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The VooPoo Drag Vape Mod is easy to use for both beginners and veterans alike. This vape mod has advanced temperature control settings that make for a highly ...

The electronic grinder scene is blowing up! Check out our comparison of the Pen Simple Grinder versus the Easy Grinder to find out which one comes out on top ...

The Adventurer is the newest dry herb vaporizer from Focus Vape and it comes with a unique feature in the form of a water bubbler. You won't find such a ...

The Vape Forward Cync review gets you all the latest details on the newest ecig from VapeForward. This electronic cigarette is super customizable in that it ...

Snoop Dogg’s Pounds glassware line is a collection of bongs and dab rigs for dry herb and or oil--depening on the model. We love that regardless of whether you ...

Summerland teamed up with Kandypens on this nice little glass, stoner-ware collabo. This natural collaboration yielded a good looking, premium water pipe ...

The Kind Pen Dream vape is undoubtedly one of the best options of vape pens for its style, craftsmanship, and most of all, its versatility. From oils to ...

Phix eCig Review

$34.99 $39.99

Ever since e-cigarette vaping has caught public fancy, the market has been flooded with numerous products, each with their own spin on the growing ecig vaping ...

Tesla Terminator Preview

$46.40 $56

The Tesla Terminator is a high-performance 90 Watt unregulated vape mod, which uses a single 18650 battery to power it. It can power vape tanks with ...

It’s just not enough that your vape works incredibly anymore. It has to look sick too, right? It’s pretty impressive how far THC extract vaporizers have come ...

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  1. Hey Sandra!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to comment on the fruits of our Pax 3 labor!
    It means a lot because we put a lot of thought into our reviews–and Pax 3 certainly deserves it.
    We look forward to seeing you back in the future; let us know if we can help out in any way!

    Happy vaping 😀

  2. Hey Moo!

    Thanks so much for the compliment on the review; Pax 3 makes it pretty easy for us!
    Hey good for you on ditching the joints! Thing is, battery life definitely depends on: the heating profile you use / the custom temp you are vaping at, if you are using your Pax 3 with the app at all, and of course–how many sessions per day, etc.

    Some of us vape on stealth mode, while some of us turn that baby all the way up for maximum enjoyment 😉
    And, some of us vape multiple sessions in a day, while some of us call on our Pax a few times a week.

    I get the feeling that because you were an avid joint smoker, you are not spending too much time in stealth mode, and that your frequently hitting up your Pax–both contributing factors here.

    Those things being said, we went ahead and adjusted that element of the review to account for users that consistently use their dry herb vape–and at temp profiles that require greater battery output to boot.
    Thank you much for the comment, and letting us know how we can improve for our readers–that’s the ultimate goal here.
    Look forward to connecting again soon, Moo.

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