Best Grinder of 2018

Last Update: January 18, 2019

Best Grinder for Weed & Dry Herb

The best weed grinders to use with your dry herb vaporizer in 2019

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You’ve got your vaporizer charged up, you’ve got your herb ready to go, is there anything else you need? Yes, there is. A good herb grinder is the missing piece of that vaping puzzle. A good grinder is just as important to vaping satisfaction as a quality vaporizer and the fresh herb that goes with it. That’s because the grinder is the middleman of this trinity, the herb goes in the grinder and then into the vaporizer.

Finely ground herb will help you: 1)  save money in the long run as less herb is used during sessions. 2) produce bigger clouds 3) reduce draw resistance and make your vaping experience much more enjoyable. After a lot of Grinding, we came up with the list below which includes our favorite Manual & Electric Herb Grinders of 2019.

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Best Manual Weed Grinder

Manual Grinders have made a massive jump in quality in recent years, thanks to better build quality materials, and new precision manufacturing processes. Manual Grinders are simple, and a good one should last many years.

1st Place


SLX Grinder

The SLX has unique trapezoidal teeth and non-stick ceramic surface. It delivers fluffy herb that is the perfect consistency for vaping. The magnetic lid has indentations cut into it for a better grip.

$59 from Amazon

2nd Place


Space Case

$69 from Amazon

3rd Place

kozo grinder

Kozo Grinder

$17 from Amazon

Best Electric Weed Grinder

Automatic/ Electric Grinders also made a huge leap in quality and features. Most eGrinders have a small internal blade that will chop and grind dry weed. eGrinders are more convenient than Manual but are subject to occasional mechanical failures.

1st Place


Otto Grinder

The OTTO is easily the best eGrinder of 2019. It can adjust the grind automatically based on the consistency of the weed being used, no calibration necessary. It can automatically pack ground herb into pre-rolled cones, or into a storage container for later use.

$118 from Amazon

2nd Place

easygrinder automatic weed grinder

Easy Grinder

$29 from Amazon

3rd Place

hbi tobacco shredder

Hbi Shredder

$27 from Amazon

Herb/ Weed Grinders Buying Guide

What Are The Different Types Of Herb Grinders?

best grinder 2018

Herb grinders are typically manual or electric and each type has its strengths and weaknesses.

Manual grinders, as the name suggests, need some elbow grease because you have to do the grinding yourself. Even though they require more effort, it is easier to adjust how thick or how fine you want the ground herb to be with manual grinders. Plus the herb is collected in a handy compartment, so there is less mess and the herb is easier to load.

Electric grinders are easier to use but it can be difficult to control how fine you want the herb to be ground. Also, most electric grinders don’t have a built-in compartment to deposit the herb once the grinding is complete. They also typically hold less herb than manual grinders do, plus you have to worry about battery life or mechanical failure. For those reasons, a manual grinder is a preferred method of preparing the herb for most seasoned vapers. Here are the reasons for using a good one.

Improve The Flavor and Vapor Production of The Herb

A good grinder breaks down the herb, which increases its surface area. Why is this important? A large surface area means that all of the herb in the oven gets vaped more evenly. You won’t have one area getting more heat than the other, and a more even vape results in the hot air passing through more of the herbs, thus releasing the THC, CBD, and all the other cannabinoids in the herb. This results in a stronger flavor and a richer aroma, plus more vapor will be released because more of the herb gets heated.

An Efficient Grinder will Save You Money

A good grinder is easily the best way to get the most out of your herb because the increased surface area means that you can get a lot of vapor using a relatively small amount. Since you can vape a lot with a little, your herb will last longer. And since a grinder breaks down every last bit of herb, you can use every last bit of herb, so none of it will go to waste.

You Can Use Every Part Of The Herb

The trichomes found on the cannabis plants’ resin glands are collectively called kief, and they have a much higher concentration of THC than the other parts of the cannabis plant. A good manual grinder will separate the kief from the rest of the herb via a fine mesh screen. The kief is then deposited in a chamber where it can be used for later. You can collect as much kief as you want and sprinkle it on your ground herb for a future—and much more potent—vape session.

A Quality Grinder Is a Must For Every Vaper

If you want to get the most out of your herb and your vaporizer, then you need a good grinder. It increases the efficiency of each component, which allows you to get the most amount of vapor and the best possible vapor. Not to mention that a good grinder saves you money, and who doesn’t like to save money? Not you, so get a good grinder before you use that brand new vaporizer if you want to maximize your herb supply.

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