Atmos Q3 Kit Review

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Atmos Q3 Kit Review
8.9 Total Score
Atmos Q3 Kit Review Bottom Line

If you plan to vape mostly at home, the Q3 is your vaporizer. It is much smaller than an e-nail but way more powerful and agile than a vape pen. The triple quartz rod atomizer heats up quickly and together with the glass mouthpiece delivers rich and potent vapor. With a relatively cheap price tag, the Q3 is a great buy.

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In-Depth Atmos Q3 Kit Review:

The Atmos Q3 ($54.95 from AtmosRX) is a THC Concentrate and Wax vaporizer that has a unique shape, a glass mouthpiece, and a very powerful (3 rods) Quartz atomizer. Atmos has released a whole line of new products such as the Aegis for dry herb and the Greedy 510 attachment for wax, but this Q3 looks like the most interesting of them all.

From the first look, it looks like a hybrid between an e-Nail and a vape pen.

Overall I was very pleased with the performance of the Q3, and it is much more powerful than even the best vape pens I’ve tested. The compromise is the size- not so convenient to carry around. Read on for the details.

In the box:

The Atmos Q3 comes with an 1100mAh Lithium battery (internal, rechargeable), a triple rod Quartz atomizer, a glass mouthpiece, and a stand. Of course, a charger, packing tool, and manual are also included.

Included in the Atmos Q3 Kit are the 1100mAh lithium-ion battery, pure triple glass quartz atomizer, USB cable, stand, percolator attachment, and a user manual.

Atmos Q3 Design:

The Q3 has an interesting design. The exterior shell is pleasant to touch and feels like soft rubber. The Coil sits on top and is then covered by the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is made of glass and has a small angle at the end making it easier to inhale. The bottom of the Q3 is round and will need to sit on the stand while not in use in order to stay upright.

The Atmos Q3 Kit is a compact yet powerful portable wax vaporizer, encased in a durable scratch-resistant rubberized finish.

The Q3 has one activation button and three parts in total. Charging port in the back and one LED indicator. Very simple, very minimalistic, but very potent.

While the Q3 is larger than most ordinary vape pens, I liked the design. It feels natural and solid while holding, and is actually the smallest “three-rod” Quartz vaporizer I tested. The KandyPens Elite is a close competitor with two rods, but three? Oh boy.

The Q3 Kit features pure triple glass quartz atomizer that can vape through thick and thin concentrates/essential oils with just a press of a button, providing a rich and potent vapor.

Using the Atmos Q3:

To prepare the Q3 for usage, open the glass mouthpiece and expose the chamber. Drop a small “ball” of wax or concentrate into the quartz atomizer. Around .1g-.2g should work best. The size of the ball should be about 2/3 the diameter of the chamber. Close the mouthpiece back, and the Q3 is ready to use.

The Kit includes a table stand that allows you to place the Q3 vaporizer while not in use and it also features a high-speed heat up time that reaches vaporization temperatures in just a matter of seconds.

To unlock the Q3, press the main button five times rapidly. The LED indicator will flash to show the battery level (Green-full, orange, red) and will then show solid red to indicate that the Q3 is heating up.

Q3 Kit has an angled glass mouthpiece that makes the refilling quick and simple.

Heat up time takes a few seconds(2-5) and will show green when optimal temp reached. Take a slow and deep inhale through the glass mouthpiece.

Note: that you do not need to hold any button during use. The Q3 will stay activated for a few seconds and then will shut off the power automatically. To re-activate, press the power button five times rapidly.

If you really want to get the full effect and your lungs can handle it, try to keep inhaling for a few seconds after the power has been cut. The coil is still very hot, and you can benefit more potent vapor.

Atmos Q3 Vapor Quality:

Wow. This thing produced huge clouds. If you are after dense and strong vapor, the Q3 delivers. I personally like softer, more subtle vapor but I know that most users are after big clouds and the triple rod atomizer definitely came through. While I can’t say this is the best tasting vapor I experienced, it was surely amongst the strongest. Most importantly, it gets the job done well.

The Vape Guide recommends the Atmos Q3 Kit for:

If you plan to vape mostly at home, the Q3 is your vaporizer. With a relatively cheap price tag (around $54 with coupon code TVG15) it is much smaller than an e-Nail but way more powerful and agile than a vape pen. The triple Quartz rod atomizer heats up quickly and together with the glass mouthpiece delivers rich and potent vapor. Atmos have always been pioneers and innovators in the industry, and the Q3 is surely different than most Concentrate vaporizers out there. After a couple of weeks of using it, it became favorite “in-house” wax vape.

Where to buy the Atmos Q3 Kit?

I recommend buying the Atmos Q3 Kit directly from Atmos. Use coupon code TVG15 to save 15%. It’s the safest option in terms of warranty and services.

Atmos Q3 Vaporizer Kit

Atmos offers a 2-year limited warranty and a discount for first-time buyers.




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