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Atmos Studio Rig Review

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atmos studio e-rig review

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Atmos 510 e-nail Review bottom line

The Atmos 510 Studio Rig is universally designed to fit in ALL box mods and mod batteries. It features a titanium nail chamber for waxy concentrates and an additional ceramic chamber for dry herbs. It does a great job especially with wax, and the water attachment ensures smooth and good tasting vapor. This is the Best e-nail I tested that costs less than $100. Highly recommended.

Best Deal: Buy directly from Atmos and use coupon code TVG15 to save 15%.

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In-Depth Atmos Studio Rig Review:

AtmosRX just released their 510 e-nail attachment- the Studio eRig. Atmos has been the pioneers in the vape world and came out with some of the best selling vaporizers in the world. E-Nails are becoming more popular in recent years, and many brands released their own e-nails, such as the KandyPens Icon, the Cloud V Electro, and the Pulsar e-nail. The ease of use of electronic nails over a rig and touch are pulling users to using portable e-nails that will preserve the Rig experience but in a more convenient, efficient way. Check out my 10 best e-nails list for more info.

The Atmos Studio was fast to heat up, and produced huge clouds

The Atmos Studio was fast to heat up, and produced huge clouds

Unlike most of the other e-nails out there, Atmos eRig is compatible with Concentrate and also Dry Herb. The Atmos also stands out with it cheaper price tag ($89.95 from atmos) vs the KandyPens Icon ($199) and the Cloud V Electro ($250). But that doesn’t mean that it is not as good. I recently reviewed another Atmos product, the Jump Vaporizer ($60 from Atmos) and it surprised the hell out of me. It performed excellent despite of the cheap price tag. So I figured the Atmos e-nail will be on the same line- cheap and powerful. Was it? Well, read on 😉

Atmos Studio kit comes with

    • 25mm Chamber Base- This is the part that connects to your box mod using a 510 thread.
    • Glass Attachment- This is a water filtration attachment and will cool down the vapor.
    • Titanium Concentrate nail.
    • Ceramic Dry Herb nail.
    • Magnetic card cap
  • User manual

As I mentioned the Atmos comes with 2 attachments, one for wax and one for herb. This is the only e-nail that offers this dual compatibility.

Left: Concentrate Dish. Right: Dry Herb Chamber.

Left: Concentrate Dish.
Right: Dry Herb Chamber.

Atmos 510 e-nail design

As you could gather by the name, the Studio eRig is a 510 attachment, that is available with or without a box mod. The Studio will fit most 510 threaded box mods. The attachment is made of 4 main pieces: the base, the e-nail, the glass and the carb cap.

Putting the whole thing together is easy. The Atmos Studio e-nail definatly feels solid and well maid. The base connector has cooling ridges and Atmos engraving.

atmos e-nail review

The Atmos Studio e-nail base has a brand engraving and coolling ridges

Filling up with water

To fill up the attachment with water, use very little water and pour them from the top of the glass piece. Now, obviously, Don’t do it with the attachment on the base. Separate the glass attachment when you fill it up or clean it. Use very little water and fill it about half way the smaller glass piece that is inside the attachment. Do Not over fill.

When using e-nails, it’s important to keep the water away from the dish / battery / hot components. If water leak to the base it may destroy your e-nail.

atmos 510 e-nail

The water attachment did an amazing job in cooling down the vapor and flavor was top notch

The water bubbler serves as a filtration system removing any toxins and harmful compounds from your smoke & vapor via the water tank providing a smoother cleaner vape delivery.

Use with Dry Herb / Concentrate

The Atmos Studio e-rig performed very well with both herb and wax. The attachments are larger than the usual e-nail, and the Studio heat up quickly. The vapor quality was amazing with both materials. I was able to produce more visible vapor with concentrates, as expected. This is the first tie I used dry herb in a e-nail (because no other one is compatible!) and I enjoyed the experience. Although this is a “portable e-nail” I don’t really see myself using it outside of the house.

Using the Atmos Studio with Concentrate

Using the Atmos Studio with Concentrate

The Atmos 510 Studio Rig is designed to fit on ANY box mods either Temp Control or Sub-Ohm. It has Universal 510 threading connection which makes it versatile. I tried it on to my Wismec Reuleaux Rx200S and it works perfectly. The vapor stays real clean and it works really nice.

Bottom Line

The Studio e-rig / e-nail is another great product from Atmos. If you are a beginner looking to get started with e-nails, this is the one you should go for. It performed very well with both herb and concentrates, and has a simple and straightforward design. While other e-nails are making big promises with a much higher price tag (such as the KandyPens Icon), the Atmos delivers quietly and efficiently. If you are still using a Rig and Torch, stop everything that you’re doing and get an e-nail. Not necessarily the Atmos, but any e-nail. It’s time.

This is the best e-nail I tested under $100. highly recommended.

Where to buy the Studio e-Rig?

Buying directly from Atmos is the safest option and will ensure that you get the full 5-year warranty.

Atmos Studio 510 eRig

Buying directly from Atmos is the safest in terms of warranty and service. They offer discounts for first-time buyers so make sure to visit the home page and look for a way to get a coupon.





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  1. would you recommend the studio over the Icon for a first Enail?

  2. Just bought a studio rig and rx200s, my first mod. What setting do you use with the studio rig? It seems like you need masters in rocket science to determine the right settings for this thing…

  3. What the wattage you site the mod on? Got a dna200watt

  4. I pulsed mine at 30w until the centre section was fully red , taking care I wasn’t burning the centre post out.

    Let it cool down a bit fitted with a recycler or any other enail attachments, done the job excellent.

    It is Far superior build quality than the g9’s Dr dabber boost and the dabado bolt which are rebrands the same as the glass and the various glass attachments they fit better on the atmos tbh.

    I Still managed to fry the coil in the nail and upon trying to repair the coils innards. It seems as though it works exactly the same as the g9 with a very sub par ceramic heating rod.

    Very good idea although, different coils should be readily available in different sizes or dish type ie quartz.

    Good thing is you can use the dry herb chamber for dabbing also

    I’ve found that to be better dabbing on the side wall it’s certainly works a treat

    But to say give up dabbing with a torch or e rig is plain silly.
    If you have the means to use one I’d opt for that over an enail any day

  5. Just bought the studio rig for my smok 80w baby mod and when i first tried it it seemed to work but now all i get is a ohm low on my screen. Tried loosening the enail and taking it completely off and put back on and getting the same low ohm. Any other way to fix or do i need a bigger mod?

  6. Using an innokin mvp4 on 550 watts. Works better then i expected. My new fav thing!

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