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The Aspire Breeze is a compact and affordable vaporizer. It is highly portable with a dual activation draw system. The optional charging dock offers convenience for users who want longer sessions. The U-tech coil technology delivers stronger vapor flavor than other similarly sized vaporizers. Most of all, this is a good vaporizer at a great price and performs very well for the affordability.

Aspire Breeze Background

The Aspire Breeze ($29.99 from VaporDNA) is a new, all-in-one e-liquid vaporizer. Aspire is a company best known for making top quality functional vaporizer components like high grade tanks and coils. Now the Breeze joins the ranks of our most popular e-cig reviews with the addition of the Breeze.

Aspire’s experience with tanks and coils should mean that the integral parts of the Breeze are of the highest quality, but how is it performing? Keep reading this vaporizer review to find out how the Breeze vape holds up to Aspire’s stringent quality standards.

Aspire Breeze Kit

The Breeze includes the user manual, a USB charging cable, and two 0.6 ohm coils. This package might seem bare bones compared to other portables, but we prefer to call it simplified. The Breeze is meant to be extremely portable so the spartan nature of the kit is a bonus feature, not a detractor. Besides, it has everything a vaper on-the-go needs, especially the two 0.6 ohm coils, which each use advanced U-tech technology to guarantee flavorful vapor from a tiny source.

This vaporizer also has a charging dock that is sold separately but at a hefty price tag – $16. The dock keeps the device fully charged and is worth the extra expense for those who want a quick charge option and the convenience of just situating the device on the dock as opposed to fussing with wires.

Key Features of the Aspire Breeze

The easy-to-carry nature of the Breeze is its most compelling feature but it has some other tricks that are sure to attract committed vapers. The most notable being its dual activation draw system; the Breeze can be activated by using the firing button or simply by taking a draw.

Convenience is the name of the game here, and Aspire made sure that their vaporizer is as easy to use and convenient as possible. Any vapers who want to take a few quick incognito draws can do so thanks to the Breeze’s versatile design. However, the always-ready nature of the draw-activated system could be inconvenient to some because the device might keep vaping for a second or two after they have stopped.

Side View - Extremely Slim and Discrete Profile
Side View - Extremely Slim and Discrete Profile

The Design of the Aspire Breeze

At 33m x 19mm x 93mm, the Breeze is one of the smaller portables around, which makes it the perfect vaporizer to carry with you wherever you go. It fits comfortably in any pocket because of its small size and its simple design. The Breeze is slim and flat on all sides with no bulky protuberances so it will feel comfortable and produce no awkward silhouettes in the pockets of even the skinniest of skinny jeans.

There is a problem with the rounded base of the Breeze because that design choice keeps it from being able to remain upright by itself. This vaporizer won’t impress anyone looking for a major wow factor in design but the Breeze is composed with practicality in mind, rather than flair. However, the high-quality aluminum alloy comes in four finishes, including blue and red, for those who want a pop of color when they vape.

Stunning Black, Blue, Red, and Grey finishes
Stunning Black, Blue, Red, and Grey finishes available.

How to use the Aspire Breeze

First, you need to remove the mouthpiece and use the built-in tool on its underside to unscrew the chimney. Once that is done, the 2.0 mL reservoir is filled with liquid to the marked fill line. Next, rescrew the chimney, reattach the mouthpiece, wait a few minutes for the coil to soak in the juice, and vape away.

The refill method of the Breeze is a little involved but there are no extra tools required and the visible tank lets you know how much liquid is left in the reservoir.

Performance and Vapor Quality of the Aspire Breeze

The U-tech coils work by optimizing the airflow between the dual chambered coils and the user’s point of inhalation. In my experience, this feature worked quite well and the quality of the vapor is very good for such a small device. The Breeze is designed to use e-juice that contains 70% or less VG, like the KILO White/Black Series. The Breeze is likely best for vapers that want a handy device but aren’t prone to hitting their vape non-stop throughout the day–for that, you’ll need a heftier device.

The battery of the Breeze is 650 mAh, which is standard for a device this size. The battery is good for a few hours before it needs recharging. The optional charging dock helps mitigate the need for constant recharging since you can just plug it in and place the Breeze in it for a quick top-up of the battery. The Breeze does not support pass-through charging when placed in the dock but does when charging via USB cable.

Aspire Breeze- Interior Design
Aspire Breeze- Interior Design

Final Thoughts on the Aspire Breeze

The Aspire Breeze ($29.99 from VaporDNA) is a solid vaporizer for users who value convenience and portability. The flavor it produces is quite good for such a small device. It won’t dazzle anyone who wants a lengthy feature list but it gets the job done at a very competitive price.

The optional charging dock could have been included in the package but even with that additional expense the Aspire Breeze is still more affordable than many of the latest vaporizers and it does the job. Make sure you check out our latest e-liquid reviews to make sure your new vape is set up right.

Where to buy the Aspire Breeze?

Aspire Breeze

Compact dual activation device with built-in 650 mAh battery, 2ml tank and a .6 ohm coil system.

$29.99 $34.99

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  1. I loved this small vape, it had the draw i wanted in a compact size. I have bought 3 of these and after less than 6 weeks, 2 of the batteries are toast. When new they lasted a solid half day, now they are down to 30 minutes. Aspire “warranty” sucks too. Under warranty coverage means you have to pay for shipping and a $10 warranty fee in order to replace, so $15 to replace a $25 product

  2. Excellent. Coils are great…easy draw….

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