Best Electronic Cigarette of 2017

JUUL eCig Review

E-cigarettes are suitable for those beginners looking for an extremely portable and easy-to-use starter kit and are often the first choice for many smokers looking to quit smoking and switch to vaping.

We have personally tested some of the best e-cigarette brands on the market to help you decide on which is the best electronic cigarette starter kit for you – and come up with the following award winners, pros, and cons to help you find the right device and help you as a smoker, switch to e-cigarette vaping.

Below are my current top picks for the Best e-Cig designed for use with concentrates and vape juice. On this page, you will find out more on how we performed our testing and rate each product. Also, try to visit my Best Vape Pen and Best e-Liquid pages to give you a heads up for the best on the market this year.

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Best e-Cig

JUUL eCig Review

The Juul eCig from Pax Vapor is a mini micro e-cig that tops every e-cigs on its category. With its sleek and innovative features, this is a great alternative to smoking cigarettes. Feels like a cigarette, interchangeable cartridges, the size and the usage are similar to smoking but much healthier. It’s the closest thing to replace your smoking habit.

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2 V2 Pro Series 3X Review

V2 Pro Series 3X Review

If you like an all-in-one device for e-Liquid, Wax or Dry Herb, V2 Pro Series 3x is a great option to consider. The magnetic cartridge and charger connection is super-convenient. You can also purchase herb or wax cartridges to make the V2 3X a functional 3 in one vape pen.

Recommended Store: Buy directly from V2 cigs.

3 My Von Erl Review

My Von Erl Review

The My Von ERLs four-inch-long body is made of high-quality aluminum and contains a draw-activated mechanism with 350mAh battery power. It is slightly larger than the JUUL but it’s sleeker and more rounded. The larger size of the Von ERL gives one major advantage, its PODS, which are much bigger than the JUUL’s. Each one contains 1.6ml of liquid with 50/50 PG/VG blend and they come in 18mg nicotine strength. That means each puff hits hard but you get a lot of cloud production.

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4 Twelve Juno Kit Review

Twelve Juno Kit Review

Twelve's Juno Ultra Portable Kit is an e-vaping system intended to go head to head with the infamous Von Erl, JUUL, and MyJet systems, features a draw activated firing system with a 380mAh rechargeable battery and three included prefilled 36mg strength 1.6ml Juno Pods which are non-refillable. An overall performance kit with strict airflow when taking a draw, so vaping on this device feels so natural like taking a smoke on a cigarette.

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5 V2 VERTX Plus Review

V2 VERTX Plus Review

V2 VERTX (Plus version) is packed with more power than any other battery in the micro e-cig category, delivering hours of enjoyment without sacrificing vapor production. Plus, its innovative features such as the touchscreen control is never before seen in micro e-cig products today. I'd say this is the new generation of e-cigs, innovative and powerful above else.

Recommended store: Buy directly from V2 Official Store.

6 Philip Morris IQOS e-cig Review

Philip Morris IQOS e-cig Review

The Philip Morris e-cig or known as IQOS uses real tobacco than e-juice. The difference between traditional cigarettes and the IQOS is that the tobacco use is heated, rather than burned. The unit itself is house on a small Zippo-like casket, which holds the unit but also acts as a cleaner and a charging dock. The Vapor Quality is absolutely fantastic. It doesn’t leave that usual cigarette smell, no ashes and the vapor smells good too. A nice hybrid electronic cigarette for users who wants to take a first step in quitting smoking.

7 eLeaf iNano Solo Review

eLeaf iNano Solo Review

The Eleaf iCare Solo is the next line-up in the critically acclaimed and trendsetting iCare series, presenting a sleek pen styled all in one device that packs in a 320 mAh battery and a capacity of 1.1 milliliters. The iCare Solo features a trim and slim form factor measuring 104.5mm by 18mm by 11mm. A perfect for the on-the-go situation and a must-have device for first timers in vaping who doesn’t want that bigger clouds.

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8 Aspire PockeX Review

Aspire PockeX Review

Aspire PockeX is an All-in-One (AIO) compact e-cig with a 2ml easy to fill tank. Powered by 1500mAh battery it can fire a maximum output wattage of 23W. Aspire PockeX AIO is designed to produce rich flavors and dense vapor production with its U-Tech Nautilus X 0.6ohm 316L SS coil. This device packs alot of features and comes in multiple colors.

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Best value 9 MyVapors MyJet Wismec eCig Review

MyVapors MyJet Wismec eCig Review

MyJet is the collaboration product produced by Wismec and MyVapors. A micro e-cig for those users who are looking for an alternative yet inexpensive way of smoking without loosing a lot of money on their pocket. With it's efficient fillable cartridge, there's no need to buy prefilled cartridges which can cost time and extra money.

Recommended store: Buy from an Authorized Dealer - VaporDNA.

10 VapeDynamics Cora Review

VapeDynamics Cora Review

The Cora is a very solid vape with an elegant design. The Cora is a great vape pen for any vaping level whether it be for beginners or experienced vapers who want a backup, the Cora delivers everything you need. Overall, Cora’s built-in 500mAh battery can certainly produce some good and large clouds for its size. A must have e-cig if you’re looking a stealthy yet solid in quality and performance pen-style e-cig.

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