Boundless CFC Light Preview

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Boundless CFC Light Preview

Boundless CFC Light Background

Boundless has been pretty busy lately since they are making dry herb vaporizers in practically every price range. They’ve got high end vapes, mid-range vapes, and now, with the CFC Light, they’ve got a budget vape. Or, at least I’m pretty sure it will be a budget vape, it hasn’t been released yet, but it’s looking like it will be on the inexpensive side. That’s a good thing, since we can always use more good quality vapes that are under $100.

Yes, it looks like the CFC Light will be a good quality weed vape because it has some nice features, like the replaceable, rechargeable 18350 battery that gives it more convenience than even bigger, more expensive vaporizers. It also has a bigger than expected herb chamber, awesome portability, and three temperature settings. There’s more to the CFC Light, so keep reading to find out more, and check back for the complete Boundless CFC Light review when it arrives.

Design Details

Boundless CFC LightThe CFC Light is just under four inches tall and slightly wider than the 18350 battery it uses, so it can easily fit into any pocket. That superior portability is one of its best features, the same goes for how simple it is to use, the tapered mouthpiece is easily removed to expose the herb chamber, which can hold up to a quarter gram of herb. The battery compartment is on the opposite end and the opening is easily released, it is also flat bottomed, so you can stand the CFC Light upright while you fill it.

In terms of looks, it has the same design aesthetic as the other Boundless weed vapes, which is a rubberized matte black finish and strategically placed grooves to help with gripping. It has a few light strips, which indicate power and temperature, to round out the design. Overall, it’s not the most distinctive design, but it works and the lack of flash—plus the small size—should allow for some covert vaping.

Performance Preview

Boundless CFC Light PreviewWe shouldn’t expect anything too amazing from the CFC Light since budget vapes aren’t known for their amazing flavor quality. They’re mainly a good entry point into the world of vaping, or they serve as convenient, portables that can be taken anywhere, and the CFC Light certainly looks to fit in both categories.

It has three temperature settings but Boundless is still calibrating each of them. Battery life should be decent but even if it isn’t, the ease of switching out the battery for a new one should alleviate any worries. It’s looking like both the vapor and battery performance will be in the decent to good range, I guess we’ll wait and see.

The Final Word (For Now)

There are a lot of good budget dry herb vaporizers out there and the Boundless CFC Light looks like it will be another good one. The big question is whether it will be a better affordable vape than the rest. I’m looking forward to answering that question in the full review when the Boundless CFC Light release date arrives, until then, keep checking back for all the latest vaporizer news and reviews.

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