Atman Moonlight Review

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Atman Moonlight Review

8.7 Total Score
Atman Moonlight Bottom Line

The Atman Moonlight is a box mod type wax vaporizer with mouthpiece that is entirely made from borosilicate glass and hidden storage drawer that can hold a gram of wax for on-the-go and stealth session. Moonlight is equipped with advanced wattage controls from 8W to 20W in 4 levels for wax. The Moonlight is powered by 1300mAh battery with fast charging feature. It’s super discreet because of its box mod style and convenient to operate.

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In-Depth Atman Moonlight Review:

Most of the wax vaporizer in the market today looks like an actual pen with a small chamber and a mouthpiece. So seeing a wax vape like a box mod type vaporizer is kind of a unique design and a big step up for Atman. There are lots of things about the Atman Moonlight ($99.95 from Atman) that sets apart and relatively unique from other wax vaporizers. We will strip it down and find out what it is.


The Atman Moonlight is a box mod type wax vaporizer.


The Moonlight has a triangular power button which can be turned on by clicking 5 times. In front you will find the USB port together with the 4 levels of wattage control settings; each setting is indicated with LED light. On the other side of the device, you will find a compartment which can be used to store your waxy material. In my opinion, it is a cool companion piece alongside with the vaporizer itself.

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The mouthpiece is entirely made from Pyrex borosilicate glass. So take note for users who are a little bit clumsy that the glass tank can be fragile if mishandle. Underneath the glass tank, you will find the splatter guard that covers the removable and replaceable heating element. Talk about the heating element it can instantly heat up once activated and has a 60 second run time but can be cut off by holding the power button for 1 second.


The mouthpiece is entirely made from Pyrex borosilicate glass

First Impression

The last time I reviewed from Atman that has this kind of design and aesthetic feel was a couple of months ago with the Atman Starlight. And now their back with a wax vaporizer that feels like a nice, solid, and sturdy box mod. The body is made from aluminum so you will feel some weight in your hands and it doesn’t feel cheap.

The stealth factor of this device is an A+ because not only it looks like a box mod it has a hidden drawer to store your wax. The drawer is coated with silicone that can hold about a gram of wax or any type of materials. It’s a great feature for on-the-go purposes. Plus it sits on the bottom of the device so your material is safe from getting hot. Thumbs up for this Atman!


Atman Moonlight Kit includes USB cord, cleaning and scraping tools and the unit itself.

What comes in the package?

In the box, you will have an additional heating element, a cleaning brush, a USB charging cable, the user manual, dabbing tool and of course the unit itself the Atman Moonlight.

How to use

  • To turn on, click the power button for 5 times in 2 seconds, all LED lights will flash 3 times together.
  • To turn off, click the power button 5 times in 2 seconds and the remainder power lights will flash 3 times to indicate the device is already off.
  • Loading the Moonlight is pretty easy. Just take off the Pyrex mouthpiece, and load the chamber with your favorite wax. For me loading the chamber with 0.3 – 0.4g of wax is the best experience.
  • Then close the mouthpiece and choose your desired temperature by clicking 3 times to toggle between 4 wattage levels (8W, 12W, 16W, and 20W).
  • Hold the power button for 3 seconds and then start vaping. After 60 seconds the device will cut off automatically because of its 60 sec cut-off protection.

Performance and Vapor Quality

When it comes to its battery the Atman Moonlight has a USB port located in front, although there is no pass-through feature on this device expect fast charging with its 16600 Li-ion 1300mAh battery.

In my opinion, vaping around 16W to 20W on this vaporizer feels very harsh and hot probably because it uses wattage control rather than temperature control. So for me vaping around 8W to 12W are the only best settings to use. Also worth to mention, is its heating element it uses titanium coil rather than quartz or ceramic. So it’s not the most efficient for your wax and it clogs easily after a couple of days use. On the contrary, the design of the glass mouthpiece is great and did a good job in preserving the flavor of your wax. Taking a draw was super-easy and pulling felt almost like breathing. It’s super discreet because of its box mod style and convenient to operate.


Atman Moonlight uses titanium coil rather than quartz or ceramic. recommend this for:

First-time users that are looking for an inexpensive good vaporizer. The Moonlight is super easy to use. Judging by the feel of this vaporizer, it seems like it will last a long time. It is well designed and feels sturdy.

Where to buy the Atman Moonlight:

Buy directly from Atman. They offer 1-year limited warranty in all of their products.

Atman Moonlight Vaporizer

Buy the Atman Moonlight Vaporizer directly from Atman. It's the safest option and it ensures you will get the full warranty.



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