The Best Solo Use Vaporizers – Dry Herb Vapes to Enjoy on your Own

Vaping can be a great way to socialize and hang out with your friends but sometimes you just need a little vape n’ chill solo time 😏. Does that mean that you’re anti-social? Maybe…But it more likely means that you live alone, that you’re the only vaper in the house, that your stingy with your herb supply (which is fine!), or that perhaps you’re vaping for medical purposes.

Whatever the reason, I’ve got some recommendations for some solo use vaporizers. Some of these portable vapes are among the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers available so there’s no lack of quality here—now let’s get started.

DaVinci IQ (with Glass Spacers)

DaVinci IQ Portable Weed Vaporizer glass spacers and oven
The glass spacers give you peak vaping performance even with smaller loads.

A popular trend of late has been the use of accessories that allow the oven to be packed with less than a full load of green, but still provide a premium vaping experience. The DaVinci IQ  gives users that option with the use of glass spacers that can be be purchased from their website. These inexpensive accessories ($10.99 directly from DaVinci) for the IQ come in a set that includes a 10mm and a 6mm spacer. They’re perfect for solo vapers who want a short session that doesn’t compromise flavor quality. If you feel like changing up your regular dose, the spacers are a great option for you.

The DaVinci IQ retails for $274.99 directly from DaVinci.

Pax 3 (with Oven Lids)

pax 3 oven lids
Full Oven | Half Oven | Concentrate Insert

The Pax 3 is a great solo use vaporizer because it gives you the choice of packing a full or half load depending on your preference. This is great if you want to stretch out your herb supply, if there are multiple users of the device, or if you just want a few quick hits while you’re out and about. Whatever the reason, the option is always there because the half oven lid is included in the complete kit so there’s no need to spend extra for the convenience.

The Pax 3 retails for $249.99 directly from Pax Vapor.

Crafty/Mighty with Dosing Capsules

Crafty capsules
The disposable dosing capsules fit neatly into the herb chamber. The capsule caddies allow you to carry around 5 dosing capsules on your keychain.

The Crafty and Mighty are veterans of the industry and a recent update ensures that they’re both still at the top of their game. One of the reasons they’re both so revered is that the optional dosing capsules are great for solo vapers. They can be prefilled with whatever amount of herb you want and you still get the full experience of the Crafty/Mighty’s excellent vapor quality.

The dosing capsules give you convenience, micro dosing options, and streamlined sessions. It gets even better because they’re pretty affordable, a set of 8 costs $6.90 and a set of 40 costs $13.90. Plus you can buy a capsule caddy ($5.90 from VapeWorld, use coupon code TVG10 for a 10% discount) that holds 5 dosing capsules and fits on a keychain. The dosing capsules are as good as these types of accessories get, so pick up a set for when you need some vaping alone time.

The Crafty retails for $279 from Vape-Smart, use coupon code TVG10 to save 10%.

The Mighty retails for $349 from Vape-Smart, coupon code TVG10 gets you a 10% discount.

Firefly 2

The small size and small oven of the Firefly 2 make it a great choice for single users.

Now for a vaporizer geared specifically for solo use. The Firefly 2 has an on demand heating system, that means it heats up almost instantly so you can take a hit, take a break, take a hit, and repeat till your herb is cashed. That factor, combined with a smaller than average oven size (0.1-0.15 grams), means that the Firefly 2 is perfect for solo vapers on the go or at home. They can vape as much as they want, when they want, no accessories necessary.

The Firefly 2 retails for $329 directly from Firefly.


Linx GAIA review
The Linx GAIA has premium features that solo vapers will appreciate, like the glass mouthpiece and OLED screen.

The Linx GAIA is another dry herb vaporizer that feels like it’s made for solo users. It’s small size fits perfectly in the hand, which makes it a great portable, so if you need a vape that you can take anywhere, this is a great choice. You won’t be skimping on premium features despite the size.

This vaporizer has granular temperature controls, an OLED screen, a quartz herb chamber and a glass mouthpiece, so it is seriously kitted out. It’s pretty stylish but it’s small size means that it can also be covert, so if you don’t feel like sharing, this is the vape for you.

The Linx GAIA retails for $159.99 directly from Linx Vapor, use coupon code TVG10 for a 10% discount.

G Pen Pro

G Pen Pro vape review
The G Pen Pro has a chamber that holds enough herb for a single user.

The G Pen Pro is a great solo use vaporizer because its small size makes it discreet and portable, plus it has a simple interface, and the herb chamber holds enough herb for a single person. So if anyone asks for a hit, you can tell them that you only have enough for yourself and you won’t feel guilty about lying! The G Pen Pro is also really easy to use, so if you’re a vaping newbie or you’re vaping for medical reasons, it’s the perfect vape for your needs.

The G Pen Pro retails for $99.95 directly from G Pen, coupon code vapeguide10 saves you 10%.

Ghost MV1

Ghost MV1 Herb Vaporizer Review
The on demand heating and the small herb capacity of the crucibles make the Ghost MV1 great for solo use.

The Ghost MV1 definitely makes a big impression, it will catch your eye from across the room with its sleek style and unique design. It delivers big performance too and it’s, well…big. The MV1 might seem like the perfect party starter but its on demand heating system and small oven size (0.12 grams) means that it’s actually best for parties of one. It’s versatile too, since it can vape dry herb and concentrates, plus its long battery life means that it can probably outlast you. If you want a high end solo use vaporizer that allows you to vape on your own schedule then the Ghost MV1 is for you.

Buy the Ghost MV1 directly from Ghost Vapes for $295.

Arizer Solo 2 and Arizer Air 2

Arizer Air 2 vs Solo 2 comparison
The Arizer Air 2 (L) and the Arizer Solo 2 (R) have granular temperature controls and OLED screens that clearly display battery and temperature information.

The Arizer Solo 2 is a big ol’ vaporizer that’s the perfect stay at home vape because of its large size and unwieldy—but awesome—glass mouthpiece. So, you won’t be taking it anywhere but you’ll be having a great time at home. The long glass mouthpiece hurts portability but provides cool, flavorful vapor, and facilitates easy herb loading. If you want to see how the Solo 2 matches up to the similar sized Ghost MV1, check out our Ghost vs MV1 comparison.

The Arizer Air 2 is a little slimmer than the Solo 2 but it has all the great qualities of its big brother, namely the glass mouthpieces, granular temp controls and OLED screen. The Solo 2 uses a wall charger, while the Air 2 uses swappable batteries. The battery options in each make them great for solo vapers, the Solo 2 has a super long battery life that can handle multiple sessions before a recharge. With the Air 2, you can just swap out batteries at your convenience. If you want to see how these two vapes fare against each other, check out the Air 2 vs Solo 2 comparison.

The Arizer Solo 2 retails for $249.99 from Vape-Smart, coupon code TVG10 gets you a 10% discount.

The Arizer Air 2 retails for $229.95 from Vape-Smart, use coupon code TVG10 to save 10%.

Atmos Vicod 5G

The Atmos Vicod 5G has premium features, like a glass mouthpiece and granular temperature controls, in a small package.

The Atmos Vicod 5G is a perfect solo use vaporizer because of its small size, durability, and ease of use. It fits perfectly in your hand and the glass mouthpiece means that it doesn’t skimp on vapor quality. The Vicod 5G also comes with a stainless steel mouthpiece for when you need a little more ruggedness. The oven is the right size for solo users and the battery life is pretty good too. Overall, this vaporizer makes for a great companion on long hikes or bike rides by yourself.

The Atmos Vicod 5G is sold directly by Atmos for $129.95, use coupon code TVG15 for a 15% sitewide discount.

Atmos Jump

atmos jump review
The portability and durability of the Atmos Jump makes it a great choice for solo users.

The Atmos Jump is a pen style dry herb vaporizer with a small oven suited for the solo user. It only has one temperature setting but that’s all you need, you won’t be disappointed with its vapor quality but you will appreciate how easy it is to use. The Jump has a carbon fiber body which means that it can survive impacts that would obliterate other vapes. The Jump also has a pretty long lasting battery to go with with its durable body, ease of use, and great vapor quality. Those attributes make it a great choice for when you need to take a break from doing outdoor activities all by your lonesome.

The Atmos Jump retails directly from Atmos for $59.95, use coupon code TVG15 to save 15% sitewide.

Final Thoughts

This array of quality solo use vaporizers includes something for any one of us who value quality time with ourselves and quality from our herb vapes too. Whether you like a nice quiet session at home or outdoors, whether you want to vape your herb in one go or take your time—there is a vaporizer on this list for you. If you’re considering a little solo wax vaping—check out our favorite wax pens too. I’m sure you’ll find something you like.

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