On a full charge, the Dash is enough to last about 5-7 sessions.

Bottom Line

If you are an advanced user that prioritizes vapor quality, the Dash is probably not your best option. But if you are a beginner looking for a simple to use vape that provides great value for the price, the G Pen Dash is certainly one to consider.

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MSRP $69

G-Pen Roam



G-Pen (visit homepage) is one of the top players in the vape world and has many blockbuster products under its belt. They released the G-Pen Connect earlier this year, which was a big success amongst users that wanted an electronic heating source for their traditional dab rig.

But what if you don’t have a dab rig and you’re looking for a portable concentrate vaporizer with a self-contained water filtration? Enter the G-Pen Roam.

The Roam was released on April 1st, 2020, and is available directly from G-Pen for $249.95. The Roam is basically a full functioning dab rig, that is packed into a sleek and very-portable vape. It is compatible with Wax, Dab, Shatter, or any other solid CBD or THC concentrates.

Kit & Accessories

The Roam comes in a nice travel case (that’s made from Hemp!), and the kit contains-

  • The vaporizer unit
  • Quartz tank with a cover and housing
  • Mouthpiece and Glass tube
  • Micro USB Charging cable
  • Loading tool & Cleaning Tips

Design & Features

The Roam sports an aluminum alloy shell that feels durable, and it has an ergonomic design that feels well balanced and comfortable to hold. The bottom of the device is slightly thicker than the top, making it stable while standing upright. It has a three-button interface with an LED screen as well as haptic feedback. The iconic G-Pen logo on the front of the device lights up when it is turned on.

oThe body of the device can slide up to access the glass tube, silicone mouthpiece, and the air-path. The two halves of the body close snap to close with magnets.

Heating coilf

The heating element of the Roam is located at the top of the device. The Quartz coil is covered by a protective housing that keeps the heat source away from your fingers. 

The housing can slide out of the device for cleaning, maintenance, or even loading. Inside the housing is the quartz tank, with the heating element just at the bottom. 

Water filtration 

One of the Roam’s most unique features is its self-contained water filtration glass tube. Before the Roam, there were two types of wax vaporizers– Dab pens, or e-Nails. Dab pens are portable, and e-nails have water filtration. The Roam is a new type of vaporizer that combines portability with water filtration.

Some e-nails have the water tube at the bottom, some have it on top, but none of them have the hydro tube self-contained inside the device. They all use rechargeable batteries but is none is truly portable enough to use discreetly or out of the house. The Roam is a new type of vaporizer that combines portability with water filtration. 

The water filtration tube is housed inside the body of the Roam, so it is not visible at all while the device is being used. The attachment is leakproof, and it connects to the removable mouthpiece, which sticks out of the device. I’ll fill the tube with water, so it’s ready for use.

Interface & Usage

The Roam has three buttons- two temperature +/- buttons, and a power button. It also has an LCD that displays temperature level, battery status, or other settings. 

How to use-

  • Fully charge the battery (Empty to full in 90 minutes)
  • Fill up the hydro-tube to the marked line
  • Turn the Roam on by clicking the power button five times
  • You can adjust the temperature in 25F increments by clicking the +/- temperature buttons (Temp range: 600F-800F | 315C-425C)
  • Load concentrates into the coil

The Roam has two Heat Activation Modes- Automatic and Manual.

Automatic Heat Mode– Press the power button twice to activate auto-heat. The Roam will heat up to the desired temp and vibrate to signal “ready to vape.” It’ll stay hot for 30 seconds and then vibrate again to signal “heat deactivated”. You can also click the button twice to deactivate at any time. 

Manual Heat Mode– Click and hold the power button to manually activate heat. The Roam will heat up to the selected temp and maintain it until the button is released. 

Max mode– while the device is active on its top temperature of 800F, you can press the power button once to enter Max mode, which outputs full power without temperature control. “MAX” is displayed on the LED screen while this mode is active. If the device overheats, the LED will display a hand (that looks like a stop sign), and it’ll turn off until it’s cooled down to operating temperature. Max mode can be used to clean the device by “burning off” residue or for extracts that require higher temps. 

Other functions

Switch between C/F– Hold the up button together with the power button for three seconds to toggle Fahrenheit and Celsius. 

Troubleshoot– if the Roam detects a problem with one of the connections will display an “X” with an arrow pointing downwards. Check your tank/coil connections and try again.

Temperature range– 600F (315C) to 800F (425C)

Performance & Vapor Quality

It takes only a few minutes of using the Roam to fall in love with it. Vape Pens use to be my go-to for extracts, but that changed when I got the Roam. The heating element is calibrated perfectly, and the water filtration delivers tasty and rich vapor. 

What could have been better?

  1. The Roam uses a Micro USB charging port, which is old and outdated. I would have loved to see a USB-C on such a technologically advanced device. 
  2. Dry herb compatibility- The Roam is compatible only with solid extracts, and I wish G-Pen would release a dry herb tank sometime in the future. I know that vaping dry herb requires a lot more power, so maybe that’s just wishful thinking, but just the thought of using the Roam with Dry Herb blows my mind. 

Bottom line

The Roam is not less than a revolution in wax vaping. I think this is a great concept that will be copied by other manufacturers. It’s apparent that a lot of thought and creativity went into designing and engineering this vape. Packing a self-contained water filtration system into a small and portable device is no easy task, but G-Pen pulled it off remarkably well.  

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MSRP $250