Arizer Solo 2 vs Best Dry Herb Vapes of 2017

The Arizer Solo 2

The Arizer Solo II is without-a-doubt, the most durable vaporizer out of the premium vaporizers – and we are referring here to the PAX 3, DaVinci IQ, Crafty and Firefly 2 due to its sheer size and feel. One would not simply choose the Arizer Solo II in lieu of one of these premium vapes. Rather, you may prefer to maintain one of the smaller, more portable vaporizers for taking outside the home and keep the Arizer Solo II on hand for group sessions or even hikes, camping, or perhaps a few hits on the beach (where it’s legal of course!) We love the Arizer Solo 2 and recommend buying it from Vape-Smart for $249.95.

That being said, the glass stem mouthpieces are slightly concerning if you are considering taking the Solo 2 out of the house. Though the unit itself is hardy and undoubtedly well-insulated, the detachable glass components are not ideal for a clumsy dry-herb vaporizer user. While some people may not have an issue keeping this unit in their pocket, the size of the unit can be attributed to its battery and insulation – which are impeccable and make it one of the top portable vaporizers in 2017. Read our Arizer Solo 2 review for more details. The Arizer Solo 2 and its competitors discussed in this article are all incredible vapes, each deserving of a place on the list of best vaporizers of 2017.

How does the Arizer Solo II stack up in comparison with today’s best vapes? Find out how we rate the Solo 2 versus the Crafty, IQ, PAX 3 and Firefly 2 (not pictured).

Arizer Solo 2 Review

The Solo 2 may be large for a portable dry herb vaporizer, but what it lacks in stealth – it makes up for with its long-lasting battery and unparalleled heating insulation. 

Arizer Solo 2 Review

Arizer Solo II vs DaVinci IQ

The DaVinci IQ and the Arizer Solo II offer some very similar features. Both are solid and reliable herbal vaporizers, and their performance is amazing. In terms of ease of use, the Solo II might be easier to just pack up and vape. It offers the possibility to adjust temperature (and many other options) through the interface which is very easy to use. The DaVinci IQ offers some options that could seem a little bit more technical for a beginner, however once you have learned your way around the IQ it becomes very intuitive as well.

The “Flavor Chamber” of the IQ is also a big pro for the vaporizer. The chamber sits between the oven and mouthpiece, allowing herbs to be packed inside, and for the vapor to pass through on the way to the mouthpiece, infusing with the flavor of the the chamber’s contents. A noteworthy innovation!

The biggest difference between the two marijuana vaporizers comes to portability and size. While the Solo II is smaller than the previous version, it is still the largest of portable vaporizers (4.49” H x 1.73 W x 1.06”). Its ergonomic oval shape makes it one of the best handheld vaporizer, however it remains large for a portable vaporizer. It is more of an “at-home” portable vaporizer. The size of the DaVinci IQ, on the contrary, is exceptional for a dry herb vaporizer. We were surprised by how small it actually is, but still seems solid and durable. It fits perfectly in the pocket for any outdoor adventure. The exact dimensions of the DaVinci IQ is 3.54” H x 1.65” W x .94” with a weight of 145 grams. Read our DaVinci review for more information.  

Arizer Solo II vs PAX 3

The PAX 3 and the Arizer Solo II do not exactly go head-to-head in terms of design – but that’s not to say that they’re are not both exceeding expectations in their own rights. While the Solo II reads more like an army-grade walkie-talkie, PAX 3 both literally and figurative pairs with your iPhone 7 thanks to its minimalistic elegance, intuitive interface, and smartphone app. The PAX 3 is also much smaller and discreet (3.87” H x 1.21 W x .34”) with a weight of only 93 grams – the best vaporizer for outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking or a skiing session.

Where one could easily maneuver under the radar in public with their PAX 3, try going unnoticed on the campsite with your Solo II! The Solo II’s size may be correlative to its capabilities, however, because the taste and vapor quality on this device are both humongous. The Arizer Solo 2 is the type of vaporizer that will attract people to you – not the other way around. So, pick up the PAX 3 if you’d like to head out unnoticed with your cool vape, and grab the Solo 2 to enjoy a quality group session. Take a look at our PAX 3 review to learn more about it!

Arizer Solo II vs Firefly 2

The Firefly 2, like the Arizer Solo II, is also a good choice for group vaping. The Firefly 2, with its impressive ability to heat quickly and its unique capability to allow the user to take sporadic hits without loading and reloading the chamber between sessions, is a particularly attractive feature in this vaporizer.

Regarding the size and dimensions of the two weed vaporizers, they are closer than that of the Pax 3 versus the Solo 2 – but the Firefly2 is still significantly smaller than the Solo 2. The Firefly 2 weighs 135 grams, and its dimensions are 5.1” H x 1.4” W w .95”, which is 33% smaller than the previous version and makes it close to the size of the Solo II. It is not the most discreet vaporizer on the market, but it makes it a very good option for group vaping.

If the Firefly 2 can be seen as the bowl of vaping, the Solo II might be seen as a sort of mini vape bong! The Firefly 2’s design reads like a pipe, and conveys the nostalgic feeling we once felt much before we learned the health benefits of vaping versus smoking. The Firefly 2 gives the same capability that hitting a bowl would–without the associated health risks of smoking. Visit our Firefly vaporizer review for more information about the device.

The Arizer Solo 2 on the other hand, with its unique glass ‘stemware’ somewhat conveys the feeling of pulling from a bong (though not to the extent of the Hydrology 9 – see the review on this awesome new vape here). The vapor quality produced at the high temperatures that this device is able to heat up to absolutely reinforce that feeling as well. The Solo II is ideal for those situations where size is not the number one determining factor, but perhaps vapor quality is.

Arizer Solo 2 vs Crafty

The Crafty and the Arizer Solo II are two very reliable vaporizers, and probably the best dry herb vaporizers for “session” users. The biggest difference between the two vaporizers comes to portability. While the Arizer Solo II is the best “at-home” vaporizer, the Crafty is simply the best portable vaporizer we have ever tested. The Crafty’s size (4.3” tall by 2.2”) and weight (only 136g!) make it very easy to fit and hold in the hand, while the Arizer Solo 2’s portability is limited.

In terms of design, the Arizer Solo II offers a more rugged, minimalistic design. The Crafty however, gets attention. The vaporizer is rectangular and made of a special plastic, which feels sturdy and balanced. This kind of quality in design is not surprising when we know that the Crafty is made by the German manufacturer Storz & Bickel, one of the biggest name in vaporizers in the last ten years.

The Crafty and the Arizer Solo 2 are really user-friendly vaporizers, but vaping with the Crafty is made even easier with its smartphone app. The app controls many features of the vaporizer such as temperature, temperature boost and LED brightness.

The vapor quality of the Crafty is incredible: the amount produced during the sessions is amazing, and the vapor is rich, tasty and visible. If you are looking for a vaporizer to take on an outdoor adventure, with outstanding vapor quality, the Crafty vaporizer is the one vaporizer for you. While the Arizer Solo 2 also provides exceptional vapor quality and overall vaporizing experience, it will be reserved for a cool group session at home.

The Solo 2’s high-quality glass stemware mouthpieces deliver the ultimate vapor quality experience. 

Arizer Solo 2 Review

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is of course one of the biggest ranking factors for dry herb vaporizers. The vapor quality of the Arizer Solo II is fantastic, and has an optimal vapor flavor that only a few vaporizers can compete with. The fact that you can precisely control the temperature is also a big factor when it comes to the flavor that can be achieved by the Solo II.

In our opinion, only the DaVinci IQ and the PAX 3 can actually compete with the Solo II. The PAX 3 has a legendary track record of best in class vapor quality, and the amount of vapor and the flavor are even better than we expected. The PAX 3 is also really good at extracting the vapor from the herb.

When it comes to the Crafty, we were amazed by the quality of the vapor and its rich and tasty flavor. The draw resistance is minimal, and the cooling unit helps cooling down the vapor perfectly.

Regarding the DaVinci IQ, we really appreciate the “flavor chamber” and the innovation of the zirconium pearl as well. The vapor quality of the IQ is very good, also thanks to the ceramic zirconia material used for the mouthpiece which provides very cool dense and pure-flavored vapor.

The Firefly 2 offers some exceptional vapor qualities as well. The vapor is smooth and consistent, but we still prefer the Solo II, the IQ, the Crafty or the PAX 3 in regards to the experience they offer and the density of vapor they provide.

Vaporizer Usability Test

The Arizer Solo II is definitely ahead when it comes to ease of use. You can customize various settings through the user-menu such as volume, session timer, temperature, screen brightness, start-up timer. The menu is clean, easy to navigate and straightforward. Loading the Solo 2 is also very simple; you just need to fill your dry herb in the bottom of the glass stems and insert the stem into the unit.

The PAX 3 is a little bit tricky, and required that you learn your way around. We really liked the free smartphone app that allow a more precise control over temperature, as well as a few special features and heating profiles. The interface remains very intuitive and easy to use anyway.

The DaVinci IQ, PAX 3, Arizer Solo 2, and Crafty each offer unique oven chambers – a major distinguishing factor between mid-tier and premium vaporizers. 

Arizer Solo 2 Review

The same thing applies for the DaVinci IQ. The vaporizer can be used with or without the smartphone app. You can fully use the device and all its features without the app, however using it will allow you to customize the four smart paths that the device already provides. It is very enjoyable to customize your experience and we had a lot of fun playing around it!

Finally, the Firefly 2 also offers a smartphone app where you can set the temperature and select between a few heat levels. It is very intuitive and simple to use, and it would definitely be the best vaporizer for a beginner.

Battery Life

Among the four dry herb vaporizers, the Arizer Solo II unquestionably offers the most vape time, about 3 hours on a full charge. The original Solo used to give users about an hour and a half of battery life, and the major increase in battery life makes this vaporizer an excellent choice for group vaping sessions, and carrying the vaporizer outside the house without worrying that the session will be cut short due to insufficient battery power. The potential of the battery is basically apparent from the device’s design. Being that the Solo 2 is able to achieve such high temperatures without the unit itself becoming warm to the touch, shows the most of the device is composed of battery, and is incredibly insulated.

The Solo 2 comes with a wall charger for convenient, rugged charging sessions. This vape is so powerful, your flimsy USB drive hook-up – generally standard among today’s best vapes – just won’t cut it for this supercharged vaporizer. 

Arizer Solo 2 battery

The battery of the Crafty is not the strongest among the portable vaporizers. It takes two hours to be fully charged, and can be used for about three sessions (about 45 minutes)–but we guess that this level of performance comes at a price.

The PAX 3 has a very impressive battery life for its size – almost 2 hours. However, it would be nice if the battery was user replaceable, like the DaVinci IQ. The battery of the IQ is replaceable and would last from 50 to 80 minutes of use on average.

The battery on the Firefly 2 is also swappable and may be replaced or charged with an external charger. One nice thing about the Firefly 2 is that the vaporizer comes with two batteries, so you can always have one in the charger and one in your device. Each battery lasts between 40 to 80 draws.

Choosing between Arizer Solo II, Pax 3, DaVinci IQ, or Firefly 2

What is the best vaporizer of 2017? It depends on the user.

Are you looking for a sturdy, durable vaporizer with incredible vapor quality? The Arizer Solo II is definitely your go-to choice. While the Firefly is a great piece to keep at the house for hits here-and-there, and the functionality and aesthetic value of both the PAX 3 and the DaVinci IQ are superb, the Arizer Solo II is in a league of its own as far as capabilities, efficiency, and value.  The Crafty remains our favorite across the board. 

Where should I buy the Solo 2?

I especially recommend buying the Arizer Solo II directly from  Vape-Smart; use the coupon code TVG10 to save 10%. 

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  1. I consistently see user reviews saying that the Crafty tends to fail rather quickly and needs replacement. 4 to 5 replacements over the 2 year warranty period is pretty common in the user comments section of almost every review for it. Why is this (reliability) not mentioned in almost any professional review? I noticed that you all put the Crafty as the “best all around” but not if you don’t want to keep sending it back for replacement! From what I’ve read, the Solo 2 has very little need for its warranty since so few people have reported sending it back. To me, that is worth much more than the portability and inconspicuousness the Crafty provides.

  2. I’ve sent my crafty back 4 times in 2 years. This time, S&B advise out of warranty and they won,t even offer to fix at cost. Not happy!

    I’ve asked them to send it back, at a cost of 16 euros to me, so I can have a go at fixing myself.

    Clearly a big issue with the crafty and I also have friend who within 5 minutes having battery problems.

    Stortz & Bickel tell me It is only really to be used for light use? And its my fault as I should be using a desktop to use at home. I wrote back to them explaining I have a couple if other vaporizers includIng the plenty, which is one of theor models. Ignored.

    Shake as vapor quality is great, but device is the most unreliable bit of electronics i,ve seen in wuite some time.

    Arizer solo 2 on the way. No more business for S&B fromvme. Enough,

    • I’ve had my Crafty since 2014 and it still works great. I do have a lot of vapes, so I rotate them a lot- meaning I did not use the Crafty vigorously. But it never gave me trouble. With that said- the Solo 2 is an AMAZING vape. One of my fav home-use vapes.

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