Best Grinder of 2017

Best Weed Grinder of 2017

slx grinder review

Talking about dry herb grinders, one often wonders- what it takes to make a great grinder. Well, the answer to this question is not that simple.  You have to take several things into consideration like the quality of the material used, the number of teeth in the grinder, ability to deal with stickiness and above all the quality of the ground material produced.  Grinders should be small enough to be carried in your pocket and at the same time should offer years of seamless performance.  Incorporating all these attributes in one piece of equipment that is no larger than three inches is a challenge that very few manufacturers can meet.  However, there are some brands that not only did they were able to manage this rare combination but also captured the imagination of vaping enthusiasts around the world with their sleek and aesthetic looks.  And these happen to be the top three grinders of 2017.

Best Herb/ Weed Grinders
Editor choice SLX Grinder Review

SLX Grinder Review

Boy I wish I had this grinder years ago. This is the first (and maybe only) grinder that will never ever need cleaning. Thanks to a Ceramic coating on the interior of the Grinder, the herb is not sticking to it even after months of use. I have been ...

2 Easy Grinder Review

Easy Grinder Review

The Easy Grinder is the next evolution in the seemingly static weed grinder market. For an electric grinder, it's immensely user-friendly and doesn't forget to look as great as it performs. What makes us fans are its intuitive design, its amazing ...

3 Space Case Grinder Review

Space Case Grinder Review

The Space Case Grinder is one of the best quality American grinders available on the market. What makes this grinder one of the most premium in the industry is its high-quality materials used, its design and performance. They can last for years and ...

4 Kannastor GR8TR Grinder Review

Kannastor GR8TR Grinder Review

Kannastor GR8TR Grinder is about 2-inch diameter, and 3.5 inches high with a heavy weight to it. This grinder has a very deep grinding chamber and actually mills your herb instead of mashing it to bits with less force when grinding. With its modular ...

5 Santa Cruz Shredder Review

Santa Cruz Shredder Review

The Santa Cruz Shredder uses aluminum finish which makes it more resilient against scratches, tooth damage, and thread damage. Available in four sizes this grinder is your life long partner in grinding your favorite herbs. A highly durable grinder ...

6 Santa Cruz Shredder x Vogue One Review

Santa Cruz Shredder x Vogue One Review

This is perfect, and the grinding is effortless, one of the best results I have ever seen. Although it lacked a screen for pollen filtration. This unit is excellent in every sense. Very large finished product chamber as well. Worth every penny.


7 Atman Hummer e-Grinder Review

Atman Hummer e-Grinder Review

Atman Hummer is an electronic dry herb grinder that will help you get those herbs perfectly grind with 4-layer compartment making it much comfortable without any hassle. The Hummer is operated by two 18650 Li-on rechargeable battery which has a ...

8 PenSimple Grinder Review

PenSimple Grinder Review

The PenSimple pulls off the combination of a grinder, storage container, and an electric dispenser for your favorite dry herbs into a sleek, affordable all-around performer. It helps store your ground herbs and when you’re ready to load up a bowl or ...


To choose the top three grinders of this year, we will follow certain criteria that will allow us to gauge the performance, built quality and the durability. People who really care about the quality of their vapes always go in for quality grinders as the more evenly ground material always leads to better vapor.

While some grinders actually shred your material to increase the surface area, others grind it to enhance the area that comes in contact with the heat. Having said that, one must admit that the overall build quality and durability also play a major role when it comes to adjudging the winner.

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