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The Atmos Micro Pal is an excellent battery for 510 cartridges because of the convenient magnetic cartridge adapter that makes using your 510 THC and CBD pods easier than ever. It also has four voltage settings and is small enough to fit anywhere. It can also vape wax but you might not want to use it for that because the single coil isn’t powerful enough for wax vaping. Stick to using pre-filled cartridges and the Micro Pal is one of the best batteries around.


$44.95 directly from Atmos

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Vapor Quality
  • Magnetic cartridge adapter is very convenient
  • Has four voltage settings
  • Very discreet and portable
  • Lasts for a long time
  • Not great for wax vaping

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Atmos Micro Pal review

Atmos Micro Pal Background

The Atmos Micro Pal is a stealthy oil vaporizer perfect for use with all of your pre-filled 510 threaded THC and CBD cartridges. It is easily one of the most convenient devices for using those cartridges because it uses a magnetic adapter that makes attaching the cartridge as simple as possible.

If you prefer to use wax instead, then the Micro Pal has that option as well, since it includes a quartz heating chamber. This battery is also ridiculously portable and has four voltage settings for extra customization. So, yes, this little vape is a big deal. Keep reading for more details.

If you don’t want to wait, then you can get the Micro Pal directly from Atmos for $44.95, and don’t forgot to use our exclusive Atmos coupon code TVG15 to save 15%.

Contents of its Kit

Atmos Micro Pal Kit

L-R: USB cable, Atmos Micro Pal, Atmos Micro Pal package.

  • Atmos Micro Pal 650 mAh battery
  • One quartz coil
  • One magnetic 510 cartridge adapter
  • USB cable

How it Looks

Atmos Micro Pal Magnetic Adapter

The magnetic adapter makes using 510 threaded cartridges simple and convenient.

If you want a battery that you can take anywhere, then you want the Micro Pal because it’s just under three inches tall and less than an inch wide. So it can fit comfortably in any pocket and in any hand. It has a standard box design that doesn’t stand out too much, which is fine since it is supposed to be discreet. The larger sides have a matte finish that is smudge proof and easy to grip, while the narrower sides have a shiny metallic finish, giving it a nice dash of style. While the small size of the Micro Pal is generally an asset, it might be a little too small to handle for those with bigger hands.

The magnetic cartridge adapter makes using this device extremely simple because once you screw it on to a 510 cartridge all you need to do is drop it into the battery, no screwing or unscrewing needed. Using wax concentrates is just as easy since you just need to disconnect the chamber from the mouthpiece, fill it, and replace. The understated design continues with the four lights on the front of the Micro Pal that indicate the voltage level. Overall, the Micro Pal is a good validation of that old adage about keeping things simple.

How it Performs

Atmos Micro Pal Adapter and Coil

The single coil of the Micro Pal is great for pre-filled cartridges (middle), but is too weak for concentrate vaping.

Pre-filled Cartridges: No matter which type of cartridge you use, the Micro Pal will vape it like the two were made for each other. You just need to find which of the four voltage settings of 2.2V, 2.8V, 3.3V, or 3.8V suits you best and you’re good to go. I prefer the lower settings, but the higher ones are better for bigger clouds and more intense hits. The magnetic cartridge holder just makes the process even more convenient.

Wax Concentrates: The wax performance is not as strong despite the fact that the quartz chamber is good at preserving flavor. However, that chamber does not hold a lot of wax, and the single coil doesn’t provide the heat needed for the best wax vaping experience. If you’re into wax, then you have a wide array of better options, it’s better if you stick to the Pal’s strength of cartridge vaping instead.

The Last Word

There are a heck of a lot of 510 compatible batteries out there, but the Atmos Micro Pal is one of the best. It combines discretion, portability, and excellent vapor in a tiny, ultra-convenient package. The magnetic cartridge adapter is what puts it over the top since it adds a level of useability that other batteries can’t touch.

The only downside is that the Pal’s performance with wax concentrates is sub-par, you’re better off with a wax vape if you’re into concentrate vaping. So, as long as you stick with the pre-filled cartridges, the Atmos Micro Pal is one of the best batteries available. It can easily match or exceed any of the best oil vaporizers.

Atmos Micro Pal vs KandyPens C-Box 510 Battery vs Session Pro-V Vaporizer

Atmos Micro Pal KandyPens C-Box Session Pro-V Vaporizer
Battery Size650 mAh390 mAh900 mAh
Number of Voltage SettingsFourFourFour
WarrantyFive year limitedLifetimeTwo years
Price$44.95 directly from Atmos$44.95 directly from KandyPens $49.99 directly from Session Vaporizer
Atmos Micro Pal

A powerful 510 battery with a convenient magnetic adapter.



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