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The Hydrology 9 is a cool, futuristic looking dry herb vape with a litany of impressive features, the most notable of which is the water-cooling feature that ...

The Kiln RA is the perfect vaporizer regardless of your experience level, its ease of use makes it a great choice for beginners, while its modability makes it ...

The JUUL is a legendary e-cig for good reason, it’s one of the first and one of the best. The reasons? How about great flavor, smooth vaping, ease of use, ...

The KandyPens Rubi has already become one of the best e-cigs because of its cool design, vaping versatility, and excellent performance. Oh, and since it uses ...

I’m tempted to call the Solo 2 the BFV, for Big Friendly Vaporizer. The big part is pretty obvious, as for the friendly part, well, it’s easy to use, easy to ...

The Atmos Jump is a tough, simple pen style weed vape that anyone can use. Those features, and the low price, make it an attractive proposition for vaping ...

The DaVinci IQ is a fantastic dry herb vaporizer because of its stylish elegant design, advanced feature list, and excellent vapor quality. The zirconia ...

Pax 3 Review


The Pax 3 is vaping royalty, but is that reputation deserved? In some ways, yes. It’s simple, yet sleek, design, great flavor quality, intuitive functionality, ...

The Crafty and Mighty have been around for as long as weed vaporizers have been around and their awesome vapor quality and simple, functional design proves ...

The Haze Square Pro features four bowls, convection heating, fast-charging, and more great features. Unfortunately, all those great features are hindered by ...

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  1. Yea I feel it halfway and it works perfectly 😉

  2. Big News!!! ?

    PAX 3 just started shipping toady-

  3. Fixed, thank Victor!

  4. Fixed, thanks Victor!

  5. Haha I guess your local store is selling it for much less profit than Yocan! There are still some advantages to good old brick-and-mortar shopping 😎

  6. You need to buy new cartridges

  7. I agree that the vapor is not strong enough. I prefer my solo 2 over the H9.

  8. I think it means you need to charge it

  9. Hi Marielle! Dry Herb vapes don’t produce a lot of vapor (smoke). But still, here are a couple of things that may help you improve your experience-
    1. Try packing the oven less tight. Make sure that air can go through the herbs and that you don’t “plug” it. This increases the draw resistance and makes it hard to inhale from. You want to pack a full oven, but have the herb sitting loosely inside. Experiment with different ways to pack it until you find the best one.
    2. Make sure that your herb is dry. This gives a better flavor and more even vape.

    Otherwise, your temp is just about right and you should be getting good results. Good luck!

  10. I have not tried that one yet.

  11. Puffco Peak- more simple to use, Switch- can do herbs and it is MUCH larger. So it’s all about preference.

  12. Good news! They came out with a C-Box Pro that has an opening of 10.55mm vs 9.6mm for the regular C-BOX.

  13. You are right! It wasn’t working. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I sent an email to Atmos and they fixed it this morning.

  14. In my opinion- the IQ’s is a bit better.

  15. Yea turns out they excluded it from the coupon. You can buy at vape-smart and use TVG10-

  16. Directly from honeystick. USe out coupon code-

  17. Read the important note on the top of the page. It has few problems and is being recalled.

  18. Hi KB, thanks for writing this and letting us + other users know about these issues.
    Based on my previous experience with Arizer- I’m very surprised. I’ve been using the Solo 1, and now the Solo 2, every day for years and never had a single issue with it. The Solo is made from high-quality materials.

    My ArGo still works good, but it has very “low mileage” as I mostly use the Solo.

    Anyways, thanks for the feedback once again, and I hope that the replacement (or fixed unit) that they send you works better- for a long time!

  19. Hi Patty, I’m very surprised about your experience. VapeWord are usually 100% on the customer’s side. Probably the highest satisfaction rate of all stores. Sorry about your experience ;(

  20. Hi Nick, the reason that most products on our lists have coupon codes, is because we negotiate with manufacturers and stores and get these coupon codes to provide value to our readers.
    If you are implying that we get paid if you use our coupons (or our links)- you are absolutely right. We do get paid a small commission fee that we roll back into maintaining this website. And the customer saves- sometimes up to 25%. This is very common with review websites, this is how they stay alive since no products are being sold. All of this is stated in our affiliate disclosure by the way (link in the footer). In our case, we are also basically ad-free. Do you see an annoying pop-up pushing an ad to your face when you visit our website? Nope. Pretty uncommon, isn’t it?
    As per the Puffco Peak- this is an initial preview, and we ranked it based on our impressions (from the CES 2018), and Puffcos prev products. This score is going to change once we receive and test a unit.
    Thanks for writing in, and I appreciate any feedback that can help us improve our website.

  21. I’m guessing it shouldn’t but you should ask someone that knows better 😆

  22. Thank you Dexter!

  23. I’ve had my Crafty since 2014 and it still works great. I do have a lot of vapes, so I rotate them a lot- meaning I did not use the Crafty vigorously. But it never gave me trouble. With that said- the Solo 2 is an AMAZING vape. One of my fav home-use vapes.

  24. Not really. The Era is closed POD system ONLY for proprietary Pre-filled THC oil cartridges.
    The RUBI is an open system (meaning refillable), it has a ceramic coil, and you can choose which liquid/ oil you want to use.
    So the two are in different categories and both are awesome devices.

  25. click 5 times

  26. Nope, won’t work with THC oils.

  27. I mean using a good grinder makes a huge difference. Of course, there is no noticeable difference is you use the SLX or other quality grinders.
    If your weed is not ground properly, you will fill it during your session 100% doesn’t matter which vape you use.

  28. Just with any other vape- some alcohol or alcohol wipes will make it much easier.

  29. PAX 3 just started shipping-

  30. You kinda have to vape it all in one session with this one. Oven is not too big, I think its perfect for personal (single person) use.

  31. It’ll last 3-4 sessions. I recommend buying an extra battery and external charger. Will help you if battery life is a concern.

  32. Not really. But the oven is not too big on the IQ. I also vape alone mostly and it works perfect for me.

  33. My average session lasted 5-7 minutes. I personally like shorter sessions but you can go up to 10 minutes with the IQ.

  34. I do have a 15% discount code for Atmos– TVG15 but the Pillar is excluded. Use coupon code TVG10 at to save 10% on the Pillar.

  35. Thank you, Jim! It’s nice to have you on board 😉

  36. Both are solid e-nails. The main reason I would go with KandyPens is the lifetime warranty. Users have been reporting some e-nails are “burning” the replacement nails quickly. With such a complex product (that involves electricity, water, hear) a lot can go wrong and it is good to be backed up.
    Also, it performs very well and comes with 3 replacement coils.

  37. You may be right, there was nothing to indicate that in the box or manual tho. If you have to take out the screen every time you are using with concentrate it becomes not convenient. I prefer to buy even a cheap $50 vape pen use it for concentrate.

    The PAX 3 provided an awesome experience with herb.

  38. Great review Doctor! Thank you for sharing your (rich) vaping experience 😉

  39. 15-25..

  40. Hi Ronni, my personal favorite is the Firefly 2. The instant heat and vapor quality is outstanding. It comes with a heavy first-time investment of $330, but you will save on material and make your money back within a few months. Check it out here:

  41. That’s true. The Firefly 2 is beyond any other vape in my opnion..

  42. Three ways:
    1. You feel that the flavor is gone
    2. You open the chamber and look at the herb. If it is brownish than it is done.
    3. You develop a six sense to it in a few days 😉

  43. Cleaning and Maintenance is super easy. Seems like the mouthpiece is only part that that will need replacement in the future..
    As far as heat up time, the Elite is super fast. You see the temperature going up on the screen QUICKLY. The mouthpiece gets a bit warm but when you learn that you acutely need to wrap your lips around rather than having them touch the middle part of the mouthpiece, it gets a lot more manageable.
    As I said, no experience with the grasshopper but the Elite gets the job done beautifully 😉

  44. Hi Scott, no I have not got a chance to personally check out the Grasshopper. I’ve been using the Elite for about a month straight now and I’m happy to say it is a phenomenal vaporizer..;)

  45. Glad you liked it Dan. I was pretty impressed with it also. The G Pen Elite is my first choice for out-of-house vape 😉

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