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Boundless CFV features full convection heating chamber and interchangeable oven rings made from wood, quartz and stainless steel with more to be said to come soon. The design of CFV has a nice finish and feels soft, silky, and comfortable while holding. If you are looking for a mid-range priced convection vape, the CFV is for you.

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Boundless CFV Review:

The all new Boundless CFV ($149.95 from Planet of the Vapes) is a Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer. The CFV is a full convection vape, that has precise digital temperature control, and a heat up time of around 30 seconds. The Boundless CFV also has “Heat retention rings” that will sit inside the oven and slightly affect the flavor of the dry herb. My package came with one quartz ring and three wood rings, I did feel a slight difference in taste when using with wood or Quartz.

The CFV has a simple and straightforward interface

The CFV has a simple and straightforward interface

In this review, we’ll go over; unboxing, talk about the interface and the features, load it up with some dry herb and do hands-on usage. We’ll talk about the vapor production, quality, and efficiency of the CFV.

I have been testing the CFV for about a week now, and I’m impressed with its performance. There is no fancy smartphone app or other advanced features like the DaVinci or Pax 3; the CFV is simple and straightforward. If you are looking for a Convection Vaporizer at a reasonable price, the CFV is a great option.

In the box:

First in the box, we have the Boundless CFV Vaporizer. Also in the box are- Instruction Manual, Micro USB charging cable, a chamber tool and a cleaning brush, replacement screens, replacement rubber bands, a tool to disassemble the chamber, one quartz flavor ring, and a couple more wood rings. Last, we have a loading ring that will help pack the oven neatly.

Loading Ring ensures clean and neat loading

Loading Ring ensures clean and neat loading

Boundless CFV Design:

The design of the CFV follows along the same lines of Boundless previous products- the CF and the CFX. On the side of the vaporizer are the display, 3 activation buttons, and the charging port. The chamber of the CFV is under the mouthpiece and can be exposed with a half a turn of the top part.

The CFV is a convection vaporizer, meaning that the heat is generated outside the chamber and then passes through the herb to heat it up. The air is sucked in from the bottom, passes through the heating element, and then through the chamber that can have a flavor ring, and then into the mouthpiece. Another good example of a convection vaporizer is the Firefly 2.

Filling with Herb:

To load the CFV with dry herb, use the supplied “loading ring”. It will make sure the herb slides right into the chamber for a quick and easy packing. From my testing, I noticed that the CFV works best with a full but lightly packed chamber.

As with other convection vapes, the herb should be a medium to fine grind and will need to be occasionally stirred if you really want maximal efficiency and vapor production.

Oven should be full, but not tight. So hot air can flow through the dry herb easily.

Oven should be full, but not tight. So hot air can flow through the dry herb easily.

To close the chamber place the mouthpiece back on top, and twist to lock in place.

Boundless CFV interface:

The Boundless has a power button and two selection buttons. To turn it on, press the power button five times rapidly. The CFV will turn on and start heating up to the set temperature. The display will show the temperature as the CFV is heating up. You can activate “Standby” mode by holding the power button for two seconds.

Set the desired temperature using the selection buttons. The CFV will heat up to that temperature and display a small heat wave icon once reached. To turn off, click the main power button five times rapidly.

Heat retention rings:

Let’s take a minute and talk about the heat retention rings which I also referred to as flavor rings in this review. As I mentioned the CFV is a full convection vaporizer. Meaning the heat is generated outside the oven and then pulled through to heat up the dry herb.

One Quartz and three Wood heat retention rings (aka "Flavor Rings")

One Quartz and three Wood heat retention rings (aka “Flavor Rings”)

The wood ring does not absorb heat and will provide a full convection experience. The Quartz ring does absorb heat. This means that in addition to the heat passing through the Herb, the ring around it will also get hot and provide a semi-conduction experience.

Using the various rings provided a slightly different experience. The quartz ring provided the most vapor because of the extra heat.

Hands on usage:

Overall I was impressed with the performance of the CFV. It was very easy and simple to use, still provided great performance and good results. I like the interchangeable rings, and I think that they added to the experience. Having the choice of full convection or a combo of convection conduction was a great feature and not something you’ll find in other vapes.

Sessions started with a little visible vapor and increased as the chamber gained a consistent temperature. A few inhales into the session; the CFV produced nice clouds of visible vapor. The draw resistance was minimal, meaning that it is easy to pull in and inhaling through the CFV was easy and felt natural.

The Vape Guide Recommends this for:

If you are a beginner looking for an easy entry into the vaporizers world or you are an intermediate user looking for a solid convection vaporizer for a reasonable price, the CFV may be perfect for you. You can also check out my best dry herb vaporizer this year. To give you a heads up for the best price and overall performance in the market. Try also my other Boundless vaporizer review; the CFX, Swift Pro by Flowermate, and the all-new Boundless CFC.

I included a link to the authorized store in the description of this video so check it out, and subscribe to our channel to catch new videos as we release them. Thank you for watching and see you next time.

Where to buy the Boundless CFV:

I recommend purchasing the Boundless CFV from an Authorized Dealer like Planet of the Vapes. They do compensate me if you buy through my referral link but I truly believe you will enjoy this great vaporizer. It’s a great comparison to Crafty Vaporizer at a much lower price point. It creates better vapor and vaping experience than any vaporizer in the market in its price range.

Boundless CFV Vaporizer

Buy the Boundless CFV Vaporizer at Planet of the Vapes. They have great customer service and Free Shipping.


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  1. Pax 2 in conduction not convection.

  2. Can the battery be replaced?

  3. Pax 2 is conduction yes, the CFV does not allow battery removal.

  4. Try the boundless cfhybrid it has a replaceable battery in works great same Company

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