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We’ve got news directly from Boundless! It is now officially known as the Boundless Tera and in addition to the two removable 18650 batteries, it will also have an aluminum heat sink chamber to maximize efficiency and further improve vapor output similar to the optional aluminum insert for the original CFV. It sounds like a glass mouthpiece for the Tera is also in the works which we’re definitely looking forward to. The MSRP is currently set at $219.99 so it will be in the mid-cost range for portable vapes and the low-cost end for pure convection portables.

Keep in mind this vape is still in development so some things are still likely to change before the Boundless Tera Release Date. Keep an eye on this blog post for future updates! For the meantime try to check out my Best Dry Herb Vapes of 2017.

Here is a new picture from Boundless with their preview model Tera with the CFV and CFX vaporizers.

Stay tuned for the full Boundless Tera Review

Stay tuned for the full Boundless Tera Review

Boundless Tera Vaporizer

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