Boundless Tera Review: Can this Dual-use Vaporizer Disrupt the Weed Vaping World?

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The Boundless Tera is a dual-use (weed + wax) vaporizer that has made its mark on the vaping industry. It has a cool minimalist design combined with great features like haptic feedback and precise temperature control. It also comes with a choice of three different mouthpieces so that you can customize your vaping experience. Oh yeah, the vapor quality is excellent too. The Boundless Tera is for all vapers, new and old, so give it a shot if you want great vapor in a convenient package.

Tera UPDATE 5/12/18:

New findings show that this unit’s safety is questionable due to the use of teflon in the air path.

Boundless is offering customers the option to trade in or keep their current unit and receive another one when available. This is part of the Boundless statement regarding the Tera:

“We are also users of our own products and share the same concerns with the community. Boundless has been in the process reworking the Tera to be able to function without any material on the internal heating element. We have been on hold with manufacturing new Tera units and will not restart production until the unit is functioning correctly without the material.”

Well, at least they are transparent.

TVG does not recommend purchasing this unit. 

Boundless Tera Background

The Boundless Tera is the newest entry in the increasingly crowded portable dry herb vaporizer market, so does it stand out or is it just another also-ran? I can tell you that it’s definitely not the latter since the Tera has some cool features and smart design choices that can match the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers.

That makes the Tera a great choice for both entry level vapers and seasoned veterans since everyone can appreciate a dual-use vaporizer with lots of great features that’s easy to use. Wait, dual-use vaporizer? Yep, the Tera can vape THC concentrates as well as dry herb, just one of the many features you can expect. Continue reading my Boundless Tera review to find out what else you can expect from this dual use vaporizer.

Boundless Tera Kit

  • Boundless Tera
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Water pipe adapter
  • Two 18650 batteries
  • Stainless steel concentrate pad
  • Five stainless steel chamber screens + two mouthpiece screens
  • Cleaning brush + packing tool
  • USB charger

That’s a pretty solid kit but it’s missing a grinder to shred your herb to the right consistency. The SLX will do the job of grinding up your herb to the consistency vaporizers love.

Boundless Tera kit
Clockwise from bottom: USB charger, concentrate pad, extra screens, user manual, 18650 batteries, glass mouthpiece, Boundless Tera, packing tool, cleaning brush, and water pipe adapter.

Key Features of the Boundless Tera

  • Compatible w/ dry herb and THC concentrates
  • Haptic feedback
  • Precise temperature control: 140°F – 428°F for dry herb | 500°F for concentrates
  • Interchangeable 18650 batteries
  • Secure and convenient magnetic closures for the mouthpiece and batteries
  • Retails for $219 from Planet of the Vapes
Boundless Tera mouthpiece selection
The Tera comes with a plastic, swiveling mouthpiece (L) and a short glass mouthpiece (R).

Boundless Tera Design

The Boundless Tera is 4.25 inches tall and 2.25 inches wide, that second measurement is what stands out, this is a unit with some real girth to it. The curvy, ergonomic design is comfortable to hold and feels good in the hand but it’s too wide to slip into any pockets. At least any normal pockets, if Hammer pants make a comeback, and I hope they do, then the Tera will have some portability. Until that happens, the Tera is more of a purse, backpack, etc. type of vaporizer.

The Tera comes with a variety of mouthpieces that serve different functions, giving it more versatility than a lot of the vapes in this category. Here is what you get:

  • Plastic mouthpiece – swivels to a convenient folded position.
  • Glass mouthpiece – provides a clean, vapor cooling airpath.
  • Water pipe adapter – enables water filtration for the purest, coolest vapor.
Boundless Tera digital display
The digital display on the top of the Tera won't get obscured by your grip when holding it.

The Tera also has some other smart design choices like the digital display on top of the unit that shows battery and temperature level. That means it doesn’t get obscured by your grip like displays on the side or front of other vaporizers. Like I said, smart. The Tera also features haptic feedback when turning it on and off or when your session ends. The only design downside is that the temperature control buttons are on opposite sides of the device. It looks cool but is a little awkward since you can’t really use the same finger on both buttons like you could if they were side by side.

How to Use the Boundless Tera

With Dry Herb

  1. Remove the mouthpiece from the rest of the unit, load your dry herb, and replace the mouthpiece.
  2. Power up the device and select your temperature.
  3. Once the selected temperature has been reached, inhale from the mouthpiece to start vaping.
Boundless Tera dual use vaporizer
The magnetically attached mouthpiece is easily removed when it's time to load the chamber.

With THC Concentrates

  1. Remove the mouthpiece and place the concentrate pad into the herb chamber.
  2. Dab your wax or drip your oil onto the pad then replace the mouthpiece.
  3. Click the power button 3x to activate concentrate mode.
  4. Once concentrate vaping temperature (500°F) has been reached, inhale from the mouthpiece.
Boundless Tera hybrid vaporizer
The Tera uses a stainless steel pad in the chamber for vaping concentrates.

A set of dab tools will help to keep your wax sessions clean and organized. You can find some really good ones on Amazon.

Boundless Tera Performance and Vapor Quality

The Boundless Tera delivers great vapor quality with both dry herb and wax, though I preferred the dry herb performance because there are more temperature options. I was able to choose the setting I wanted in each session to get the maximum flavor from the herb. That option isn’t available with the wax and while the Tera does heat up high enough to vape any THC concentrate, it can get uncomfortably hot when it does so.

The airflow is nice and clear no matter which mouthpiece you use, however my preference is the glass one. It delivers the purest, coolest vapor of them all. The excellent airflow also means that the vapor production is above average for this category of vaporizers.

Despite using a pair of 18650 batteries, the Boundless Tera dual use vaporizer only ran for 40 – 50 minutes, or 7 -10 sessions. That’s below average in this segment but the interchangeable nature of the batteries helps by allowing you to replace the dead batteries with fresh ones.

Boundless Tera dual use vape
The swiveling plastic mouthpiece (left) is more convenient. The glass mouthpiece (right, attached to the Tera) is the choice for better vapor quality.

Boundless Tera Comparisons

Boundless Tera VS Ghost MV1 comparison
Boundless Tera VS Crafty/Mighty Comparison

Boundless Tera Review: Final Thoughts

The Boundless Tera ($219 from Planet of the Vapes) is another worthy contender in a crowded market, so is this dual use, convection vaporizer the one for you? It is if you like clever design features, customization options via different mouthpiece choices, and terrific flavor.

If you absolutely need a device that can fit in your pocket and can last for over an hour then it isn’t. Those are the biggest drawbacks to the Tera but they’re relatively small ones, many of the Best Cannabis Vapes have a few small negatives and they’re still pretty great. So whether you’re a vaping newbie or a vaping pro, the Boundless Tera is worth keeping a close eye on.

Thanks for reading my Boundless Tera review, check out the rest of the site for all the latest and greatest vaping news, reviews, and articles.

  1. Hi, guess that you’re using the term “hybrid vaporizer” wrong – it refers to vaporizers that utilize both conduction and convection heating method. It does not mean you can use both dry herb and concentrates – such devices are called rather “dual use” than “hybrid”. So I guess you should correct it since some readers might get it wrong. Besides that, I love your reviews! Cheers from Poland!

    • Hey Gregory, thanks for your reply and thanks for reading! The changes have been made in this article so thanks for the heads up. Cheers from America!

  2. Hello, the article suggests that the tera is good, why is the rating is 2?

    Thank’s for the review !

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