5 Best Weed Rolling Trays

best weed rolling trays

You’re getting ready for your session and you’ve got your vaporizer (of course), your weed (naturally), you’ve queued up your favorite show to watch while high (something trippy and science fictional maybe), you even have some post-session snacks ready (why not). So are you missing anything? Yes, you are! You could really use a rolling tray to keep everything in order and to keep your designated vaping area nice and neat.

After all, it’s easier to clean the tray than the surface on which you put that tray. With that in mind, these are some of the best and most practical rolling trays you can get if you want to streamline your session. Some of them even look good enough that they might shame the rest of your furniture. So, if you need a weed rolling tray—and you do, then these are some of the best around.

Marley Natural Black Walnut Collection

If you’re seeking the first class in weed rolling trays, then look no further. The Marley tray will likely end up being the classiest marijuana accessory you own. Or even the classiest accessory you own, period. As the name suggests, it’s made from American black walnut finished in teak oil, that has been sustainably sourced. So, there’s no worry that your tray is contributing to deforestation. It comes in two different sizes, so you have a choice of how big you want your prep surface to be.

The teak oil finish gives the tray a sophisticated and unique looking surface that is nonetheless as smooth as any plastic or metal tray. Since it is made from wood, each tray has a unique pattern, so no two are alike. The comprehensive set of accessories also contribute to the appeal of this set. They include water bubblers, a magnetic scraper, a crystal ashtray, and more. You can probably expect that the Marley Collection is fairly expensive, and you’d be right. But in this case, you definitely get what you pay for.

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Raw Bamboo Limited Edition Striped Backflip Rolling Tray

best rolling tray

This is a very cool looking wooden tray that has some impressive functionality built into it. First of all, it consists of two pieces, each of which has magnets embedded in the corners. That allows the two pieces to be stacked securely on top of each other when in storage or transport. However, the two pieces can also be placed beside each other to make a larger surface.

That’s a pretty clever design choice because it adds practicality while also saving space. And this tray has practicality in spades. From the smooth surface to the various receptacles that can be used for grinders, joints, and yes, vaporizers. Best of all is the fact that this attractive, ultra-practical tray is pretty affordable. So, if you want to prep in style without going broke, give this tray a try.

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Lionhead Full Size Rolling Tray Bundle

best joint rolling tray

If you just care about functionality, then this is the tray for you, but even so, you get some cool extras as well. They include a pack of rolling papers, a roller machine, and a plastic loader. Yeah, those are mainly for rolling spliffs rather than for loading vapes, but so what? Everybody likes extras and considering that this tray is pretty cheap, you’ll be getting one heck of a deal.

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Raw King Size Supreme

rolling tray for weed

This is another fairly inexpensive rolling tray that will get the job done and even though it doesn’t have a lot of flash, it does have a lot of accessories. These rolling trays are mainly for weed smokers rather than weed vapers so the accessory list reflects that.

You’ll be getting stuff like rolling papers, rollers, joint tips, and joint holders. So, if you smoke occasionally, then you’ll be completely kitted out. One nice attribute of this tray is that it is made from hemp, so you’ll be keeping all of your sessions in the family, so to speak.

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