Atmos L’OR Review

Best Deal: $69.95 directly from Atmos

Atmos LOR Review

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The Atmos L’OR is specifically designed for concentrates. The L’OR Vape Pen uses Dual and Single titanium quartz coil which gives more flavor to your material by heating up evenly. The Atmos L'OR uses SnapTech magnetic technology that allows you to effortlessly separate the battery, atomizers, chamber cover, and the glass mouthpiece. This means no more threading, easy to clean, and making refill process much faster.

Best Deal: Buy directly from Atmos Official Store.

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In-Depth Atmos L’OR Review:

Another collaboration product with the Rapper Tyga is specifically designed for concentrate on-the-go, the Atmos L’OR ($69.95 from Atmos). In this review, we’ll go over unboxing, talk about the design, its battery life, and how to use the Tyga x Shine L’OR.

The Atmos L’OR is equipped with an upgraded glass mouthpiece and a magnetic chamber cover for easy access to the heating element. No more threading, making the refill process much faster. It also uses Dual and Single Quartz/Titanium Coils which gives more flavor neutral while heating up evenly, making the flavor tastier and not like burnt metal when you take hits. The Atmos L’OR Vaporizer is easy to clean and was designed for convenience and efficient to connoisseur alike.

Atmos L'OR Kit

Atmos L’OR Kit includes a dabber, extra magnetic cover cap with pre-installed dual quartz/titanium coil, USB charger, leather case and the unit itself.

First Impression:

What I really like about this unit is that it is totally furnished in Gold color making it appealing and classy to look at. Also, its magnetic cover cap is quite smart for a portable vaporizer – no more screws, no more hassle. I reviewed many Atmos products in the past and the L’OR (and the similar product- Magna) defiantly earned a spot on my Best Vape Pen this year. Atmos make solid and high performing vapes and they respect their customers by waving warranty agreements.

Atmos LOR Atomizers

Atmos L’OR Dual and Single Titanium Quartz Coil and its Magnetic Cover Cap.

Using Single Quartz/Titanium Coil is efficient

One of the key features of Atmos L’OR is it uses single GR1 Quartz atomizer which gives more neutral flavor while heating up evenly, making the flavor tastier and not like burnt metal when you take hits. Every time you open and take a look at your coil, you’ll see a nice amber glow resulting to a much efficient use of your waxy material– this leaves with an almost no waste of concentrates.

Dual Quartz/Titanium Coil vs Cotton Wicks and Ceramic

The real advantage of using Dual Quartz Coil is the taste. Unlike cotton fiber wicks which absorb your concentrate making that burnt taste. This type of atomizer tends to produce purer-tasting vapor, although sometimes when you take very big draws the vapor isn’t quite as smooth as that from a ceramic. However, the Atmos L’OR Vape Pen is really good at keeping the vapor smooth and comfortable, even when you take huge hits.

Magnetic Cover Cap

The Atmos L’OR has a smart touch to it. It uses a magnetic see-through chamber and has glass mouthpiece to take all the vapor in every hit which makes me love this unit. With its magnetic chamber, it prevents concentrate residue from clogging and easy refilling.


Atmos L’OR is powered by 650mAh Battery.

Battery Life and Temperature Levels

The Battery uses 650mAh Lithium-Ion. it’s not as solid as I expected but it’s reasonable for a vape pen nowadays. It only lasted for few sessions and maybe it won’t last a day if you use this unit on a daily basis.

The Atmos L’OR Vaporizer has 3 Temperature Settings (Low, Medium, and High mode) compatible with waxy oil concentrates for bigger clouds and better flavor. Using it on “Low mode” is good if you want light vapor. The “Medium mode” on the other hand, tends to produce slightly more vapor. Vaping it on “High mode” is the perfect rate for me. It gives me nice satisfying clouds.

How to use:

The Atmos L’OR Vaporizer has 3 temperature settings and utilizes a single button system to cycle through each, press the power button 3 times to cycle the temperature settings.

Charge your Atmos L’OR battery for 2 hours. Your USB charger light will be red while charging and will turn green once the battery is full. To load your Atmos L’OR vaporizer:

  1. Remove the magnetic chamber cover from either Dual/Single Titanium Quartz Coil.
  2. Fill either the Dual/Single Titanium Quartz Coil with your favorite concentrates. Use the dabbing tool to gently pack the chamber with your concentrates.
  3. Stick in the magnetic cover back and now you are ready to vape! recommends the Atmos L’OR:

I recommend Atmos L’OR vape pen for that connoisseur who loves the metallic gold design and on-the-go type of a vaporizer. With its Dual/Single Titanium over Quartz Rod-Coil, you will really get that true flavor of your concentrates with almost no waste. But the downside of this unit is its battery life, it will just last for maybe 20-25 sessions – not recommend if you vape all day long. It doesn’t work for an all-day vaping session.

Where to buy the Atmos L’OR:

I recommend buying the Atmos L’OR Vaporizer directly from Atmos RX. They offer a discount for first-time buyers and buying from the manufacturer is the safest option in terms of warranty and service.


Atmos offers a 2-year limited warranty and a discount for first-time buyers.



Click Image to visit Atmos Rx.

Atmos Tyga Kiln Ra

Stay tuned for my upcoming review of the ATMOS TYGA X SHINE KILN RA KIT



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