Blue Moon Hemp Review

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Blue Moon Hemp CBD Review

8.9 Total Score
Blue Moon Hemp Review Bottom Line

If you have been looking for a high-quality CBD oil that tastes good then Blue Moon Hemp is for you. Pure is perfect for those who want a pure CBD extract that will mix well with other e-liquids. Red Devil also mixes well with many fruity vapes and is good enough to vape standalone. All in all, I'm very impressed by these CBD oils from Blue Moon Hemp. Although, not cheap, but well worth when you think about its health benefits.

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Blue Moon Hemp CBD Review:

Frankly, Hemp CBD Oil has an odd earthy taste that vapers won’t really love. But few brands blend it with artificial flavors to make it sweet and taste bud-friendly. Blue Moon Hemp is one of the reputable brands that make this stuff in two flavors and in two CBD strength. They do not contain nicotine, so users who are not comfortable in smoking can still vape this.

Blue Moon Variation

Available in two variations – Pure and Red Devil. Both variations are available in a 30ml bottle with two CBD strength to choose from – Full Moon ($64.99 for 400mg CBD oil) and Half Moon ($34.99 for 100mg CBD oil).


If you ever taste hemp or cannabis, this e-liquid doesn’t differ. From its name “Pure”, this variation has a pure taste of hemp – earthy-like cannabis taste. But again, this e-liquid doesn’t make you high, thus, it gives you that calming effect that CBD oil is known for.

When it comes to its tastes it is very clean and not too bitter compared to other CBD oil brands. The blend of this e-liquid can be mixed with your existing e-liquid with nicotine, to give you that balance of CBD and nicotine strength.

Blue Moon

CBD is well known for having good medical benefits, without getting you stoned. It doesn’t contain the active compound in weed to get you high, the THC, so it is perfectly safe.

Red Devil

Unlike the Pure which has a pure taste of hemp, Red Devil is Blue Moon Hemp’s flavored version. It contains the same amount of CBD from Pure with additional fruity flavoring. When I vape it on my RDA, the taste is not bad. The flavor blends really good with CBD. I think there’s no need to mix it with my existing e-liquids to get that enjoyable fruity taste. I am getting a nice berry flavor that reminded me of tropical fruit punch.


Pure is good for those who are looking for a pure taste of CBD hemp while Red Devil is much to consider if you are looking for a CBD oil that tastes good, it is good enough for standalone vaping.

All in all, I am quite astound by these CBD oils from Blue Moon Hemp. I don’t have much experience with many other brands, but compared to the ones that I’ve tried like CBD Drip Rix and CannaVape, this oil tastes very good. Not cheap though, but well worth when you think about its health benefits.

Where to buy the Blue Moon Hemp?

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Blue Moon Hemp - 100mg

Buy the Blue Moon Hemp at Vapor4Life. Use coupon code TVG10 to save 10% off.



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  1. One question before i purchase this Blue Moon Hemp. I am still doing my reach. But will this effect any drug test? My job does random testes

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