Arizer Go ArGo Review

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Arizer Go Review

The Good: Excellent vapor quality | Glass mouthpiece is useful in various ways | Pop up top protects mouthpiece and helps with portability | Removable battery adds convenience | Very easy to maintain

The Bad: Device can get hot during use | Long recharge time

The Bottom Line: The ArGo is one of the better portable vapes that I’ve ever used. It earns its premium price point by giving users some premium features, the main one being that glass mouthpiece that keeps the vapor cool. The awesome vapor quality is another plus, and the removable battery adds even more convenience. If you’ve ever wanted the quality of a Solo 2 or an Air 2 in a smaller package, then you should get the ArGo.

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Kit and Accessories

Arizer Go Kit
Clockwise from bottom: USB charging cable, wall adapter, stem caps, glass mouthpieces, packing tool, Arizer Go, carrying case.
  • Arizer Go
  • Two glass mouthpieces
  • 18650 battery
  • Two silicone stem caps
  • Packing tool
  • USB charger
  • Wall outlet adapter
  • Carrying case

Compatibility: The Arizer Go is only compatible with dry herb.

Official Accessories

Like many premium and mid-tier portable vaporizers, the ArGo has an optional water pipe attachment that can be purchased separately. This allows users to connect their own water pipe to the ArGo in lieu of the standard mouthpiece, which helps to cool down the vapor even more. Since the ArGo uses a removable battery, there are storage options for extra batteries, so you always have another one standing by.

Design and Features

Arizer Go Design
The button on the back of the ArGo is used to extend the top and protect the mouthpiece. You just press down the top when you are ready to use the ArGo again.

General Design: The Arizer Go, or ArGo, is a handsome and compact vaporizer that packs a lot of great features into a tight, little package. It has a borosilicate glass mouthpiece, which is rare for portable vapes, but is present on the ArGo’s larger siblings, the Air 2 and Solo 2. It serves the same purpose on the ArGo as it does on those larger vapes, it makes herb loading extremely easy and keeps the vapor pure and cool. Also, you can preload them and store them using the included stem caps to seal off the filling end, which provides even more extra convenience.

Any worries that the mouthpiece will end up getting dirty or broken are quashed thanks to the pop top design of the ArGo. The top of it pops up to completely enclose the mouthpiece after pressing a button on the back of the device. You just push the top down again when you’re ready to vape. The other design features are more standard, but still pretty good. It has a clear OLED screen that keeps you informed about the temperature and battery level and buttons that control the temperature. Finishing things up, the two-tone black finish looks good in an understated kind of way.

Portability: The ArGo is under four inches tall whether the top is popped or not, so there aren’t any doubts about its pocket friendliness. And like I mentioned earlier, that pop top protects the glass mouthpiece from any and all hazards, which increases its portability even more.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Much like its older siblings, the ArGo is a pretty low maintenance vape. Since you load it using the mouthpiece, there isn’t a herb chamber that you need to worry about cleaning. You only need to clean the mouthpiece every few uses. You can do that by using a q-tip to wipe the inner surface of the mouthpiece. For more thorough cleaning, you can dip the q-tip in isopropyl alcohol before you start.

How to Use

  1. Load the mouthpiece by dipping the end of it into your herb. Gently tap it to loosen the herb so that air can pass through. 
  2. Place the weed-filled end into the ArGo and then press down the top of the device so that the mouthpiece is exposed.
  3. Hold down the plus and menu buttons simultaneously to power up the device.
  4. Use the plus and minus buttons to select the desired temperature.
  5. The ArGo will beep twice once heating is completed, at which point you can inhale from the mouthpiece.

Temperature Range: 122°F – 428°F

Performance and Vapor Quality

Arizer Go Performance
The ArGo delivers excellent vapor quality, thanks in part to the glass mouthpiece that keeps the vapor cool and pure.

Vaporizer Performance: The ArGo doesn’t take too long to heat up, which is good. However, it does get a little warm to the touch after it has been on for a while, which is less good. It’s inconvenient to be sure, but it’s not a dealbreaker.

Vapor Quality: The ArGo delivers excellent vapor thanks to its convection heating system and glass mouthpiece. The convection heating provides tasty vapor and the glass mouthpiece keeps it cool. I found that I got the best vapor in the 360°F to 400°F temperature ranges, any lower and the flavor wasn’t strong enough, any higher and the vapor started to get harsh and uncomfortable. So, keep it in that Goldilocks zone and you’ll be experiencing vaping satisfaction.

Battery Performance: The ArGo’s battery lasts for about ninety minutes, which is the average for most portable vaporizers. It takes about three and a half hours to charge, which is well above average for most portable vaporizers. Fortunately, the battery is removable and replaceable, so you can just swap in a new one if you don’t feel like waiting.

Arizer Go vs DaVinci IQ vs Crafty/Mighty

Arizer Go vs DaVinci IQ

Arizer Go ArGo vs Davinci IQ

This is a pretty even match-up because these two vapes have a lot in common. They have similar strengths in that they both offer great vapor quality, have precise temperature control, and use mouthpieces that enhance the vapor quality even more. They even have similar weaknesses, in that they both get hot after extended use.

Where they differ is in their level of complexity, namely that the DaVinci IQ is far more complicated than the ArGo. That can be good or bad depending on your tastes. For example, the IQ has a Smart Path heating mode that gradually ramps up the temperature as you vape. Many people will find that useful, but the IQ’s smartphone app is almost a necessity if they want to use that feature since doing so on the device is extremely complex.

The IQ also has an optional flavor chamber that will probably only be used by a few people. The IQ takes longer to clean than the ArGo, however it is a more stylish and visually striking vaporizer. Choosing between these two vaporizers is a matter of whether you are willing to sacrifice simplicity and ease of use for the sake of style and more heating options. If the answer is yes, then the IQ is for you, If the answer is no, then go for the ArGo. 

Arizer Go vs Crafty/Mighty

Arizer Go ArGo vs Crafty & Mighty

Honestly, this comparison is really versus the Crafty more than the Mighty since the Crafty is the more portable of the two. The Crafty has been around for a while because it has a lot of desirable qualities that allow it to compete with more modern vaporizers. Great vapor quality is the main one, but it is also very easy to use and maintain. Plus its swiveling mouthpiece increases its portability and the finned body dissipates heat and keeps the Crafty cool.

The main downside is that it has a pretty short battery life, even after a firmware upgrade that boosts the battery duration. Also, it needs a smartphone app if you want to use precise control temperature control, unlike the Argo which has that functionality built into the device itself. Also, the Crafty has a lot of great accessories that make loading it up easier but the ArGo doesn’t need anything extra to make loading easier.

The choice between the two comes down to whether you like the convenience of having all of the controls on the device itself. If you do, then the ArGo is for you. If you don’t mind using a smartphone app for more control, then you should stick with the Crafty.

Bottom Line

Arizer Go
9.6 Total Score
Arizer ArGo Review Bottom Line

The Arizer Go is one of the best portable weed vaporizers because it has a lot of great qualities that make it stand out in a crowded market. It retains the glass mouthpiece of the bigger Arizer vapes but protects it using a cool pop up top. That glass mouthpiece also makes loading easier and helps to keep the flavorful vapor cool. If you can afford the premium price and don’t mind that it gets a little hot, then you should seriously consider the ArGo.

Who is it for: Anyone who wants the vapor cooling and purity preservation of a glass mouthpiece in a portable device. 

Who is it NOT for: Frugal vapers might prefer a less expensive device. 


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  1. I was nervous. while reading the specifications of arizer products most just say manufactured in Canada. however the arizer go and arizer air 2 both say canada Japan and China.

    I currently own the arizer air and have been very happy. I feel like the idea of the “argo” would be a great thing but very worried about China and Japan being involved.
    I originally went for arizer because it was reasonably priced and also made completely in Canada.
    what parts are made in China or Japan? is it something I should be concerned about?

  2. Do not buy this if you have sensitive hands to heat…It gets crazy hot at high temps and it will become uncomfortable on your hand when touching near the vent.

  3. While the ArGo certainly has some nice features, I’ve gone through two units in the past 4 months due to the fact the the led screen burnt out on both after minimal use. When I contacted Arizer to discuss the issue, they admitted that the screens were prone to crap out if you happen to inadvertently ‘tip the unit over;’ seriously… a $300+ vaporizer that quits working after being tipped over? That’s what I call a poor quality product.

    That noted, if I was willing to abide by their ridiculous warranty procedures (see the actual email from Arizer below)…including paying for shipping and being without the vaporizer for some time..they would ‘get my unit up and running’ (that is until it is inadvertently tipped over again). Are you kidding me? Does this company operate out of the trunk of a car?

    Email from Arizer customer support:

    “Thank you for your information.

    We will get your unit up and running under the warranty if you can send it in to us. Shipping costs are not covered under warranty but I would like to help you out and have waived the cost of return shipping so you will only need to pay the Post Office’s fee to send the unit in.

    Below are the shipping instructions:

    – When getting your unit ready for shipping make sure to include the unit with battery inserted & charger, but please DO NOT send any accessories, glass parts, or broken glass fragments.

    – In the box please include a print-out with a description of the problem(s) with your unit and your name and shipping address so we can cross reference your information with the work order.

    – Do your best to clean up your unit, and pack it appropriately for shipping. Please use a corrugated shipping box and crumpled newspapers to prevent anything from moving around inside the box.

    – Once you have packed the box and sealed it with packing tape, bring the box to your local Canada Post location and ship it to the address below:

    DOCK #28, UNIT #216
    N2H 5Z2

    – If you are asked to describe the package contents, write “Power Heater”

    – Please let us know when you have shipped your parcel in to us so we are expecting your unit coming in.

    Once your parcel has been received your unit will be repaired or replaced as necessary within 1 – 3 business days and returned to…”

    Folks, do your research before shelling out your hard earned coin on an ArGo. Arizer has a big design flaw in this one…they know it…and their customer service is some of the worst I have personally encountered in quite some time.

    • Hi KB, thanks for writing this and letting us + other users know about these issues.
      Based on my previous experience with Arizer- I’m very surprised. I’ve been using the Solo 1, and now the Solo 2, every day for years and never had a single issue with it. The Solo is made from high-quality materials.

      My ArGo still works good, but it has very “low mileage” as I mostly use the Solo.

      Anyways, thanks for the feedback once again, and I hope that the replacement (or fixed unit) that they send you works better- for a long time!

  4. My pleasure. This is my first experience w Airizer (and my last). As noted, the ArGo is a great concept…but a known buggy design (see email excerpt from Arizer below where they admit to knwowing about the design flaw). Glad to hear your’s is still working well…be careful not to ‘tip it over.’

    “From: Arizer Service
    Sent: May 2, 2018 3:19 PM
    Subject: Re: Arizer “Argo May 2, 2018 4:11 pm”


    Thank you for your email.

    We are sorry to hear you have experienced this issue with your unit. We have never heard of any of our LCD screens just burning out. We have however heard of them stop working after being accidentally dropped or knocked over.

    To your knowledge has the unit ever been dropped or knocked over? Please let us know.

    Best Regards,
    Arizer Tech
    [email protected]

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