Best Vape Pen of 2017

The Complete Buying Guide for the Best Wax and Concentrate Vaporizers

Last update: 8/24/2017

🔸 Vape pens are straightforward–unlike dry herb vaporizers. Also called dab pens, weed pens and wax pens, they consist of two components: a battery and tank or Coil.

Some vape pens are better in different areas. This comprehensive guide will help you find the best dab pen for your needs. We include coupon codes where available and links to official stores.

Vape pens are now popular with everyone from A-list celebrities and patients to soccer moms. THC concentrate vaporizers are showing up in pop culture and in Research. So many cannabis users realize the pros of using a vaporizer pen, that dispensaries now offer an array of cannabis wax and oil concentrate, and vaping is the best way to consume them.

Vape Pens offer the plusses of dry herb vapes–and more. Conversely, extract vaporizers are cheap, heat quickly and are practical. With weed legalization occurring across the US, the prevalence of THC oil and wax is going up too. At TVG, we think that vaping THC extract is ideal, and using a great dab pen makes wax very enjoyable.

Whether you want to call it a wax pen, dab pen, wax vaporizer, or what have you–this list will help you find the best vape pen for wax. Of the hundreds of vape pens that we have tested from manufacturers big and small–we made this Guide of our top pics. Each device listed supports CBD + THC extracts.

Keep reading for our picks of the Best Vape Pens in the world 🙂

Best Vape Pen of 2017

CategoryVape PenBest price
Best Overall Vape PenKandyPens PRISM$97.99 @ KandyPens
TVG25 for 25% off
Cheapest Dab Pen to Maintain Atmos Kiln RA$84.95 @ Atmos
TVG15 for 15% off
Simplest Vape Pen for Newbies G Pen Quartz$62.95 @ GPen
vapeguide10 for 10% off
Best Cheap Vape Pen Dr. Dabber Light$49.99 @ Dr. Dabber
TVG15 for 15% off
Best 3-in-1 Vape PenV2 Pro Series 7$129.95 @ Atmos
TVG10 for 10% off
Best High-End Pen KandyPens A$AP Rocky Vape Pen$148.00 @ KandyPens
TVG25 for 25% off
Best Wax Pen for the ValueLinx Hypnos Zero$77.99 @ VapeWorld
Sleekest Vape PenPuffco Plus$99.95 @ Vape-Smart
TVG10 for 10% off
Best Starter Kit (3 coils)QloudUp Nexus $79.99 @ QloudUp
TVG15 for 15% off
Best e-Nectar Collector Pen Linx Ares$109.95 @ Linx Vapor
Best Oil Vape Pen
(Pre-filled Cartridges)
HoneyStick Beekeeper $39.99 @ Vape-Smart
TVG10 for 10% off
Best Vape for Heavy-Duty useSourceVapes Slim 4$89.95 @ SourceVapes
vapeguide10 for 10% off
Most Powerful Wax PenAtmos Q3$99.95 @ Atmos
TVG15 for 15% off
Dry Herb Vape PenPAX 3$274.99 @ Pax Vapor

Best Vape Pen Overall:

KandyPens PRISM & PRISM+

KandyPens Prism

The quick why: It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user – the KandyPens PRISM will work for you. It is compatible with any type of THC wax, shatter, dab, or any type of concentrate. It has a glass mouthpiece, minimal draw resistance, and it comes with two excellent coils – Quartz and Ceramic. The Quartz produces large amounts of vapor and the Ceramic scores very high on vapor quality and flavor quality. The PRISM is the Best Vape Pen of 2017.

Manufacturer: KandyPens | Coil: Ceramic + Quartz Titanium | Coil-capacity: .2 gr | Battery life: 9-10 sessions | Temp control: 4 settings | Warranty: Lifetime

Read full review: KandyPens PRISM

Cheapest Vape Pen to Maintain:

Atmos Kiln RA

Atmos Kiln RA Kit

The quick why: The Atmos Kiln RA is a super-convenient little dab pen for wax and oil vaping on the go. The Kiln’s slow-burn heating method delivers big in flavor and ease of use and never leaves you with the harsh sensation that can occur with some vape pens. The RA stands for Replaceable Atomizers- so you don’t have to replace the whole chamber. This makes maintenance and parts cost extremely low. The Atmos wax pen is 510-compatible, comes in a few cool colors, and is available at a reasonable price tag.

Manufacturer: Atmos | Coil: Ceramic Dish | Coil-capacity: .3 gr | Battery life: 9-10 sessions | Temp control: 4 settings | Warranty: 5 years

Read full review: Atmos Kiln RA

Best Wax Pen for Beginners:

G Pen Quartz

G Pen Quarts

The quick why: The G Pen Quartz is a top-notch budget performer. Starting at just $69.99, it’s a great entry point for first time concentrate vapers. Not only is it understated and sleek with an all-black design, but it also has a dual-quartz coil with titanium wires, which hits the dabs out the park time and time again. The GPen Dual Quartz vape pen is another that does actually produce vapor clouds; if you quantify the effectiveness of your pen based on the appearance of actual clouds–this one is for you.

Manufacturer: Grenco Science | Coil: Dual Quartz | Coil-capacity: .3 gr | Battery life: ~10 sessions | Temp control: No Warranty: 1 Year

Read full review: GPen Quartz

Best Cheap Wax Pen

Dr. Dabber Light

dr dabber vape pen

The quick why: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again–the Dr. Dabber Light vape pen comes from the pro that knows dabbing–Dr. D himself. The Light is just that–an ultra-portable, fuss-free THC extract vaporizer pen that simplifies vaping concentrates. The Dr. Dabber vape pen is sturdy, not flimsy like other dab pens in it’s price range. This is a great vape for beginners because you do not need to customize any controls–just load the wax in the atomizer, screw on the top and press the button. The pen has a one year warranty–after a year, for fifty bucks, buy a new one 🙂

Manufacturer: Dr. Dabber | Coil: Quartz | Coil-capacity: .15 gr | Battery life: 8-10 sessions | Temp control: 1 setting | Warranty: 1 year

Read full review: Dr. Dabber Light

Best 3-in-1: Dry Herb, Wax, and Oil:

V2 Pro Series 7

Pro Series 7 All in One

The quick why: The V2 Pro Series 7 is easily your best choice if you’re going for an all-in-one device for e-Liquid, Wax and Dry Herb. The device comes with the e-liquid and dry herb cartridges, but you’ll need to order the wax one separately. The cartridges magnetically hot-swap out, making the transition convenient and a little exciting. The V2 Pro Series 7 is the best option for taking on a trip because you can do comfortably vape any media. Even the performance of the oil cartridge is impressive, considering the high quality components necessary to vape e-liquids.

Manufacturer: V2 | Coil: 3 interchangeable steel cartridges | Oven-capacity: .25 gr | Battery life: 8-10 sessions | Temp control: 3 voltage settings | Warranty: Lifetime limited

Read full review: V2 Pro Series 7

Best High-End Dab Pen:

KandyPens A$AP Rocky Vape Pen- Limited Edition

KandyPens Asap Rocky vape pen and hardshell case

The quick why: The KanyPens Flavcko Jodye A$AP Rocky Vape Pen is a collaboration between KP and rapper A$AP Rocky, and it is compatible with any type of concentrate. It comes with two coils (Ceramic & Quartz) for wax, shatter or dabs, PLUS a 510 oil cartridge. This vape pen is also compatible with prefilled THC 510 cartridges. The most notable feature of this pen is its design. It is absolutely beautiful. It comes in a brown leather case and the whole thing is super luxurious and sexy. Looks, functionality, and compatibility- seems like the KandyPens A$AP Rocky has it all.

Best Value:

Linx Hypnos Zero

Linx Hypnos Zero Wax Vape Pen

The quick why: The Linx Hypnos Zero vape pen is easily the best deal for the dough. At under $80, it’s hard to beat the quality that Linx is serving–the Zero looks, feels, and functions top-notch. The body is a compact, cylindrical design made from medical grade stainless steel; it’s a joy to behold 😉 Despite the Linx’s striking design, the best feature is arguably the atomizer’s ceramic dish that produces awesome vapor quality and flavor. Finally, the Linx’s premium glass mouthpiece is the cherry on top–Linx sweetens the deal and throws in an extra in case.

Manufacturer: Linx | Coil: Ceramic dish | Coil-capacity: .3 gr | Battery life: 3-5 sessions | Temp control: 4 settings | Warranty: 1 year limited

Read full review: Linx Hypnos Zero

Sleekest Wax Pen:

Puffco Plus

Puffco Plus Review

The quick why: The Puffco Plus is an attractive and powerful extract weed pen with some convenience-oriented feature innovations. For one, the Puffco performs exceptionally and looks great–we love the little cloud emblem as the firing button. This wax pen is one continuous structure with a multi-functional mouthpiece–bearing a ceramic tool called the dart. You can use the dart as a dab tool and it also serves to keep the wax where it is supposed to be–so that you don’t end up in a sticky situation. Another cool feature: Sesh Mode. Activate by double-clicking the button to enjoy your pen at a steady heat–perfect for dabs with friends.

Manufacturer: Puffco | Coil: Ceramic chamber | Oven-capacity: .25 gr | Battery life: 8-10 sessions | Temp control: 3 levels | Warranty: 1 year

Read full review: Puffco Plus

? Pro Tip: Gather your Work Tools

Dab Tools + Containers

how to use dab pen

The quick why: Any beginner to dabbing will quickly discover how important tools are to the wax vaping process. Yes, we are getting ourselves straightened out with our wax pens by choosing the best one for our own style–but you’ll only be set when you get your tools in order! Important partners for your wax concentrate pens include silicon storage containers that will help you store your wax safely, while high grade placement tools will allow you to direct your wax to where you want it to be while minimizing waste. Check out the latest dab tools on Amazon for the best prices.

Best Starter Kit:

QloudUp Nexus

Wax pen how-to

The quick why: The Nexus by QloudUp has to be one of the more unique looking wax pens out there–and it is definitely unique. The Nexus has a huge chamber that can hold up to 0.5g of your favorite concentrates–which shows if we’re talking flavor. Once loaded up, the Nexus makes light work of your wax, resulting in dense clouds after smooth draws. We also love the ceramic disk atomizer, which is great if you’re not huge on quartz.

Manufacturer: QloudUp | Coil: Titanium | Coil-capacity: .5 gr | Battery life: ~10 sessions | Temp control: 3 settings | Warranty: Lifetime

Read full review: QloudUp Nexus

Best e-Nectar Collector:

Linx Ares

Linx Ares Vaporizer

The quick why: The Linx Ares is unique in that it is basically an electric nectar collector–both convenient and economical. You don’t need a dab tool and you don’t need to move your wax from point A to B. The Ares works with a ceramic heating element that’s connected to a straw-like tip. You slide the heating component over your wax–on a heatproof surface–as you inhale from the other end. It’s literally a dab straw. This means there’s fewer parts to remove, no chamber to fill, and no mouthpiece to lose. This Linx vape pen is beautifully built and looks like a pen; it’s sturdy and steel and won’t look out of place on your desk or nightstand.

Manufacturer: Linx | Coil: n/a – ceramic heating element | Coil-capacity: n/a | Battery life: 8-10 sessions | Temp control: 3 settings | Warranty: 1 year limited

Read full review: Linx Ares

Best for Pre-filled Oil Cartridges:

HoneyStick Beekeeper


The quick why: We’ve all noticed the fancy pre-filled oil cartridges popping up at dispensaries and in the hands of our well-connected friends and thought how awesome they are. The Beekeeper by HoneyStick is probably the best oil cartridge battery you can get for your money, hands-down. It conceals your favorite wax cartridges, uses a magnetic connection to bind them in, and charges by USB – what more could you want? We’ll tell you–the HoneyStick is super lightweight and it produces smoke-quality vapor density. It’s nothing short of amazing.

Best Heavy-Duty:

SourceVapes Slim 4

Source Slim 4 Review

The quick why: The SourceVapes Slim 4 is a cool vape pen–in more ways than one. It has circular disks that surround the center of the device and aid in cooling the pen, and a variable airflow system–letting you customize draw resistance. This directly affects cloud production and vapor temperature. SourceVapes offers several atomizer options but the quartz atomizer with the titanium coil is our favorite choice. The build is solid and it includes a sweet silicon-lined container at the base–allowing you to keep your dabs handy for on-the-fly reloads.

Manufacturer: SourceVapes | Coil: Quartz, Titanium + Ceramic | Coil-capacity: Deep | Battery life: 6-7 sessions | Temp control: 3 settings | Warranty: Lifetime – limited

Read full review: SourceVapes Slim 4

Most Powerful Vape Pen:

Atmos Q3

Atmos Q3-

The quick why: if you plan to vape mostly at home and looking for dense and strong vapor, the Atmos Q3 is your vaporizer. It is much smaller than an e-nail but way more powerful and agile than a vape pen. It features a triple quartz rod atomizer that heats up quickly and together with the glass mouthpiece delivers rich and potent vapor. While I can’t say this is the best tasting vapor I experienced, it surely was among the strongest.

Manufacturer: Atmos | Coil: Triple Quartz | Coil-capacity: .35 gr | Battery life: 3-5 sessions | Temp control: No | Warranty: 5 years

Read full review: Atmos

Best Dry Herb Vape Pen:


Pax 3 Review

The quick why: Okay–so the Pax 3 is more specifically a dry-herb vaporizer, but it does feature a concentrate insert. Don’t get us wrong–the Pax 3 isn’t going to out-perform even some of the cheaper vape pens listed here in terms of dabbing. But–if dry herb is your thing…the Pax3 is a necessity. The flavorful clouds and ultra-simplistic interface on the Pax 3 is second to none, and concentrate compatibility qualifies the Pax for at least an honorary mention on this list.

Manufacturer: PAX Labs | Oven: Stainless steel w/ Concentrates insert | Battery life: 8-10 sessions | Temp control: 4 settings | Smartphone connectivity: Yes | Warranty: 10 year

Read full review: PAX 3

PAX Labs

Has been a leading innovator in the vaporization movement with superior and technologically advanced products such as the PAX 3 and the JUUL e-cig, that are simple and fun to use.

Other Wax Vaporizers we love:

New to vaping THC concentrates?

Here's what you need to know

What is a vape pen?

Vape Pens are handheld devices with small ovens, also known as chambers and/or coils, that are used to heat a substance–in this case CBD or THC concentrates. The material is then heated to a critical temperature prior to the point of combustion, which releases active cannabinoids in the form of vapor. The vapor is then inhaled to reap the full benefits of the medicinal extract. A vape pen will not burn your wax, thus not releasing combustion-related carcinogens and other hazardous, charred materials. These devices are battery powered, convenient, and great for discreet, instantaneous vaping sessions.

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What types of Vape Pens are there?

There are three main types of vape pens: Dry Herb Vape Pens, Wax (THC concentrate + extract) dab pens, and e-Liquid vaporizer pens–which are best known as electronic cigarettes, or e-cigarettes for short.

Dry herb Vape pens are used to vape the raw, dry, and ground up medicinal herbs, such as cannabis. These are not very common as dry herb vaporizers require stronger power that is hard to accommodate in a compact, pen-shaped device.
Wax Vape Pens are the most popular kind of vape pens. These devices are used to vape the THC and CBD concentrates and extracts that are becoming increasingly popular in US dispensaries in legal states. The vape pens on this page primarily fall under this category.
e-Liquid Vape Pens and eCigs are used to vape e-liquids with or without nicotine. These are not used to consume THC in any way. They are not compatible with herb and wax. These e-cig vape pens are more like cigarette substitutes and are thus referred to as cig-a-likes from time to time.

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Does a vape pen smell like weed after–or while–using it?

This is not a simple yes or no question. Yes, vaping concentrates will produce a discernible odor–though less muted than with a dry herb vaporizer and entirely different from that of smoking. While you use the vape pen and blow out your vapor clouds, a gentle scent will dissipate and dissolve quickly, even in a closed environment. Unlike smoke, the scent will not stick to furniture, clothes or your breath.

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Do vape pens allow for controlling the vaping temperature?

Some do, some don’t. Unlike dry herb vaporizers, vape pens do not have precise temp control options. Some will offer a few pre-set temp levels that you can choose from, but precise (+/- 1F) is not available in vape pens.

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How can I tell when it’s time to reload the chamber?

You will be able to tell by the flavor, the amount of vapor, and how many draws you’ve taken. There is no scientific formula, and vape pens do not tell you when it’s time to refill. After a little experience, you get the hang of it and can easily tell when it’s time to reload.

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To sum it all up:

By now, you should have a pretty solid idea of what you are looking for in a wax vape pen, and what your available options are. Feel free to check our in-depth reviews for each of the products on this page. Most contain demo videos with hands-on usage. Click the links and read more info about any vape pen on our full review or at the official store’s website. Enjoy your foray into vaping THC concentrates–you’re going to love it.

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Puffco Plus Review

Puffco Plus Review

The Puffco Plus delivers a combination flavor and discrete vapor of your concentrates because of its all ceramic coil-less chamber. The chamber has no coils nor dish at the bottom meaning it gives that an efficient use of your waxy material. The multi-purpose dart mouthpiece minimizes splashbacks ...
Source e-Nail Premium Kit Preview

Source e-Nail Premium Kit Preview

SourceVapes introduce their ultra-portable eRig, the Source Nail Premium Kit. Featuring a slimmer 1950mAh battery, three easy heat settings, and the same Source Nail coil-less atomizers. Dabbers on the go can reach a whole new level of portability and simplicity with this portable e-Nail.


Atmos L’OR Review

Atmos L’OR Review

The Atmos L’OR is specifically designed for concentrates. The L’OR Vape Pen uses Dual and Single titanium quartz coil which gives more flavor to your material by heating up evenly. The Atmos L'OR uses SnapTech magnetic technology that allows you to effortlessly separate the battery, atomizers, ...
Vapor Slide Review

Vapor Slide Review

The Vapor Slide is a small vaporizer pen but also designed to slide into your favorite water pipe. Making it a dual-purpose vaporizer. This 2in1 vaporizer gives you the experience of vaping with the benefits of smoking a bong. It features a Button-free design with pressure sensor technology that ...
Source Slim 4 Review

Source Slim 4 Review

The Slim 4 is a standout among Source's product line, especially when you consider what's in its price class. Style is an important element for every vape brand, but it's clearly a priority for Source. They've got an attention to detail that manifests in every aspect, from the look of the kit to ...

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