Atman OWAR Review

Atman OWAR Review
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The Atman OWAR features ceramic chamber with Triple Quartz Atomizer and a splash guard cap. This device can produce huge and potent clouds without spitbacks. Standing about 5” tall with a weight of 150g this device is medium sized fatty compared to other commonly seen slim vape pens in the market. It uses silicone mouthpiece to dissipate the heat and metal taste of the vapor and has a secret compartment for extra wax storage. If you're after big clouds and wants stealthy and portable vape pens. This device is the one you're looking for.

Recommended store: Buy directly from Atman official store.

In Depth Atman OWAR Review:

After a couple of months away from the limelight. Atman bounces back with a new portable pen-style vaporizer, the Atman OWAR ($79.99 from Atman). This company steps up this time for producing their first-ever pen-style vaporizer. The Atman OWAR is designed for connoisseurs who tends to forget to bring their waxes on-the-go by embedding some significant features that they can utilize later on.

Atman OWAR vaporizer Review

Compared to other slim vape pens on the market. The Atman OWAR is a medium sized fat vaporizer.


The Atman OWAR is coated entirely with brushed stainless steel and is available in various colors, including Red, Blue, Black, Silver, and Gold. Standing about 5” tall with a weight of 150g this device is medium sized fatty compared to other commonly seen slim vape pens like Zeus Thunder 2 or the Linx Hypnos Zero.

Atman OWAR

Atman OWAR is coated with brushed stainless steel with a silicone mouthpiece for heat dissipation.

On the top of the OWAR, you can see its silicone based mouthpiece. The top outer shell of the OWAR is still made from same material you found on its battery chassis. This keeps all parts neat and cool to touch during usage. Inspired from the KandyPens Elite, the top shell has a single hole on its side for air flow restriction. The silicone mouthpiece slots into the top shell, which holds the mouthpiece securely against the heating chamber.

Keep in mind that by using silicone made mouthpiece instead of borosilicate glass mouthpiece, resins will build up on the inside lip which where the vapor condenses while drawing. This may result in much difficult cleanup overtime. With that being said, using silicon mouthpiece can dissipate the heat and metal taste of the vapor. So for me, I still preferred using silicone based mouthpiece rather than glass ones even with its quirks.

Triple Quartz Atomizer

I’ve seen and reviewed a couple of products before that uses this feature but not literally in a pen-style vaporizer. Although Yocan Pandon uses two heating chamber each has dual quartz coil. The OWAR uses a ceramic chamber with not only two but three quartz rods. This means it can produce huge and potent vapor. Just be ready to take an exuberant coughing after taking draws with this device.

OWAR Tirple Quartz Atomizer

The Atman OWAR uses a ceramic chamber with Triple Quartz Coil. This produces huge and potent vapor.

The ceramic chamber is then capped off with splash guard cap. The cap keeps the pen from spilling into the mouthpiece. This feature is essential if the chamber is overloaded with wax.

I’ve been using the original atomizer for a few weeks now and yet I haven’t got a problem changing it. Just be sure you got the right technique to properly maintain the atomizers, this can last for a long time.

Atman OWAR Chamber

Atman OWAR atomizers can last for few weeks without changing, with proper cleaning and maintenance.


The battery has 1100mAh capacity with a standard 510 threading at the top (meaning it’ll work on any 510 sub-ohm atomizers). In average use, the battery life can hold half a day before you need to charge it. The OWAR charges via a built-in micro USB port and the charge time is about two hours.

Atman OWAR battery

Built into the 1100mAh battery are three temperature settings, High, Medium, and Low. At the top of the battery is a standard 510 threading which can be compatible with ANY 510 sub-ohm atomizers.

Built into the battery are three temperature settings, High, Medium, and Low. The low setting is low enough to get good hits. While the Medium and high settings are nice to get faster results, but they’re more likely to result in burnt concentrate if you run the power for too long.

Concentrate Storage

Like the Yocan products such as Evolve Plus and Magneto. This device has a hidden compartment located in the bottom of the battery. Although Atman claims this is the safest storage for your wax while on travel. For me, the silicone coated based container won’t prevent the material from melting when the device is activated. Plus it can’t store huge grams of wax since the compartment is so miniature compared to regular silicone container standards.

Final Verdict

In the past, I reviewed tons of Atman products but I never saw something like OWAR that comes with Triple Quartz Atomizer. This thing really produces huge clouds even its just a pen-style vape. If you are after dense and strong vapor and you’re a fan of Atman products, I recommend the Atman OWAR. I personally like softer, more subtle vapor but I know that most users are after big clouds and wants stealthy and portable vape pens. This device with its triple rod atomizer definitely is the one. While I can’t say that this is the best tasting vapor I experienced, it was surely amongst the strongest vape pen.

Where to buy the Atman OWAR Wax Vaporizer?

Buy directly from Atman. They offer 1-year limited warranty in all of their products.
Atman OWAR Wax Vaporizer

Buy the Atman OWAR Wax Vaporizer directly from Atman. It's the safest option and it ensures you will get the full warranty.


Atman OWAR wax Pen

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