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Bombshell is a premium line of vape juice with a variety of different flavors. These eliquids are clearly top shelf, as evidenced through their high quality, rich flavors. These vape juice flavors actually taste like food and may leave you itching to visit your local bakery. We love that their clever names are reminiscent of our favorite leading ladies, though you will have to know which one you like/want because the names are not indicative of the flavors. We trust that you'll find a flavor you love, however, because each juice is delicious in its own right.

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New delicious line of premium vape juice

Bombshell E-Liquids

We are happy to bring you the Bombshell eliquid review (available from Direct Vapor) made by High Class Vape Co. This is a new “super-premium” vape juice series, featuring only the highest-grade nicotine, flavorings and glycerins. They are easily in line to compete with the best e-liquids on the market.
They’re affectionately named after historically iconic actresses, with pretty cool graphics to match. They come in convenient 60ml unicorn bottles, making refills on-the-go easier than ever. Best of all, pricing is pretty sweet for a 60ml bottle. These vape liquids will definitely have you running to the bakery because the flavors are super rich and absolutely delicious. They actually taste like the desserts that they are imitating.

Creamy Vape Juice: Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a smooth and creamy number, with hints of cream cheese and frosted glazing. She’s not bitter and certainly won’t bite, but the cheese flavor really balances out the sweetness from the frosted flavoring, giving an almost sweet-and-sour end result. Elizabeth is on the light side, and not too flavor-dense, you definitely wouldn’t get bored of vaping her over a longer period of time. The V2 Pro Series 3X is a great way to enjoy her company anytime, anywhere. I love using that 3-in-1 vape because when I’ve had enough of Elizabeth–I can swap her out for MaryJane 😉

Extra Fruity eJuice: Lucille

For the fruit lovers, there is Lucille. With high notes of pineapple and coconut, you are sure to feel like you’re on a tropical island vaping this juice. She’s sweet and smooth, subtle yet pronounced. Depending on your vape you may get more pineapple flavor or maybe more coconut; in my experience I was getting a lot of pineapple flavor. The coconut hints are so tasty though, I’ll keep Lucille around for a while I think.
During my time with Lucille, I was using the iJoy Captain Sub-Ohm tank, and I have to say the combo was excellent. The sub-ohm coils made light work of the juice and definitely delivered the flavor notes excellently.

Subtle Fruity Notes: Sophia

Sophia ended up being my favorite (sorry Audrey!) after a back-and-forth battle between Sophia and Audrey. Sophia is apparently sassy raspberry lemonade Italian ice, but she was nice to me. ::Smirk:: The flavor was just so delicious, it’s a low-key fruity flavor, but sweet and fruity.
I really enjoyed how the raspberry and lemon flavors incorporated well for a rich, tangy sweetness. It was also a really good daily flavor, I think, as it wasn’t too strong or dominant. Definitely worth a try if you don’t try any others. I have been told, however, that my taste is a little juvenile, so if you are an “adult” that would rather a fruit bowl or a homemade pie rather than a 7-Eleven slushy, you might opt for Lucille or Elizabeth instead 😉

eLiquid with a Citrus Tinge: Audrey

Audrey, the close runner-up in my opinion…not that she’s “inferior” than Sophia in any way, but I personally prefer the slightly more neutral flavor I got with Sophia over Audrey’s noticably sweet delight.
If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll really get along with Audrey. “Lemon bar kissed with powdered sugar”: a dreamy citrus flavor with a glaze of sugar on top. I mean, what more could you ask for? Definitely a home run for you sugar-loving vapers out there.

Strawberries + Marshmallow: Marilyn

If only I liked marshmallows, I’d probably love Marilyn. Which, is actually a sign of how great she is. Marilyn really does taste like marshmallows, accompanied by some hints of strawberry on top.
Or mixed in, not quite sure. But it’s in there. It’s almost like strawberries with cream flavor, but instead of cream it’s marshmallows. It’s a good dessert flavor if you really want to get fancy with it.

Final Thoughts on Bombshell eLiquids

The Bombshell series (from Direct Vapor) is definitely super premium, easily comparable to the best e-liquids available. They each taste just as the label describes, have clean and pleasant vapor qualities, with no headaches from low-grade juice or nicotine.

I personally stuck to the 3mg nicotine level, however I have plenty of vaper friends who like 6mg of nicotine in their juice. This is especially applicable if you’re coming from smoking cigarettes and are looking for a little extra kick in your e-juice. Either way though, the nicotine used in the Bombshell series is of the highest quality, and never gave me headaches or any adverse side effects, so whether you like a little more or a little less, you’ll be satisfied either way.

Each flavor is truly unique and bold in its own way, much like the legendary ladies they’re named after. Although Sophia and Audrey were my favorites, I’d honestly urge anyone looking for a unique and high-end vape juice to check these girls out. They won’t let you down, and if you just go by what you like and pick a flavor based on your preference, you’ll love them too.

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