Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit Review – with a Revolutionary Atomizer

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Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit Review: Bottom Line

Another innovative Vaping Kit from Aspire, The Skystar Kit is paired with a revolutionary Atomizer which is the Revvo Tank with the new ARC (Aspire Radial Coil) Technolgy, a beginner-friendly tank. Aspire Skystar Box Mod has a maximum of 210W that can power up any latest Sub-Ohm Atomizers.

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit Review: Background

The Aspire Skystar Kit ($85.00 directly from Heaven Gifts) is paired with a revolutionary Sub-Ohm Atomizer which is The Revvo Tank with a new resistance coil system that could change or adapted for future Atomizer designs.

This is a big move for Aspire Company, trying to innovate something that could improve our vaping experience, could it really change the current resistance coil system that we are using right now? Let’s see. My first impression seeing and knowing this technology, even not knowing if it could benefit me as a vaper, I would definitely want to try this ASAP, as I am always hyped up when new technology like this comes out, especially in vaping. This will probably be included in our Best Vape Mod of 2017.

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit Review Background
White color option will be a good choice if you are into a plain and simple design

What’s in the Box?

What will you get on Aspire Skystar Kit?

  • 1x Aspire Skystar Box Mod
  • Revvo Tank
    • Arc Coil (Pre-installed)
    • Extra Arc Coil
  • Replacement Glass
  • Protective Silicon Cap
  • USB Cable & Manual
  • Spare Parts
Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit Review Package

Key Features of the Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

What are the key features of Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit?

Aspire Skystar Box Mod

  • Responsive Touchscreen Display – A large 1.3-inch touchscreen display removing physical buttons for adjusting the settings, a responsive screen without the issue of messing with settings while using.
  • 210W Maximum Output – Even if the recommended highest wattage for Revvo Tank is only at 80 watts, you can still use the Aspire Skystar Box Mod with other powerful Atomizers that can handle Sub-Ohm Builds as it is packed with up to 210 maximum wattage.
  • Dual 18650 Battery – This would be enough to power up and fire Sub-Ohm resistance builds that could last you a whole day and up to 2 days of battery life on casual vaping.
  • Smooth Finish – Curve and smooth texture that has a good grip and comfortable feel in hands, although not everyone will like its big overall size.

Revvo Tank

  • New ARC (Aspire Radial Coil) – This is the best feature that I really like with the Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit, a new and innovative coil system. This is a pre-made coil with a horizontal design using a spiral kanthal wires that could benefit a lot of beginners who are using Tanks with pre-made resistance coils.
  • Easy Tank Refilling – This is by far the Easiest way to refill your Tanks with e-liquids, a spring-loaded system refilling e-liquids without having to remove are disassemble anything. I find it very useful saving time on dripping or refilling tanks, hopefully, this will be adopted by other vaping manufacturers.
  • Top Adjustable Airholes – Adjustable airflow control to suit your needs without worrying about leaking of E-Liquids.
  • Easy Maintenance – Dissembling and Assembling will be no hustle when cleaning your Revvo tank, its just a matter of screwing and unscrewing.
Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit Review Touchscreen
Full Touch Screen Display of Aspire Skystar Kit
Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit Review Top Refilling
Spring Loaded Top-Refilling System

Design: Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of the overall design of the Aspire Skystar Box Mod, it would probably be a good idea if they will provide another color/finish options, but for the smooth and comfortable grip, it is still good.

What I really love about this kit is how the Revvo Tank is designed perfectly, the color contrast between the airflow control ring and the black top cap blend really well, the grip design on airflow ring adds more aesthetics to this tank. Most importantly the best thing about its design is the function of the spring-loaded top refilling system.

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit Review Design
Blue Camo on Aspire Skystar Box Mod

Performance: Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

Now, you are probably wondering how good the performance of Revvo Tank, with this new ARC (Aspire Radial Coil) Technology. In terms of overall performance as a Sub-Ohm Tank, vapor production will be on the average level and huge vapor production on setting your device right. The Aspire Skystar Box Mod houses dual 18650 Batteries that will last you a whole day of chain vaping with a maximum power of 210 watts that is great for Sub-Ohm resistance builds.

Aspire-Skystar Revvo Kit Review Performance
Revvo Tank into the woods

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit VS Similar Kits

What is the key difference of Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit to other Kits?

  • NCR RDA vs Revvo Tank – The NCR RDA is the best Atomizer to compare with Revvo Tank. Both of these Atomizers are trying to innovate a new pre-made resistance coil for beginners. Revvo Tank will have an advantage because it will be adapted easily by vapers because it uses a traditional kanthal wires compared to NCR RDA’s new Wafer System.
  • Vaporesso Revenger Kit vs Aspire Skystar Kit – Both of these Kit has a very similar design, that probably Aspire got the idea to Vaporesso Revenger Kit. The Aspire Skystar Kit will have an advantage of having a Full Touchscreen Display, performance for both are also similar.

Final Thoughts: Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit Review

My overall impression on my Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit Review ($85.00 directly from Heaven Gifts), I really love how they manage to design and come up with the Revvo Tank. This would be a great upgrade for people who are looking for a new Atomizer or RTA to try, with its easy top refilling system you will never have to experience the hustle of removing the cap to refill e-liquids. The ARC (Aspire Radial Coil) Technolgy is also a big plus for me as Beginners would be encouraged to stay and enjoy vaping.

About the Aspire Skystar Box Mod, I don’t really get hype up about its design or just because of the material used, but the overall performance can still compete with our Best Vape Mod of 2017, as it can still power up any Sub-Ohm Atomizers out there.

Where to buy the Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit?

Aspire Skystar Revvo Kit

Buy directly from Heaven Gifts to save 35% off

$85.00 $130.00

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