Atmos Ruva Review

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Atmos Ruva Review
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Atmos Ruva Bottom Line

The Ruva is powered by an impressive 1800mAh lithium-ion battery and uses a high-speed heat up time, precision temperature controls ranging from 330°F -430°F and an embedded quartz heating chamber to produce flavorful vapor. If you are looking for a high quality, easy to use, entry level herbal vaporizer in the $100 price range then I would say the Ruva is definitely a good fit, and we would certainly recommend it.

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In-Depth Atmos Ruva Review:

The Atmos Ruva ($129.95 directly from AtmosRX) is a compact and convenient dry herb vaporizer. The Ruva is much slimmer and compact than most of the other dry herb portable vaporizers on the market, which also makes it much lighter, and easier to transport wherever you go. We are all excited today to strip down and take a look at this new herbal vaporizer from AtmosRX.

Inexpensive Dry Herb Vape

Atmos Ruva costs less than other dry herb vaporizers in the market such has Boundless CFC and CloudV F17.

Design and Features

The Ruva Kit costs less than other comparable dry herb devices. Plus, it has extra features not seen on other portable vapes. Atmos is a company known to produce high-quality products like Atmos Pillar, Aegis, and 5G Vicod.

Atmos Ruva rugged finish

Ruva has a nice rubberized rugged exterior that helps vapers to easily grip the device and prevents it from getting too hot while in your hand or pocket.

The Ruva Vaporizer from Atmos is a compact dry herb vaporizer that comes with a pretty strong 1800mAh lithium-ion battery that gives you enough power on a single charge. The heat-resistant rubberized chassis keeps your hands comfortable to grip even on high temperature.

The mouthpiece has two very strong magnets that snap into place. This allows you to quickly empty and reload the device with no worries.

Atmos Ruva Chamber

Atmos Ruva’s heating chamber is created from pure quartz which will produce cleaner hits compared to less expensive ceramic based vaporizers.

Everything about this portable vape is built with quality and more importantly convenience. It has a good size display screen where the temperature can be set anywhere from 330 to 430°F. Other features include a vibration notification, which allows you to monitor the device when it’s ready to vape. It is equipped with a built-in memory function that will automatically heat to the most recent temperature selected when turned on. Atmos is a highly respected portable vaporizer company and this is a nice edition to their line of portable vaporizers.

Atmos Ruva full Specification

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Preparing the Ruva

Caution: While using the Ruva, portions of the device may reach high temperatures. Wait until the device has completely COOLED before handling.

  • To load the Ruva, remove the mouthpiece from the heating chamber by lightly pushing the tip of the mouthpiece forward.
  • Apply the dry herbs into the Quartz heating chamber. Be sure not to over-pack the chamber as this can reduce airflow.
  • Once your product has been applied, re-attach the mouthpiece.

Using the Ruva

  • To turn on/off the Ruva hold the power button 5 seconds. The Ruva will vibrate to indicate that it’s been turned on.
  • Once turned on, press the power button 3 times to begin heating to your selected temperature.
  • While heating, the Ruva’s OLED display will show the current temperature of the heating chamber in orange numbers as well as a progress bar.
  • Once the desired temperature is reached, the Ruva’s OLED display will show the word “ready” and the device will vibrate.
  • After 3 minutes, the Ruva will display an “End of Session” message before automatically shutting down. This is the device’s safety power duration.

Temperature Control Settings

  • The Ruva is capable of reaching any temperature within the range of 330°F to 430°F.
  • Using the +/- buttons on the Ruva, you can increase or decrease the desired temperature.
  • By holding the “-” and “+” button for 3 seconds, you can switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.
  • The Ruva comes equipped with a built-in memory function, and will automatically heat to the most recent temperature selected when turned on.
Atmos Ruva Temp

Fast heat up time and precision controls of the Ruva allows you to heat your dry herb material from 330ºF – 430ºF.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Ensure that the Ruva is locked and off before cleaning.
  • The brush tool included can be used to clean the quartz heating chamber after use with dry herbs.
  • The mouthpiece can be cleaned using a 90% alcohol solution and a cotton swab or paper towel. recommends the Atmos Ruva for?

Keep in mind that Atmos Ruva is only meant for dry herbs (weed). If you are looking for a vaporizer to vape concentrates such as BHO, wax or butter then this device is not for you. Nevertheless, Atmos also offers numerous affordable vaporizers designed for concentrates like Atmos Q3 Kit and L’OR. If Atmos is a company that totally interests you, I recommend this device since I’m a big fan of Atmos products and they never failed me once, although there are other great companies that also make great products. You can view them by clicking my best dry herb page here.

Atmos Ruva Portable Vape

Atmos Ruva is limited to dry herb only. If you need a dual use vaporizer might need to look for another one like you’ve seen above images (Left to Right: F17, CFC, Ruva, Elite, Vicod 5G, and Aegis). But for those who need a high quality, lightweight, discreet herb vaporizer, the Ruva is a perfect choice at a great price.

Final Verdict

Atmos has done it again.  They have created a high-quality yet affordable dry herb vaporizer that outperforms most of the other vaporizers in the $100 price range. It is extremely sleek and portable, and the only real downside to this unit would be that the vapor gets a bit hot since the mouthpiece sits too close to the heating chamber, but it’s not too big of an issue if you only stick to lower temperatures and don’t extend your sessions out too long.

Overall, we really like the Ruva Vaporizer and we definitely would recommend it as a great starter dry herb vaporizer that can be used regularly.

Where to buy the Atmos Ruva Kit?

I recommend buying the Atmos Ruva Kit directly from Atmos. Use coupon code TVG15 to save 15%. It’s the safest option in terms of warranty and services.

Atmos Ruva Kit

Atmos offers a 2-year limited warranty and a discount for first-time buyers.



Atmos Ruva Dry Herb


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  1. Is RUVA supposed to generate visible vapor? Just bought it and first try was weird… definitely worked but scarcely any “smoke” and strange taste… tried 330F to 430F. Acrid taste at high tempvand residue was Brown but definitely not ash. Can anyone advise.

  2. NR, I had exactly the same experience.

  3. I had the same experience, plus worse. The mouthpiece is made of a coated stainless steel that sits directly atop the heating chamber…it gets way too hot to touch to lips! The IR therm says 145+ degrees F, after only a few minutes of use and it gets even hotter! Atmos said it was defective and replaced my first one. They sent a replacement that gets just as hot! The replacement gets too hot to use, after about six minutes of use. It doesn’t really matter now though, because the tiny herb chamber can only hold enough material for a few minutes worth of use.

  4. I bought a Ruva in early June 2018. It worked for about a week then nothing. Customer service told me to return it at my expense. 2 weeks later, they sent it back. In less than a week, same thing: nothing worked. I called customer service again and asked them to send me a new one. Sure they said, for $45-, because the 30 day replacement period had ended! Otherwise send it back again at my expense.
    Very sorry I bought it since the company obviously doesn’t care about customers.
    Should have bought a different product from another company.

  5. why wont my ruva vape turn on?

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