Aspire Archon 150W Mod Review

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Aspire Archon 150W Review

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Aspire Archon 150W Mod is powered by dual 18650 batteries that is capable up to 150 Watts of power. The embedded chipset of the Archon 150W is similar from Aspire NX75 but is inspired from the constructional design of the Aspire Plato AIO device. The Archon 150W has a lot of advanced features that are simple and easy to use. One of which is the child lock feature which you can set it to require an activation code before the mod activates. It is a mod that is worth to invest because of its long-term value.

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In-Depth Aspire Archon 150W Review:

The Aspire Archon 150W ($44.99 from VaporDNA) is constructed in zinc alloy and comes in three different color schemes: Black/Yellow, Dark Grey/Yellow, and Blue/Yellow. This small box mod has a dimension size of 88mm in height by 50mm in width by 23mm thicker. Powered by dual 18650 Lithium-ion battery (sold separately) this box mod is capable of much power. Up to 150 Watts. Stylistically, the Archon is similar in design with the Aspire Plato all-in-one device.


The Aspire Archon has a rounded design that is smooth and comfortable to hold. It can be a little slippery due to its smooth and shiny finish. It doesn’t have any ventilation holes for the heat to dissipate and the magnetic battery cover can easily be slide into place. With that being said, the four magnets on its edges are not that strong to hold enough the battery cover. So, it’s best to hold the box mod with a good grip. Otherwise, it may loosen accidentally due to the smoothness of the finish and not that strong magnetic cover – a terrible combination that you must be aware off.

The fire button is super clicky and its place in a very comfortable location that can easily reach out by your fingertips. There are no rattling sounds when I shake vigorously and in terms of the overall build quality, the construction is great.

“The body chassis of the Archon 150W is the same as the Aspire Plato so the engineers at Aspire have really perfected this design and how it all comes together.” – Aspire. But that’s not how it works, any sub-ohm tanks doesn’t sit flush, there is always a bit of an overhang. I’ve tried mine using various sub-ohm tanks from 22mm Aspire Atlantis Evo tank and Cleito 120 to 25mm FreeMax Starre Pure but it really doesn’t work out because of its overhang issue. The performance is great (no issue about that) but the aesthetic look with the mod and this beautiful vape tanks wasn’t right. I wish Aspire didn’t rush the released of this mod back in August. A lot of users are disappointed with this CON and it gives a bad mark to Aspire’s reputation as a leader in the industry and is known for quality and innovation.


Child Lock Feature

Like the Aspire NX75 mod, which uses the same Aspire’s flagship chipset, the Archon 150W features child lock mechanism. This is something that perhaps all vape mod manufacturers should consider adding to their vape devices in the future. With the Aspire Archon 150W, you can set a passcode before the mod can be fired up.

I’ve tried this when I first got the Aspire Archon 150W a couple of days ago and it worked perfectly. You can customize the code required to unlock the device. The only worry here is don’t lose that code! If you lose the code and can’t open your mod and you’re probably not going to be happy. Even if you take out the batteries and then re-insert them, the code will still be engaged.

So, if you do lose the code on unfortunate events you may have to contact Aspire’s customer service and re-download the operating system. And that might be a hassle in both parties. So don’t lose your child lock code.

Button Function

The biggest difference of this box mod to the other box mods in the market is its extra buttons. The “W” and “T” buttons, allows you to access the variable wattage mode and temp control mode, respectively, with a press of a button. The extra buttons allow you to bypass the menu for basic functions while at the same time it allows you to access the advanced options with a press of combination buttons. The picture below will guide you on how to set/activate its advanced options.


Aspire Archon 150W Performance

Accessing advanced options like TCR or the curve mode to create a firing profile to customize your vapor experience, the Aspire Archon 150W lets you do all of that. You can create multiple custom firing profiles in both variable power and temperature control vaping modes.

Not only this mod can access advanced options with ease but you can also customize things like the logo on the 0.86-inch OLED screen. You can have your name appear on the screen – just follow the instruction on the manual and it’s just easy as 1..2..3. As I mentioned earlier, this mod has a child lock feature which is good to have especially if you have kids at home. You can set the Archon 150W to input a passcode before the mod will activate.

Furthermore, Aspire Archon 150W mod is a firmware upgradeable device meaning you can always access the latest technology by visiting their website. There will be many hot new features released via firmware so stay tuned.

Aspire Archon 150W is powered by dual 18650 batteries.

Aspire Archon 150W is powered by dual 18650 batteries.


There are a lot of vape mods that are better than the Archon 150W. Take a look at our list of the best vape mods to help you decide. But the Aspire Archon 150W is an excellent quality build. The Archon 150W is the latest version of the NX75 mod’s flagship chipset combined with the chassis design of the popular Plato AIO vape device.  This result to a durable and sturdy finish. It is a mod with upgradeable firmware which is a huge plus in terms of adding long-term value. The price tag is only around $45 so it is pretty clear that you are getting great deals when purchasing this mod.

Where to buy the Aspire Archon 150W Mod:

I recommend buying the Aspire Archon 150W Mod from VaporDNA. They offer Free Shipping on all orders over $49 and get 10% off when you signup for their newsletter and refer it to a friend.

Aspire Archon 150W Mod

Buy the Aspire Archon 150W Mod from VaporDNA and get Free Shipping over $49.




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