Best 510 Pre-Filled CBD Cartridges

If you think that vaping is just about getting high, then you would be wrong, CBD cartridges are all about making you feel good without making you feel high. That’s because CBD is the non-psychoactive compound in marijuana, so, unlike THC, it doesn’t give you that euphoric feeling. CBD comes in many different forms, and pre-filled cartridges are one of the best because of how simple they are to use. So, check out this list to get a look at the best 510 pre-filled CBD cartridges on the market right now.

By: Oron Mati  |   Last update: 11/20/2018

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Hemp Bombs 510 CBD Oil Cartridges Review

Hemp Bombs CBD cartridges are some of the best around because of the sheer number of options that they offer to users. There are a wide variety of choices when it comes to concentration levels, plus they have more flavor selections than any other type of CBD oil available. If you’re getting into CBD oil, then Hemp Bombs 510 cartridges are a great place to start.

2 Sun State CBD Vape Oil 510 Cartridges Review

Sun State CBD Vape Oil 510 Cartridges Review

These cartridges only come in concentrations of 200 mg but they have some of the best flavors of any CBD oil around. They are available in some delicious fruity flavors, but marijuana connoisseurs will love the accurate approximations of some of their favorite strains. So, if flavor is your priority when it comes to CBD oil, then these 510 cartridges are some of your best options.

3 Joy Organics CBD Vape Pen Review

Joy Organics CBD Vape Pen Review

This is the perfect option for anyone who doesn’t want to worry about having to buy their batteries and cartridges separately, because this CBD vape pen includes both in one convenient package. It only comes in one flavor and concentration level at the moment, but that flavor tastes great and the concentration of 500 mg is high enough for most users. Best of all, the oil is full spectrum so it is some of the most potent around.

4 Medix CBD Vape Oil Review

Medix CBD Vape Oil Review

This is an interesting brand because they use the effects on the user to differentiate amongst their selection instead of flavor. This gives it an edge over other CBD oils because everyone will know the specific effects it will have on them. So, if anyone wants a full spectrum CBD oil that they know will ease them into sleep or make them more focused and alert, then this is the oil to get.


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5 Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges Review

Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges Review

Gold Line’s CBD cartridges stand out from the crowd because of their wider mouthpiece and adjustable airflow. So vaping from them feels a little better than it does with the tapered mouthpieces of other 510 cartridges. The flavor and concentration selection is not as varied as other brands, but what’s there is very high quality.


CBD and You

Gold Line CBD 510 Cartridges vs Hemp Bombs & Sun State

Convenience: The ease of use and convenience of pre-filled 510 threaded cartridges are some of the reasons why the popularity of CBD has taken off. There is no need to fill up a tiny glass tank whenever you are ready to inhale some CBD, the only thing that needs to be done is to screw the cartridge onto any compatible battery and you’re good to go. And with the ever growing number of affordable 510 batteries available, users are spoiled for choice.

Strengths and Flavors: One other great thing about CBD cartridges is the options they give to users because most are available in a variety of flavors and a variety of strengths. The strength of the oil is determined by its concentration level, which is measured in mg (milligrams). This can range from 100 mg on the low end, all the way up to 1000 mg and more on the high end. This range of choices allows users to customize their experience. So that casual users can take the lower strength levels, while those who have a more serious need for CBD can use the oil with higher concentration levels.

CBD Benefits Research: That shows you how versatile CBD can be, it can be used occasionally for benefits like relaxation, sleep aid, and as an anti-inflammatory. The possible uses of CBD are myriad, especially since it is a non habit forming treatment with with few, non-serious side effects. Once the full potential of CBD is realized, it will likely become even more popular than it already is.

Buying Guide & FAQ

What is a 510 thread?

510 threading is a format of threading that connects vaporizer batteries and cartridges. The number refers to the fact that they are usually 5 meters in length and that they have 10 screw threads.

Which vaporizers are compatible with 510 threaded cartridges?

Any oil vaporizer that is 510 threaded will work with 510 cartridges. Since most oil vaporizers already use 510 THC oil cartridges, they will be compatible with 510 CBD cartridges. There are also stand alone batteries that can be used with any 510 cartridge.

What is full spectrum CBD?

This is CBD that contains the other cannabinoids found in the marijuana plant, not just CBD. It can sometimes include minute traces of THC, but too little of it for anyone to feel any of its effects. Full spectrum CBD is different from CBD isolate, which only contains CBD and no other cannabinoids.

Does CBD get you high?

No, it does not. The psychoactive compound of marijuana is the THC, CBD is a separate compound that does not have any high or euphoric effects whatsoever.

Which strength is right for me?

This is a question that should either be answered by a medical professional or determined by trial and error. If the latter method is chosen, then it is advisable that the user start with the lowest concentration available and gradually work their way up until they start feeling the desired effects.

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