Atmos Jump Vaporizer Review

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Atmos Jump Review- 4K video

A few years ago that Vape Pens used to cost around $200 and did not perform half as good. If you would have described this device to people only a few years back and said it was $60 then I guarantee nobody would have believed you. This type of product was virtually inconceivable then and now it is being sold at a reasonable price.

9.2 Total Score
Atmos Jump Review bottom line

The Atmos Jump is everything you really need in a vaporizer. While it lacks temp control or other advanced features, it performed well beyond my expectations. It produced large clouds of thick visible vapor and the flavor was crisp and smooth. I remember two years ago when vape pens used to cost over $200 and did not perform half as good as the Jump. This is one of the best vaporizers you can buy under $60.

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In-Depth Atmos Jump Review

The vaporizer market is fast evolving and the variety of vaping devices it offers is overwhelming.  You can see a new device being launched every other day.  The vaping pens section in particular, is trying hard to produce affordable devices that can vape herbs.  Unfortunately, most of them do not meet the expectations and more often than not end up combusting your herb.

atmos jump review

Atmos Jump is sleek and powerful. One activation botton and super-simple design.

Atmos is one company that produces vaping pens that are really effective and work equally well with both essential oils as well as Dry herbs. It’s latest offering, the Jump Vape Pen for instance has been designed to work like a true vaporizer. The Jump is a dry herb vaporizer, powered by a 1200mAh battery, and it does not have temperature control option. It only has one default temperature, which actually turned out be spot on.

In this review, we’ll unbox the Atmos Jump, talk about the features, load it up with some dry herb and do some hands-on usage. Overall I was impressed by the performance of the Jump, especially considering the price tag. It currently retails for around $60 at the Atmos official website, so for $60, I was impressed with what the Jump was able to do.

Atmos Jump Kit

In the box we have the Atmos Jump vaporizer with the mouthpiece already attached. We’ll talk about the design in a few moments.
Also in the box, we have the instruction manual, Micro USB charger, and a maintenance kit with a cleaning brush and a packing tool.

Atmos Jump Design:

Let’s take a moment and talk about the simple design of the Atmos Jump. The Vape pen is made of 2 pieces- the battery (which has the oven built in), and the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece has a locking mechanism that will lock or unlock with a twist. That was very convenient and a big improvement over previous vapes with no locking option. Seems like people used to complain a lot about the mouthpiece breaking and this is what Atmos is trying to address with this new mouthpiece.

Atmos Jump how to use:

The interface on the Jump is super simple. It has only one activation button, and after packing your oven and closing the mouthpiece, you can click it 3 times to activate the Jump. It will immediately start heating up and the LED will turn on orange.

atmos jump

The activation button will turn green to signal- time to vape!

At the bottom of the jump is the micro USB plug, where you will connect your charger.

Once the jump has reached vaping temperature the LED will turn green and will be ready to use.

To turn the Jump off, click the power button 3 times rapidly.

Atmos Jump Vapor Quality

I have to admit that I was not expecting much from Jump. I mean for $60, there is not a lot of decent vapes you can buy. But the Jump surprised me and turned out to be much more than decent. I was amazed by the amount of vapor I was able to produce, and with super-short draws of 2-3 seconds. The Vapor was crisp and smooth, and the flavor was much better than I’ve experienced with other vape pens.

The Atmos Jump only has one temperature setting but that did not turn out to be a negative thing. The default and only temperature provided good performance, and I did not feel the need to adjust it.

atmos jump

Atmos Jump was efficient and did a good job in extracting all the active ingredients from my dry herb

I also like the small oven, if you vape alone you will find it be a perfect size. Big ovens have a problem of consuming a lot of herbs quickly, and I did not feel that with the Jump. The oven was efficient and the perfect size for my sessions.

At the end of my sessions, the material that came out of the oven had a consistent brown color to it and it seems like the Jump did a great job in extracting all the active ingredients from the plants. Once again, really surprising performance for such a small, and relatively cheap vaporizer.

Bottom Line:

Is the Atmos Jump the best vaporizer I tested? Certainly not. But is the best one I tested that actually cost less than $60? Absolutely. Using the Jump was easy, efficient and convenient. I remember a few years ago that Vape Pens used to cost around $200 and did not perform half as good. If you would have described this device to people only a few years back and said it was $60 then I guarantee nobody would have believed you.

This type of product was virtually inconceivable then and now it is being sold at a reasonable price. If you want a good quality portable vape, go for the Jump! This is great for anyone who wants to get into vaping but does not have a lot of money to spend. However, this would also be a great option for somebody who already owns a good desktop unit and wants the convenience factor of being able to take this thing literally anywhere. Great value!

Where to buy the Jump Vaporizer?

I recommend buying the Atmos Jump Vaporizer directly from Atmos RX. They offer a discount for first-time buyers and buying from the manufacturer is the safest option in terms of warranty and service.

Atmos Jump Vaporizer

Buy the Atmos Jump Vaporizer directly from Atmos. They offer a discount for first-time buyers and is the safest option in terms of warranty and service





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