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Atman Starlight's vapor quality and draw resistance are outstanding. Feels sturdy and well-balanced to your palm. Its magnetic snap glass mouthpiece design preserves the aroma and flavor of the dry herb and wax/concentrate. A very well performing vaporizer for users who are looking for an inexpensive vaporizer.

Recommended store: Buy directly from Atman Official Store.

In-Depth Atman Starlight Review:

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The Starlight is the latest release from Atman, and it features an all glass mouthpiece. The vapor Quality was outstanding and the magnetic snap on/off design is addicting.

The Starlight is a new Portable Vaporizer that was released by Atman, compatible with both Dry Herb and Wax / Concentrate. It features a 3000mah li-ion battery, glass mouthpiece, and can be used in 4 different temperature levels. The last product I reviewed from Atman was the Hachi and it was cool and unique, so I expect this one will be just as good. In this Atman Starlight Review, I will go over what’s in the box, how to use, vapor quality, and overall usage impressions, Let’s begin 😉

Atma StarlightFirst Impressions:

When I first took the Starlight out of the box, It felt very sturdy and dense. It has a smooth black body and a glass top with a built-in mouthpiece. The Glass top has a magnetic snap on / off design as well as the chamber. This makes assembly extremely easy and all the pieces just snap back together, there are no screws or moving parts. On the face on the Starlight, there is a big activation button and 4 temp levels, each with an LED indicator.

How to use:

To use the Atman Starlight simply snap the glass top off, snap the chamber cover out, and pull out the canister from inside the chamber. Fill the canister with your material and insert it back to the chamber. Next, pop the chamber cover and the glass top back on, and you are all set!

As with most Vaporizers, 5 rapid clicks on the button will lock / unlock the device. Once unlocked, press the button 3 times to toggle temperature levels (230, 320, 410, 500°f). After selecting a temperature, hold the power button for 2-3 seconds and the Starlight will start heating up to the desired temperature. I recommend using 410°f with herb and 500°f with concentrates. Heat-up time is about 25-30 seconds. Once the Starlight Vaporizer reaches the temp, the main LED will turn green and it is now ready for use.

Vapor Quality:

I was very surprised by the vapor quality of the Atman Starlight. I think 2 areas that this vaporizer performed outstanding were the vapor quality and the draw resistance. Taking a draw was super-easy and pulling felt almost like breathing. There was close to 0 draw resistance which I loved. The design of the glass mouthpiece is innovative and did a great job in preserving the aroma and the flavor of the dry herb. The Vapor was never warm, always cool and smooth. recommend this for:

First-time users that are looking for an inexpensive good performing vaporizer. The vapor quality is superior to most units in this price range, and the Starlight is super easy to use. Judging by the feel of this vape, it seems like it will last a long time. It is well designed and feels sturdy.

What I think about the Atman Starlight:

Awesome vaporizer. The Atman may not be as pretty as the G Pen Elite or the Vapium Summit, but what it lacks in looks, it makes up for in performance. I love the glass mouthpiece, this is a unique feature with portable vaporizers and did an outstanding job in keeping the vapor cool and pleasant.

Where to buy the Atman Starlight

Buy directly from Atman. They offer 1-year limited warranty in all of their products.

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