What Is The Best Temperature For Dabbing?

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Dab temperature is generally a matter of personal preference, but even so, you might be wondering if there is an ideal temperature for dabbing. The answer is yes, though it is more of a temperature range than a single ideal temperature. That range is on the lower end of the temperature spectrum, for reasons that we’ll get into in the rest of the article.

So, does that mean that high-temperature dabbing is bad? The answer isn’t quite so simple, which is why this article is here, so keep reading to find out the differences between high and low-temperature dabbing, and how they affect you.


The Importance of Dab Temperatures

Unlike dry herb, the wax used in various different extract vaporizers is actually classified as a liquid. Yes, we refer to it as a solid, but it’s a solid in much the same way that ice or snow are solids. In other words, it is formed from a liquid. So, when you heat up your dab, what happens is that first it melts, and then it boils. It is during this boiling period that vapor is produced, which means that the boiling point is extremely important for various reasons.

One of them is the heat level of the vapor, some people might be comfortable at lower temperatures, while others might prefer higher temperatures. Another reason is that different elements of the dab boil at different temperatures, that includes the THC, terpenes, and so on. That means the dab temperature can have an impact on the effects produced by the wax.

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High-Temperature Dabbing

Dabs at these temperatures produce vapor that is hot, harsh, and intense, so why do people dab at high temperatures? The reason is that the high they get from dabbing at these temperatures is fast and intense. So, if that is the most important factor for the user, they will hit those high temperatures every time.

However, there are some downsides to dabbing at high temperatures as well. That high-temperature vapor can cause throat pains, coughing fits, and post-session headaches. Furthermore, the various components have boiling points at, or below 400°F, so a lot of them go to waste at higher temperatures. Overall, the negatives of high-temperature dabbing outweigh the positives, but it is up to the individual user to decide what is right for them.

Additionally, when some oils are overheated, they chemically deteriorate and release dangerous compounds like aldehydes. Aldehydes are toxic compounds that can cause different degenerative illnesses. So overheat your dabs at your own risk.

High-Temperature Dabbing Pros

  • Produces a very intense high
  • That high comes on quickly
  • It can offer fast pain relief

High-Temperature Dabbing Cons

  • Can cause throat pain and coughing fits
  • Most of the terpenes and some of the THC gets burned off
  • Can cause a drain on the battery of the wax vaporizer
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Low-Temperature Dabbing

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The best temperature for vaping marijuana is in the 350°F to 400°F range and that doesn’t matter whether it is in solid or liquid form. The reason is that the most common terpenes in the marijuana plant are vaporized the most efficiently and effectively at those temperatures. Here is a closer look at some of the terpenes found in marijuana and their boiling temperatures:

  • α-Pinene: 311°F
  • ß-Caryophyllene: 320°F
  • ß-Myrcene: 334°F
  • D-Limonene: 349°F
  • Humulene: 388°F
  • Linalool: 388°F

As you can see, they all boil below 400°F, which is why lower temperatures are more effective.

Low-Temperature Dabbing Pros

  • Better flavor quality
  • The terpenes don’t get burned away
  • Provides a much smoother, more comfortable vaping experience

Low-Temperature Dabbing Cons

  • High is not as strong or intense
  • Produces less dense vapor

Final Thoughts

Dabbing temperature can come down to personal preference, but even so, it is clear that low-temperature dabbing is the superior option. The reasons are clear; it doesn’t waste any of the terpenes, it provides a smoother vaping experience, and the flavor quality is better.

Of course, there are still going to be people who swear by high temperature dabs because of the intense high it delivers. And that’s fine too, provided those users know the risks and don’t dab at those temperatures too often. But if you’re a newcomer to extract vaping then keep those temperatures low for the best vaping experience you can get.

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