Atmos Vicod 5G review

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Atmos Vicod 5G Review

The Good: Good vapor quality with the glass mouthpiece | Rubber housing provides durability and heat resistance | Low draw resistance is easy on the lungs | Battery lasts long and recharges quickly

The Bad: Glass mouthpiece limits portability | Vapor gets hot and harsh with the flat mouthpiece | Wax performance isn’t too great

The Bottom Line: I like that the Atmos Vicod 5G is one of the safer, portable vaporizers out there. I didn’t like that the safety and portability was reduced with the glass mouthpiece that I prefer. Also, I wasn’t impressed by the wax performance, but as long as I used it with dry herb and the glass mouthpiece, I had a pretty good time with the Vicod.

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Kit and Accessories

  • Atmos Vicod 5G
  • Glass mouthpiece
  • Titanium wax concentrate cup
  • Cleaning brush + packing tool
  • USB charging cable

Compatibility: The Atmos Vicod 5G is compatible with dry herb and wax concentrates.

Mouthpiece Selection: The Vicod includes two different mouthpieces, a short plastic one and a longer glass one.

The stainless flat mouthpiece is great for portability but not the best choice for vaping because the flat gets hot after being used for a while. The reason is that the chamber is right beneath the mouthpiece, so the air path is too short for the vapor to cool down.

The glass mouthpiece isn’t too pocket friendly, but it is very vaper friendly because the longer airpath and neutral material provide cooler, more pure vapor than the flat mouthpiece.

Official Accessories

You can get extras or replacements for every accessory in the kit. If you use the Vicod with wax concentrates and need a place to store it, then there are also silicon or glass containers available for sale.

Additional Accessories

When using the Vicod with dry herb, you need the finest grind possible, and you can get it with the SLX grinder that is available from Amazon. I use it with all my weed vapes and it has never let me down.

Design and Features

Atmos Vicod 5G Design
The rubber housing of the Vicod gives it nice durability, heat resistance, and a solid grip.

General Design: The Vicod has a sleek rectangular shape with a rubber coating on the front and back that give it a rugged, outdoor-friendly look. The power button and the temperature control buttons are big and prominent despite the small size of the device. The final touch is the OLED screen that displays the temperature and battery level.  

Portability: The Vicod is just under four inches tall and that short height, plus the rounded edges, means that it slips easily into any pocket. At least, as long as you use the shorter stainless flat mouthpiece. If you use the longer, glass mouthpiece, then the Vicod has to go into a purse or a backpack instead.

Build Quality: This vaporizer has a plastic body that is surrounded by a rubber housing on its larger sides. That gives it impressive padding for when you take it hiking, cycling, mountain climbing, or anywhere that it might take some abuse. Once again though, only as long as you use the stainless flat mouthpiece, since the glass one is naturally more fragile.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The herb chamber should be cleaned regularly using cleaning wipes and the included cleaning brush. Both mouthpieces should be cleaned out with a q-tip soaked in alcohol to avoid any residue build up. Excess residue can cause either mouthpiece to get stuck and hard to remove, so clean them regularly to keep that from happening.

How to Use

How to Use Atmos Vicod 5G
The Vicod is easy to use since the mouthpiece snaps off easily when it is time to load.

With Dry Herb

  1. Snap off the mouthpiece of your choosing to expose the herb chamber.
  2. Fill the chamber with herb and then replace the mouthpiece.
  3. Press the power button five times to turn on the device.
  4. Use the up and down arrows to select your temperature and start the heating process.
  5. When heating is complete, inhale from the mouthpiece.

With Wax Concentrates

  1. Snap off the mouthpiece of your choosing to expose the herb chamber.
  2. Place the wax cup into the herb chamber.
  3. Dab your wax into the chamber and replace the mouthpiece.
  4. Press the power button five times to turn on the device.
  5. Use the up and down arrows to select your temperature and start the heating process.
  6. When heating is complete, inhale from the mouthpiece.

Temperature Range: 300°F to 435°F

Performance and Vapor Quality

Atmos Vicod 5G Performance
The vapor quality is superior with the longer glass mouthpiece than it is with the flat mouthpiece.

Vaporizer Performance: The Vicod only takes about thirty seconds to heat up, which is pretty fast for a vaporizer this size. Furthermore, the rubber housing means that it never gets hot to the touch, so it stays cool no matter what temperature you select or how long you vape. The vents on either side of the device mean that draw resistance is always low no matter which mouthpiece, or what substance, you use.

Dry Herb Performance: The vapor quality is always quite good with the longer glass mouthpiece. That is because the length of the mouthpiece cools down the vapor and the neutral glass material doesn’t affect the flavor of the vapor. My ideal vaping temp with this mouthpiece is in the 375°F to 410°F range. On the other hand, when using the short, flat mouthpiece, the vapor is usually quite hot and harsh because of the shorter airpath. That is why I vaped  in the 360°F to 380°F range with that mouthpiece.

Wax Performance: The wax performance isn’t that great for a few reasons. One of them is that the Vicod doesn’t get hot enough to vaporize the wax at a level that is truly satisfying. The other is that  the wax cup is made from titanium, which isn’t the ideal extract vaping material because of the metallic aftertaste. That is why I wouldn’t recommend using the Vicod with your wax concentrates. Get a vape pen instead.
Battery Performance: The battery is a surprisingly large 2200 mAh and can last for ninety minutes. The recharge time is only about an hour, so you will never be without it for too long.

Atmos Vicod 5G vs Atmos Astra 2 vs DaVinci Miqro

The Astra 2 is a close sibling to the Vicod, they can even use the same mouthpieces! They have other similarities too, but the main difference is that the Astra 2 has a sleeker style that makes it more suitable for concerts, festivals, or the club rather than the great outdoors. The Miqro is a very sleek looking, tiny vape with some cool features, though it can get hot to the touch after a short amount of use.

Atmos Vicod 5GAtmos Astra 2Davinci Miqro
Compatible withDry herb, WaxDry herbDry herb
Heating MethodConductionConductionConduction
Temperature Range300°F – 435°F300°F – 435°F350°F – 430°F
Battery Capacity2200 mAh2200 mAh900 mAh
Battery Life90 minutes60 minutes20 to 30 minutes
Charge Time 1 hour3 to 4 hours1 hour
Mouthpiece OptionsOne glass and one plasticOne glass and one plasticOne flat and one extended. Both are zirconia
WarrantyFive year LimitedFive year LimitedFive years
Price$134.95 directly from Atmos$139.95 directly from Atmos$199 directly from DaVinci

Bottom Line

Atmos Vicod 5G Performance
8.7 Total Score
Atmos Vicod 5G 2nd Gen Bottom Line

The Atmos Vicod 5G is a great choice for anyone who wants the flexibility of temperature customization in a tough, portable package. It provides very good vapor quality, but only if you use the glass mouthpiece as the vapor gets hot and uncomfortable with the flat one. Wax performance is subpar so don’t bother using it for that purpose. Use it for your weed with the glass mouthpiece and you’re golden.

Who is it for: Active users who like to vape outdoors. Anyone who needs a portable vape that can withstand some abuse. Vapers who want an affordable device with some nice features . 

Who is it NOT for: Users who want a device with a bigger feature list. Anyone who wants strong wax and dry herb performance. Vapers who don’t want to sacrifice portability for good vapor quality.


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  1. I wanna get this 🙂 Nice post, thank you for the details most reviews leave out. Keep up the good work, happy vaping!

  2. I have this one and I love it !

  3. I just got one, and i too love it!

  4. Did you read that manual that came with the vidod 5g second generation? The directions to turn it on as read in the manual does not work with the device. The manual instructs you to press the power button 3 times to turn the device on when actually it needs 5. The wax chamber instructions are vague The manual didn’t tell you anything about the screen or the little piece of string that came in the same small plastic bag. I own the 1st generation and second, the vapor quality is not any better but it comes with the wax cup and has a better screen. Thanks for reading.

  5. Does anyone have any tips on how to use the wax cup?

  6. how do i use the waxy cup?

  7. I contacted Atmos by email about the waxy cup and they replied:

    “The wick and screen is there to help absorb the waxy essence for better vaporization depending on the consistency of your product. The wick goes inside the cup first then the screen would go on top of the wick. If your waxy essence is thin and has movement in room temperature then it would be good to use the wick with the metal screen. If your waxy essence is hard with no movement then you can take the screen and wick out of the cup. You can use soapy water or rubbing alcohol and cotton swab to clean the cup. Please feel free to contact us directly at the number listed below if you should have any further questions. Any agent will be happy to assist you. “

  8. I just received the 5g as a gift. I have tried to charge it. Left it on the charger over night. I have tried pushing the on button 3 times and 5 times. It won’t turn on. Help?

  9. I purchased one new from AtmosRx sight to make sure I had the warranty. After a year the battery was not charging full anymore. Here is how that suppose warranty works. They charge you $46 to replace and sent me a replacement that had a rattle unused… Now I am out my original price plus the cost to replace a warranty!!! and still waiting on them to replace. The unit is good to use but it’s a vaporizer that cost you plenty and the warranty in all my 60 years should never cost the consumer that kind of fee to replace
    With many competitors I would go with a company that honors the warranty at no cost to the consumer after all thats why you buy it from Atmos or it’s authorized seller!

    • Did they send you a new vape for $46? If so, that’s actually pretty good. Batteries tend to go bad at some point. In your case, it was a year. Hopefully you’ll have better luck with the replacement they send you.

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