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Weed & Herb Grinders
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Last update: 6/3/2018

Let’s be honest:

A good herb grinder is a must for weed smokers and vapers of all kinds!

Regardless of how you decide to consume your cannabis, a quality grinder grinds herb to a fine consistency- imperative for efficiency.

You see,

You can be using the best vaporizer in the world, but if your grinder sucks, you may not get the results that you want. Greater surface area aids in vaporizing (or burning, if you must) more evenly.

Finely ground herb will help you: 1)  save money in the long run as less herb is used during sessions. 2) produce bigger clouds 3) reduce draw resistance and make your vaping experience much more enjoyable.

You’ve got your favorite strain, badass vape, perhaps even a premium Rolling Tray—don’t make the rookie mistake of tossing those precious nugs into the chamber (or papers).

Check out the best herb grinders of 2018 & buying guide below, to streamline your weed prep ritual and make sure you get the most out of your bud.

10 Best Grinders of 2018

SLX Grinder Review

The SLX is easily the best manual grinder around, its unique trapezoidal teeth and non-stick ceramic surface deliver the finest, fluffiest ground herb at a consistent level. It does so with minimal effort from the user because the teeth chew up the herb quickly and efficiently. The magnetic lid with indentations cut into it for a better grip just makes the SLX even more convenient. It’s clear, if you use a dry herb vaporizer, then you need to use the SLX with it.


$59.95 from Vape-Smart

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2 OTTO Grinder Review: The Best Electronic Grinder of 2018

OTTO Grinder Review: The Best Electronic Grinder of 2018

Every great dry herb vaporizer needs a great grinder and the OTTO weed grinder might be the best grinder yet. It can adjust the grind automatically based on the type of material being used, no calibration necessary, just let the OTTO do the job. It works great for spliffs but your vaporizer will love it too because of how evenly it grinds any type of herb. Overall, the Banana Bros OTTO weed grinder is great for you, your weed, and your vaporizer.

Best Deal: Buy the Otto Grinder from Vape-Smart and use coupon code TVG10 and save 10%.

3 Kozo Herb Grinder Review: How Does this Manual Weed Grinder Stack up to the Competition?

Kozo Herb Grinder Review: How Does this Manual Weed Grinder Stack up to the Competition?

The Kozo is a great 4 piece grinder for vapers on a tight budget or for anyone who needs an inexpensive portable backup. It has some great design features like an ergonomic grip and deeper than average collection chamber. If you need a solid, affordable manual grinder then the Kozo herb grinder deserves your consideration.

4 Santa Cruz Shredder Review

Santa Cruz Shredder Review

The Santa Cruz Shredder uses aluminum finish which makes it more resilient against scratches, and tooth and thread damage. Available in four sizes, this grinder is your life long partner in grinding your favorite herbs. A highly durable grinder that lasts for a lifetime.

5 Easy Grinder Review

Easy Grinder Review

The Easy Grinder is the next evolution in the seemingly static weed grinder market. For an electric grinder, it's immensely user-friendly and doesn't forget to look as great as it performs. What makes us fans are its intuitive design, its amazing battery life, and how easy it makes something that's usually a hassle. It may not be perfect, but it comes pretty close. What makes the Easy Grinder stand out? Read the full review to find out!

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6 Space Case Grinder Review

Space Case Grinder Review

The Space Case Grinder is one of the best quality American grinders available in the market. What makes this grinder one of the most premium in the industry is its high-quality materials, design and performance. They can last for years and according to many satisfied customers, one can hardly find any bad points about the Space Case Grinder.

Best Deal: Buy the Space Case Grinder from Vape-Smart and use coupon code TVG10 to save 10%.

7 Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Review: You Can Take this Grinder Anywhere, But Will You Want to?

Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder Review: You Can Take this Grinder Anywhere, But Will You Want to?

The Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder is a solid companion to your dry herb vape. At least when it works. Consistency is the problem with this grinder. Sometimes it works fantastically, sometimes it doesn’t work at all. That’s too bad because its portable friendly size means it’s great for both travel and home use. If you don’t mind the occasional dud grind then give the Herbagrind Electric Herb Grinder a try.

8 PenSimple Grinder Review

PenSimple Grinder Review

The PenSimple pulls off the combination of a grinder, storage container, and an electric dispenser for your favorite dry herbs into a sleek, affordable all-around performer. It helps store your ground herbs and when you’re ready to load up a bowl or vape, you can just at the push of a button dispense your herbs neatly and tidily into your device of choice.


Best Grinders of 2018

Buying Guide and Advice

The first decision you need to make: Manual or Electric?

Manual Grinders:

  • Will require you to turn them. A lot. But for many users, this is part of the process and “ceremony” of preparing a bowl to vape or a joint to smoke.
  • Typically cheaper than Electric Grinders, although some manual grinders will cost more than electric.
  • Will last longer than an automatic grinder. Well, at least the good ones.
  • Consistency will always be the same.

Automatic Grinders (AKA e-Grinders, Electric Grinders, Auto Grinders)

  • Will do most of the work for you. Seriously. For example- the OTTO grinder will even fill the code for you. Zero to joint in 3.5 seconds.
  • May be more expensive than manual grinders, at least the good ones.
  • Will require a lot of cleaning to stay in good shape.
  • Consistency may vary, especially in the cheaper grinders.

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Small or Large?

This is more relevant if you decided to go with a Manual Grinder. A rule of thumb- go with a larger grinder.


a 2.4-inch grinder will be more expensive than a  2-inch grinder (from the same brand), but it’s always nice to have the option- to grind a lot or a little herb at a time. A large grinder will allow you to do both, while a small grinder will not.

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A word about pricing

I know,

Grinders may get expensive. A good Manual Aluminum grinder of a decent size may cost $65-$100 USD, but just like with everything else- you get what you pay for.

I think a good grinder is well worth the investment and will- last longer, have a smoother turn, and do a better work.

A weed grinder is a device used to grind down the weed used in dry herb vaporizers or for rolling blunt and joints. They can be manual or electrical.

A weed grinder can make dry herb vaporizers more efficient. That is because a grinder will grind down the herb to a fine consistency, increasing the surface area and allowing the vaporizer to heat up the herb more evenly and efficiently.

A good grinder will increase the efficiency of your vaporizer so that it can do more with less; that means you will be using less herb per session and that will end up saving you money in the long term.

Electric grinders, like the Otto from Banana Bros, can cost up to $130 and tend to be more expensive than manual grinders, like the SLX, which cost around $60. The price of a manual grinder depends on the nature of its kit: higher quality = more expensive.

For electric grinders, you should follow the instructions because each of them are different. Manual grinders tend to be similar to each other so you should take the following steps:

  1. Open the top compartment and place your weed in the chamber.
  2. Replace the top cover and keep twisting it to start grinding.
  3. When you have finished grinding, open the bottom compartment to reveal your herb.
  4. (Optional) Collect the pollen (aka kief or keef) from the catcher and use it in recipes or to make hash.

In either electric or manual grinders, overfilling the grinding chamber <strong>reduces the effectiveness</strong> of the grinder. Make sure that you leave a little space so that the grinder’s teeth or blades can work at maximum efficiency.

Electric grinders should be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Manual grinders are cleaned by separating the chambers, removing excess weed and pollen, submerging the chambers in rubbing alcohol for a while, and then rinsing each part with warm water.

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