Atman Pretty Plus Review

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Atman Pretty Plus Review

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The Atman Pretty Plus is much prettier and much better than the Atman Pretty. Redesigned for dry herb and uses Ceramic Chamber to get the best flavor and big hits out of your material. This vape pen is simple, discreet, and elegant looking. The highlight feature of Pretty Plus is its cover cup that glows when heating up, not only high-tech and appealing to look but also indicates user that it is ready to vape.

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In-Depth Atman Pretty Plus Review:

Last September I reviewed the Atman Pretty Vaporizer, a pretty slim and comfortable vape pen dedicated only for waxy materials. Now I came back to review its updated version the Atman Pretty Plus ($54.95 from Atman). Just like the iPhones that have “Plus version”. This updated vaporizer is much prettier and much better than its predecessor. Redesigned to be used only for dry herbs. Let’s unveil the specifications and features and decide if this vape pen leaves to its hype like its younger brother.

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Taking a closer look on the device it is simple, discreet and elegant. With only one firing button to activate the device and one temperature setting; it is the easiest interface you can get for a dry herb vape pen. On the bottom, you will find the micro-USB port and the cover cap which glows when heating up. Unscrewing the cover cap will expose the full ceramic chamber that can hold a quarter gram of herbs. At the top, the see-through plastic mouthpiece is very nice and solid that it can withstand the heat of the cover cap when activated.

As I mentioned above, the Pretty Plus glows and change color which is an awesome high-tech feature that is unique only to this device. When the device is on the verge of heating up, the cover cap will drastically change to orange color until it reaches its full temperature setting of 360°F and stays that way until it cools down and change back to its natural color after turning off.

Note: When the cover cap starts to glow, do not touch it directly for it is extremely hot. Make sure that cover cap goes back to its normal color indicating that the device is already cool down before cleaning. Keep away from children.

Because of this high-tech yet dangerous feature, Atman added an extra protection such as:

  1. Low Voltage Protection: This device will stop working when it is low voltage, meanwhile the red button light will flash 8 times to indicate it’s time to charge.
  2. Short Circuit protection: When the atomizer goes short circuit, the device will stop working and red button light will flash 3 times to indicate Short Circuit happening.
  3. Overtime protection: With 60 seconds cut-off, when it constantly works for 60 seconds, it will cut-off and stop working, the green button light will flash 3 times to indicate overtime working. Reset the button, and you can use it again.

How to use

The Atman Pretty Plus can be turned on by clicking the button 5 times. Holding the button for about 3 seconds after turning on will start the device to heat up, the red light on the button will lit up to indicate that it is heating and the cover cap will start to glow and warn us that it’s getting hot. When the button light turns green and the entire cap glows, it is ready to vape.

The device has 60 seconds cut-off and can be reset again for another 60 seconds. If the device is under heating status, and you want to turn it off. Please firstly hold the button for 3 seconds to stop heating before turning off.

To turn off the device, click the button 5 times, then the LED light will flash 3 times to indicate that it is powering off. When the device is cool down to 104°F, the cover cap will get back to its normal color. Indicating that it is all cool down and you can hold it or touch it freely.

What comes in the package?

In the box, you will have an instruction manual, a micro-USB charger intended solely for the Pretty Plus battery, a cleaning brush, a scooping tool to load up the chamber with your fave dry herb, and the unit itself. At the very bottom of the unit, you will find the micro-USB charging port, which will work with any micro-USB adapter but using the included charging cable is recommended to keep the battery life last.

Performance and Vapor Quality

Although it has a good temperature setting, it has only one preheat setting which is a con for me.  Keep in mind that this device has only two 60-second cycle, which is a little bit short time especially if the heating chamber is still heating up. It would be great if it has 90-second cycle before it cuts off to enjoy more of the flavor and vapor of this device.

It is also worth to mention that you can’t unload and reload this device right away because you need to wait until the cover cap goes back to its normal color. Touching the cap while its glowing may result to getting hurt or burns.

When it comes to its vapor quality, the Atman Pretty Plus does its job pretty good. It goes for two cycles in every session. The first cycle it produces nice and aromatic flavor yet low on vapor production due to the fact that it is still starting to bake your material. The second cycle though makes the greater flavor and bigger hits. I find it more pleasurable and satisfying to vape on the second cycle before the 60-second cut-off kicks in.

Where to buy the Atman Pretty Plus:

Buy directly from Atman. They offer 1-year limited warranty in all of their products.

Atman Pretty Plus Vaporizer

Buy the Atman Pretty Plus Vaporizer directly from Atman. It's the safest option and it ensures you will get the full warranty.




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    Tyson January 7, 2018 at 5:18 pm

    I have been charging my brand new pretty plus for a few hours and it still won’t turn on any tips would be appreciated

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