Best Dab/ Wax Vape Pen of 2019

Dab Pens are also known as Wax Pens or Weed Pens and are compatible with CBD/ THC shatter, extract, wax, concentrate, dab etc. On this list are the best dab pens coming in to 2019, in different categories. We posted links to authorized stores and coupon codes where available. We update the list as we test new pens. Aslo feel free to check out our Best Cannabis Vaporizers list.

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Last update: 1/28/2019

🏆 Best Vape Pens

For Wax, Dab, Shatter, and Concentrates

CategoryVape Pen (click to quick-scroll)Price + Coupon
Best OverallKandyPens Prism$98 @ KandyPens
TVG25 for 25% off
Best FlavorLinx Blaze$135 @ Linx Vapor
Most DurableRokin Cyclone$49 @ Rokin
TVG15 for 15% off
Pen/ Straw HybridAtmos Electro Dabber$64 @ Atmos
TVG15 for 15% off
Best Cheap Vape PenG Pen Nova$34 @ G-Pen
TVG15 for 15% off
Easy for BeginnersDr. Dabber Light$49 @ Dr. Dabber
TVG15 for 15% off
SleekestQloudUp Nexus Pro$79 @ QloudUp
TVG15 for 15% off
Best KitKandyPens Amber$148 @ KandyPens
TVG25 for 25% off
Best Nectar CollectorLinx Ares$109 @ Linx Vapor
Most PowerfulAtmos Q3$99 @ Atmos
TVG15 for 15% off


🎓 Things to consider

When buying a Dab Pen

Vape Pens seem to be popular with everyone, from A-list celebrities to soccer moms. So many cannabis users realize the pros of using a weed vape pen, and dispensaries now offer an array of cannabis wax and dab concentrate.

best dab pen 2019

The CBD/ THC Extracts:

Are available at dispensaries in legal states. These concentrates can be up to 95% THC, and give instant results on demand. If you don’t live in a legal state you can purchase CBD dabs such as the one from SunState (Review | Visit Store). These are derived from hemp so they are legal in all states.

A word about Coils- Quartz or Ceramic?

What’s the difference? You can read this post for the full rundown. But basically- Quartz is typically intense (more vapor, less flavor), and Ceramic is usually soft (better flavor, less harsh). Some Wax Pens (KandyPens Amber, Prism) come with starter kits that include both atomizers so you can try and see which one suits you best.

Vaping Dabs vs Dry Herb:

The sweet spot vaping temperature of THC Dabs starts around 410F and goes up to 500F. The good news is that in order to reach that temperature for a few seconds, to heat very little material, vape pens do not need a lot of power. This means that vape pens can be small and discreet, unlike dry herb vaporizers. Dry herb vapes need to stay at a high temperature for a long “session” and require a large battery and involved usage. Dab pens are more practical and easy to use.

wax vape pens

Is THC Wax the same as THC Oil?

No. CBD/ THC Wax, (also known as crumble, shatter, dab, concentrate etc.) is solid at room temperature. It can sometimes have “honey” like consistency, but it is not “oily”. Check out our favorite oil vapes of this year if that’s what you’re after. Some vapes on this list such as the KandyPens Amber are also compatible with 510 cartridges, making it a one-device package for all your extracts. Read this post to understand the differences between Cannabis Oil and Wax.

A word about price

As you notice at the list above, vape pen prices can vary dramatically (KP Amber- $148, GP Nova- $35) and wonder what may be the difference. Typically, with higher end vape pens you’d get a better battery, better kit (includes more coils, oil compatibility). The build quality may be better, keeping the air-path pure from plastic or silicone. And they would also last longer.

Cheap vape pens can be good for travel or as a backup, but if you’re serious about dabbing, you should invest in a good pen.

New trends & Updates

  • Cloud Vapes released the Flash Vape Pen (1/11/19)– CloudV is known for making high-end dabbing products and Rigs. They just released the Flash- a dab pen with a vertical ceramic coil, 420 mAh battery., and 3 temp settings. We ordered one and will post a review asap. Sign up to our newsletter to get updates.
  • Coil-less Quartz Bowls seem to be gaining traction (1/5/18)– When choosing a Vape Pen, you have a few coil options- Ceramic, Quartz Rods, and the new type that’s been popping up- Quartz bowl. The coil is designed like a bucket, made from quartz. The heating element is sitting right under the coil and heats it up. The Heating element does not touch the Extracts in the coil, providing a smoother experience than a Quartz Rods design. A couple of new vapes that use this new Quartz bowl design are the new KandyPens Crystal, and the Linx Blaze.

đź“Š List Breakdown

Best Dab Pens Explained

BEST WAX PEN- KandyPens Prism

KandyPens Prism wax pen review

The Bottom Line: It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced user – the KandyPens PRISM (and Prism+) will work for you.

It is compatible with any type of THC wax or shatter, dab, or any type of concentrate.

The PRISM has minimal draw resistance, and it comes with two excellent coils – Quartz and Ceramic. The Quartz produces large amounts of vapor and the Ceramic scores very high on vapor quality and flavor quality.

It also has four temperature settings, it is easy to use, and the battery is backed with KandyPens lifetime warranty. The main difference between the Prism and the (+) is the size vs battery life. Overall, the PRISM is the Best Dab Pen of 2019.

KandyPens$97.99TVG25 for 25% off
VapeWorld$97.99TVG15 for 15% off
Vape-Smart$97.99TVG10 for 10% off

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linx blaze how to use
The wide opening of each atomizer makes the loading process very simple and quite fast.

The Bottom Line: The Linx Blaze is one of the top Wax pens money can buy. It comes with two coils- quartz bucket and ceramic donut, both of which produce outstanding vapor. The density of the vapor is a little thin, but the taste is excellent, and the vapor is potent and effective. Low draw resistance, glass mouthpiece, and a strong battery life round out a package that is perfect for extract connoisseurs.

Linx Vapor$134.99N/a

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MOST DURABLE- Rokin Cyclone

Rokin Cyclone dab

The Bottom Line: The Rokin Cyclone is an attractive and powerful extract pen with some convenience-oriented feature innovations.

The Cyclone is integrated with waterless cooling technology which provides for smooth hits and introduces the new 14-second active mode.

The vapor quality is very good no matter which coil you choose thanks to the deep chambers of each coil. The Cyclone is sturdy with an aluminum body. Ultimately, the Rokin Cyclone is a very solid and durable vape with a lot of great features that vapers of any experience level can enjoy.

Rokin$49.95TVG15 for 15% off

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Atmos Electro Dabber concentrate straw

The Bottom Line: The Atmos Electro Dabber is an impressive feat of engineering that manages to combine a vape pen and a concentrate straw into one handy device.

A Concentrate Straw (aka Nectar Collector) means that the vape can be turned upside down, so the exposed coil is at the bottom and the mouthpiece is on top. You can then “suck” your extract right out of the jar. Get the coil close to them and inhale through the mouthpice just like a straw.

Some users prefer this method of vaping and say that the flavor is better and that it conserves the wax since there is zero waste. And of course you can also use it an an ordinary vape pen. The Atmos Electro Dabber is a versatile and unique wax vaporizer, that delivers performance at a very fair price.

Atmos$64.95TVG15 for 15% off
Vape-Smart$64.95TVG10 for 10% off

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G Pen Nova Design

The Bottom Line: The G Pen Nova is a great vape pen for beginners because of its versatility and because the vapor it produces is soft and smooth.

It’s versatile because it can vape wax and dry herb, plus it’s 510 threaded so it can use prefilled THC/CBD cartridges as well.

It has a dab/stirring tool built in the mouthpiece, and three temperature levels. The Nova may not be intense enough for experts, but it is just right for first-time vapers. Overall great value, and a very fair price tag.

G-Pen$34.95TVG15 for 15% off
VapeWorld$34.95TVG15 for 15% off
Vape-Smart$34.95TVG10 for 10% off

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dr dabber vape pen

The Bottom Line: The Light is an ultra-portable, fuss-free THC extract vaporizer pen that simplifies vaping concentrates. This is a great vape for beginners because you do not need to customize any controls–just load the wax in the atomizer, screw on the top and press the button.

Coming from a company with experience, the Light really pulls its (surprisingly light) weight and is the best cheap vape pen of 2019. Just don’t expect it to keep up with the higher end vape pens such as the Prism or Linx. Buy hey, it’s half the price of these pens.

Dr Dabber$49.95TVG15 for 15% off
VapeWorld$49.95TVG15 for 15% off

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SLEEKEST- QloudUp Nexus Pro

The Bottom Line: The Qloudup Nexus Pro is an upgrade to an already great vape pen.

It keeps the great flavor while upping the convenience and comfort factors via a glass mouthpiece and magnetic connections.

Those features and the selection of comparatively low temperatures make the Nexus Pro a great vaporizer for beginners. The kit comes with two coils- Ceramic and Dual Quartz, both perform great and keep flavors pure. Great value/price ratio.

QloudUp$79.99TVG15 for 15% off

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BEST KIT- KandyPens Amber

KandyPens Amber Rose Cartridges

The Bottom Line: KandyPens has teamed up with Amber Rose to create a vape pen that has all the style and flair you would expect from both of them. The benefits of this vape pen aren’t just surface level, it provides some of the best wax vaping around.

There are two wax coils included- a Ceramic bowl and a Dual Quartz, as well as a 510 thread empty oil cartridge. The 510 threading makes it a great match for any THC or CBD cartridge. The pen has 4 temperature levels, and can handle wax, dab, or oils.

Beginner or veteran, the Amber Rose vape pen is one of the best, most luxurious extract vapes around.

KandyPens$148TVG25 for 25% off
VapeWorld$148TVG15 for 15% off
Vapor Nation$148N/a

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Linx Ares Concentrate

The Bottom Line: The Linx Ares is unique in that it is basically an electric nectar collector–both convenient and economical. You don’t need a dab tool and you don’t need to move your wax from point A to B.

The Ares works with a ceramic heating element that’s connected to a straw-like tip. You slide the heating component over your wax–on a heatproof surface–as you inhale from the other end. It’s literally a dab straw. This means there’s fewer parts to remove, no chamber to fill, and no mouthpiece to lose.

This Linx vape pen is beautifully built and looks like a pen; it’s sturdy and steel and won’t look out of place on your desk or nightstand.

Although Ares has only two temp settings – low and high, these temperatures provide amazing flavor. Some would argue that that the flavor and aroma are better than normal dab pens, and the clouds are bigger. The Ares is a very well-built wax vaporizer that gives a different vaping experience.

Linx Vapor$109.95N/a

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Atmos Q3

The Bottom Line: If you plan to vape mostly at home and looking for dense and strong vapor, the Atmos Q3 is your vaporizer. It is much smaller than an e-nail but way more powerful and agile than a vape pen. It features a triple quartz rod atomizer that heats up quickly and together with the glass mouthpiece delivers rich and potent vapor. While I can’t say this is the best tasting vapor I experienced, it surely was among the strongest. With a relatively cheap price tag, the Q3 is a great buy.

Atmos$49.95TVG15 for 15% off
Vape-Smart$49.95TVG10 for 10% off

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Oron has been vaping for over ten years, and been 100% combustion free since early 2016. He has tried and tested hundreds of vaporizers with every functionality imaginable. Some of Oron's favorite vapes are the Mighty, Solo 2, and Juul. After switching to vaping, Oron experienced first hand the benefits of being smoke-free and decided to help as many people as possible to make the switch. When Oron is not vaping, he is passionate about photography, technology, gadgets, health & nutrition, physical activities.

  1. I want to purchase a vape tch pin though I’m leery Because I live in a hick town called connersville Indiana I don’t want to purchase 1 in have the FBI at my front door 20 deep I’m just curious

  2. Been a smoker for over 10 years all this vape pen stuff is a long way from my pipe and flower but I really like the pens. I bought a cheap Metrix $10-$20 in January and it’s a goner now. I was thinking of buying the G-Pen nova. I’m a Mom of 3 and I’m on the go (sometimes I forget to charge my pen) also the Zero to no smell is amazing! Would you also recommend this? I love screwing in the carts and just going but I hate faulty cartridges or the having to lift up the coil so your pen can work. I don’t have time for all that. I also don’t want a cheap pen that doesn’t give you a proper high or sore throat. I usually some indica only.

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