Arizer Go ArGo vs DaVinci IQ Comparison: Two Vape Titans Clash!

The Arizer Go (Review | Buy) is ready to take on any vaporizer out there and the DaVinci IQ (Review | Buy) is ready to take on all challengers. These two vapes have qualities that can put them on the list of the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers list. They’re pretty well matched so choosing the right for you could be difficult. Or, it would be if you didn’t have this Arizer Go vs DaVinci IQ comparison to guide you, so keep reading for all the details.

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Arizer Go vs DaVinci IQ: Design and Features


  • The ArGo can easily slip in and out of the smallest pockets. A process aided by the extendable upper section of the ArGo that can hide and protect the mouthpiece.
  • The DaVinci IQ is more portable with the flat mouthpiece than the (preferred) extended one, but it is a convenient, travel-friendly vaporizer either way.
Arizer Go ArGo vaporizer
The ArGo's small size makes it a conveniently portable dry herb vaporizer.

Oven and Heating

  • ArGo oven size = 0.15 grams = ~10-12 hits
  • DaVinci IQ oven size = 0.3 grams = ~10-12 hits

The ArGo uses a convection heating system and the IQ uses conduction. The IQ has a zirconia “pearl” in the oven that enhances heat distribution so the herbs get vaped evenly. Both devices heat up during use with the IQ getting a little warmer than the ArGo.


Arizer Go ArGo dry herb vaporizer
The ArGo's glass mouthpiece makes herb loading a simple process.

The Arizer Go

ArGo Design Highlights
  • Borosilicate glass mouthpiece cools and preserves vapor and facilitates easy herb loading.
  • Glass mouthpiece can be easily protected with the touch of a button.
  • Granular temperature control w/ OLED screen
  • Swappable 18650 battery adds convenience
  • Only two pieces make the ArGo a low maintenance, easy to clean device
  • Excellent vapor quality

ArGo Design drawbacks
  • Device can get slightly hot during use
  • Glass mouthpiece is vulnerable to cracking or breaking when unprotected

The DaVinci IQ

IQ Design Highlights
  • Zirconia pearl in the oven improves heat distribution, the zirconia mouthpiece cools down the vapor.
  • Flavor chamber can be filled with non-marijuana herbs to provide interesting flavor enhancements.
  • Excellent flavor and bigger clouds than the ArGo
  • Uses replaceable 18650 batteries
  • Smartphone app can control the temperature settings and the Smart Path feature that gradually increases temperature as you vape
  • Stylish, highly portable device

IQ Design drawbacks
  • The preferred longer mouthpiece decreases portability slightly, while the shorter, more pocket friendly mouthpiece doesn’t cool down the vapor as much
  • Advanced features, like stealth mode, can take a while to learn
  • The IQ requires more care and maintenance than the ArGo because of its many separate components

Substance Compatibility

The Arizer Go and DaVinci IQ are both only compatible with dry herb.

Device Longevity and Reliability

Arizer Go – The ArGo’s bigger siblings, the Air 2 and Solo 2 have both proven to be solid, reliable devices. I doubt the ArGo is going to let the family down in that regard, if it does, you’ll find out here first.

                     *Warranty info: 2 year limited

DaVinci IQ – The IQ has stood the test of time in terms of reliability as well as design and function. DaVinci has a good reputation and if anything goes wrong, their support staff is ready to help.

                            *Warranty info: 10 years

Battery life and Charging

Arizer Go

  • Uses interchangeable 18650 Li Ion battery
  • Battery duration of 90 minutes
  • 3.5 hour charge time
  • Pass through charging available after 15-20 minutes of charging

The DaVinci IQ

  • Has a removable 3500mAh 18650 Li ion battery that can be charged separately
  • 90 minutes of battery life – 70-90 hits
  • Micro USB cable is the only included charging option
  • 3-4 hour charge time using USB cable
  • 2-3 hour charge time using external charger

Arizer Go vs DaVinci IQ: Ease of use

Arizer ArGo herb loading
Herb loading is a simple, intuitive process with the ArGo's glass mouthpiece.

Arizer Go

  • Intuitive operation
  • Glass mouthpiece makes herb loading a one-step procedure
  • Little maintenance required
  • OLED screen keeps you apprised of ArGo’s status

DaVinci IQ

  • Zirconia elements enhance heat distribution
  • Smartphone app provides several control options
  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Using face buttons to control advanced functions requires a steep learning curve

The Arizer Go vs the DaVinci IQ: Device Differences in Practice

How to Use the Arizer Go

  1. Load the mouthpiece by dipping the end of it in your herb supply, gently tap it to loosen the herb so that air can pass through.
  2. Place the weed-filled end into the ArGo and press down the top of the device so that the mouthpiece is exposed.
  3. Power up the device by holding down the plus and menu buttons simultaneously.
  4. Use the plus and minus buttons to select the desired temperature.
  5. The ArGo will beep twice once the selected temperature is reached, inhale from the mouthpiece for vaping satisfaction.

The ArGo uses a borosilicate glass mouthpiece that keeps the vapor cool and pure. The long airpath keeps the vapor cool and the glass material doesn’t affect the herb’s flavor during loading or vaping.

How to Use the DaVinci IQ

  1. Open the herb chamber, pack in your herb tightly, close the chamber.
    a. (Optional) Place dry herb or other aromatic substance into the flavor chamber.
  2. Press the power button 5x to turn on IQ in smart path mode, click button to switch to precision mode.
  3. Press up/down arrows to choose either a smart path or exact temperature.
  4. Hold down the power button while inhaling to start vaping.

The IQ’s flavor chamber can be filled with aromatic herbs or stored with extra weed. The herbs provide interesting flavor enhancements for the vapor while any weed stored in the flavor chamber becomes extra potent when used for vaping.

DaVinci IQ Portable Weed Vaporizer in olive and stealth colors
The DaVinci IQ in olive (L) and black (R), both with the extended zirconia mouthpiece.

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Arizer Go vs DaVinci IQ Comparison: Final Thoughts

The Arizer Go (Review | Buy) and the DaVinci IQ (Review | Buy) are both top-notch vaporizers that are closely matched in terms of performance and portability. Your choice ultimately comes down to what you want in a weed vaporizer. If you want a low maintenance, easy to use device then the ArGo is for you.

If you want a cannabis vape with a lot of advanced features and don’t mind the extra learning or maintenance required then the IQ is your choice. Both are among the Best Dry Herb Vaporizers ever made so you won’t be going wrong with either one. I hope my Arizer Go vs DaVinci IQ comparison has helped to make a difficult decision a little easier, thanks for reading!

The Arizer Go

Arizer ArGo Review
  • Retails for $269.95 from Vape-Smart, coupon code TVG10 provides a 10% discount
  • Borosilicate glass mouthpieces provide vapor coolness and purity
  • Pop top feature protects glass mouthpiece with a single button push
  • Easy to clean and load
  • Interchangeable battery can be swapped out instead of recharged

The DaVinci IQ

DaVinci IQ Portable Weed Vaporizer olive and stealth
  • Retails for $274.99 from DaVinci
  • Zirconia elements cool down the vapor and enhance heat distribution
  • Flavor chamber provides unique vaping experience depending on the material placed inside it
  • Smart path mode gradually increases temperature during each session
  • Replaceable battery can be replaced instead of recharged when it dies

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