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Atmos Kiln RA Kit Review

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Atmos Kiln RA Review

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The Atmos Kiln RA is a ceramic wax attachment with a Rebuildable Atomizer 'RA'. This means that replacing the ceramic coil is much cheaper than before, and there is no need to replace the whole chamber. The Kiln RA comes as a 510 attachment or as a kit with a portable 950mAh lithium-ion battery. The Kiln RA is one of the best vape pens available today. Especially considering the relatively cheap price tag.

Best Deal: Buy directly from Atmos and use coupon code TVG15 to save 15%.

In-Depth Atmos Kiln RA Kit Review:

Atmos Kiln RA Design

The Atmos Kiln RA still measures 2.12 inches in height, 0.875 inches in diameter like its predecessor the Atmos Kiln. The size is still perfect for any on-the-go sessions – very small and sleek. The heating disc atomizer is still made from pure ceramic for durability and still made specifically for your concentrates.

Atmos Kiln RA vs Atmos Kiln

The only difference I see about the upgradeable version, the Kiln RA, from its predecessor, the Kiln, is it has ‘Rebuildable Atomizers’ for those connoisseurs who wants a rebuild or make an own atomizer. It also comes with packing tools for easy making.

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Performance of Atmos Kiln RA

In terms of vaping experience, it is still far better than a lot of heating attachments just like its old buddy, Kiln.  The ceramic heating disk heats up the wax evenly and gives a smooth and consistent taste. I got the best performance of the Atmos Kiln RA kit within a wattage range of 5 to 15 Watts using variable wattage battery. In terms of using temp control battery, I recommend maintaining its temperature range between 300 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit to get the best performance. If you go any higher it may cause damage or deteriorate the heating element.  Ideally, it should be used with 900mAh or 1100mAh 510 batteries.  If you are using a standard 510 variable voltage battery, avoid going to high settings as it will leave a bad taste in your mouth, literally.

Atmos Kiln RA Kit Design

Atmos Kiln RA Kit

Atmos Kiln RA Kit – a Sub-oHm all-ceramic design produces aromatic vapor

The kit has a great finish to it – smooth to touch and easy to hold. The standard 5-time button press to Turn On/Off makes this device simply and straight-forward to use. This device uses a powerful and portable 950mAh lithium-ion battery, complete with Dual PCB/IC Protection to prevent overcharging and shortages. Measuring .875 inches in diameter and just 4.5 inches tall with the ceramic attachment included, the Kiln RA Kit is remarkably compact. It also features pass-through vaping so you can still use it while it’s charging via the USB cable included in the kit. And the draw resistance of this vape pen is nice and smooth due to its two(2) airflow holes.

Atmos Kiln RA Kit vs KandyPens MINI


Left to Right: KandyPens Mini and Atmos Kiln RA Kit

Both the Atmos Kiln RA Kit and KandyPens MINI are great vaporizers – don’t get me wrong. In fact, they both score higher than other vape pens I reviewed (Best Vape Pens of 2017). But when it comes to efficiency, Kiln RA Kit WINS! Why? because of its REPLACEABLE ceramic dish. Where you can just open the black screws and replace the rebuildable ceramic dish with new one available in Atmos Website for $19.96. Click Here

On the other hand, KandyPens MINI does not have that feature. If you want to replace the atomizer you need to purchase the whole ceramic chamber which is over $50.

Vapor Quality

The Kiln RA has surprisingly good amount of vapor. And when it comes to flavor and taste it pars with KandyPens Mini. Super Clean and super smooth flavorful hits. Very pleasurable to use kind of wax vaporizer. Like the Kandypens Mini, the Kiln RA has 10-second shut-off to prevent you from overheating the device or your material.

The airflow through this ceramic dish is also fantastic, I got a clogged experience from it only when I packed too much oil, so it’s important not to load too much oil on this attachment.

The draw resistance feels natural when you take hits. It feels more like a direct-to-lung inhale rather than mouth-to-lung, if you know what I meant! Cigarette would be a good example of mouth to lung, and a water-pipe is an example for direct to lung inhale.

The Vape Guide recommends the Atmos Kiln RA Kit for:

The new Kiln RA from Atmos – do I recommend it? YES! I highly recommend this especially to those who prefers rebuildable atomizer. I personally think, its one of the best when it comes to performance, looks great in any mod devices, it’s good looking and small just like the Kiln. Check out my 10 Best Vape Pens in 2017.

I recommend buying the Atmos Kiln RA Kit directly from Atmos. Use coupon code TVG15 to save 15%. It’s the safest option in terms of warranty and services.

Atmos Kiln RA Vaporizer

Atmos offers a 2-year limited warranty and a discount for first-time buyers.



You can also check out the Atmos Kiln RA attachment directly from their Official Website.

Vape-Smart also offers the Atmos Kiln RA Kit. They have Fast and Free Shipping in all of their products. Plus, 10% discount using coupon code thevapeguide581.



The Ceramic Heating Disc Atomizer of Atmos Kiln RA

  1. I bent the atomizer on my kiln, replaced it and now the battery is flashing and has full charge

  2. This thing is AWWW-SSOOMME! Love it, it’s so easy to use. I have it with both the included battery as well as the i50 Atmos box mod battery. It’s great with wax and shatter. Flawless. I suggest the glass cap so that you can visualize your draw.

    ** cheapest online (by far) is at , and they have a 15% coupon code that’s ATMOS15. Amazing price, cheaper by 20 bucks!! Plus free shipping!!

  3. Same problem as Sean. My kiln ra broke within 3 weeks, but they are “graciously” giving me a one time free replacement because the atomizer is not covered under the warranty. It just blinks 3 times as if it doesn’t have a charge.

    I would be VERY careful buying this. The quality may be suspect.

  4. Update. I just waited 11 days for my replacement part and the order wasn’t submitted. I wish I could return this thing. Really dissapointed.

  5. Had the same 3 light issues as JB and Sean. thought I was SOL but I did some looking on the interwebs and some tinkering. Found out the disc wasn’t making a good connection so I just pushed the what I guess is the “Atomizer” down with my finger and screwed the screws in tighter. works now.

    FYI IM A FIRST TIME VAPE NOOB but i hope this helps others

  6. I purchased one of the KilnRA vaporizers last May 24, 2017. I contacted Atmos 6/1/17 because the product wouldn’t work. Atmos didn’t help me make it work and they refused to replace it. When I went to their authorizer dealer that I bought it from they told me Atmos wouldn’t allow them to replace it. Since that time I have contacted by phone, email or chat, Atmos 8 times trying to resolve this issue. The call I made went unanswered and unreturned. I tried chatting with them starting Monday and didn’t get a response until Weds.

    Since I bought this product 8 1/2 months ago I have been able to use it for ONE THING ONLY. Pure cartridges are the only thing that works. ALL other cartridges don’t, the ceramic chamber won’t work and the Dry Herb attachment won’t work.
    The Ceramic chamber is defective and it came apart in my hands. Not apart like its supposed to but apart exposing the chamber. So I reached out to Atmos AGAIN. Now they tell me they want ME to pay $25.00 for them to replace the piece they should have replaced 8 months ago for FREE.
    I had 8 utterly disappointing and useless contacts with Atmos. NONE of their reps have been useful and as their customer frankly I don’t feel like Atmos gives a damn about me or the quality of their products or service.
    So, I will use this piece of crap until it fails completely, which I don’t expect will be very long. Then I will buy from another manufacturer.
    NOTHING Atmos products do for any price is worth having to deal with Atmos to own one.

  7. Could be battery, could be the top, could be the atomizer.
    My advice, avoid this crap product. I bought one, worked two times, replaced parts, worked again for a week, not working now and wont again as I wont waste money.
    Of course the company was more than willing to sell me more of their junk…

    They send freebie to review sites.. Read real reviews…

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